Tetralogy of Fallot is one of congenital cyanotic heart disease that is mostly found in children. Makalah ini membahas penatalaksanaan gigi dan mulut dalam. Makalah Tetralogy Of Fallot. Tetralogy of fallot merupakan kelainan jantung bawaan. Makalah ini akan membahas mengenai diagnosis dan tatalaksana dari . SA (sFnosis aorta), TGA (transposisi art€ri-aneri besar), dan TF. (Tetralogi Fallot) .r Penyakit janlung bawaan yang paling sering dijumpai adalah defek septum.

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Tetrallogy of Fallot – [Download PDF]

Mengatasi kegawatan yang ada. Once the anatomy of a child with TOF-PA is mskalah by echocardiography and angiography findings, consultation with a cardiovascular surgeon is required. Subcostal sagittal plane two-dimensional echocardiographic image showing pulmonary valve atresia, with confluent and well-developed pulmonary artery branches. Jalan Sawo 13 7. They are used to treat heart failure or hepatic, renal, or pulmonary disease when sodium and water retention results in edema or ascites.

Depending on response, administer adult doses at increments of mg, no sooner than h after previous dose, until desired diuresis occurs. First, the septum that divides the two ventricles is incomplete so there is a ventricular septal defectand oxygen-poor blood is thus allowed to mix with oxygen-rich blood. Gunting kuku – Frekuensi – Cara 4. Without an operation, only about 30 percent of people with Tetralogy of Fallot makalan survive to the age of 40 years.


If an infant has severe symptoms at an early age, placement of a temporary shunt may be required to provide more blood flow to the lungs. As one of the conotruncal malformations, TOF can be associated with a spectrum of lesions known as CATCH 22 cardiac defects, abnormal facies, thymic hypoplasia, cleft palate, hypocalcemia.

Transcatheter placement of a pulmonic valve currently is under development.

Tetralogi Fallot – Bahan

Tetralogy of Fallot TOF is a complex of anatomic abnormalities arising from the maldevelopment of the right ventricular infundibulum. Most patients who undergo placement of a right ventricle to pulmonary conduit will require one or more conduit replacements, secondary to progressive conduit stenosis or insufficiency.

Digoxin Lanoxin — Cardiac glycoside with direct inotropic effects and indirect effects on the cardiovascular system. The classic form of Tetralogy includes 4 defects within the heart structures: Exercise recommendations must be tailored to individual patients by considering the presence of cyanosis, right ventricle hypertension, right ventricle dysfunction, or dysrhythmias.

Kenaikan BB selama hamil Kg 5. Tetralogy of Fallot occurs in approximately 5 out of 10, infants. Kondisi setelah olah raga 6. Birth weight is low. Frekuensi makan 3x x 4. Salemba Medika Depkes RI, Sometimes dallot preliminary surgery to create tefralogi blood flow to the lungs is done before definitive corrective surgery.

Pemeriksaan genetilia dan anus SITE To ensure the functioning of the site, we use cookies. Darah dari aorta berasal dari ventrikel kanan bukan dari kiri, atau dari sebuah lubang pada septum, seperti terlihat dalam gambar, sehingga menerima darah dari kedua ventrikel.


Jam tidur – Siang – Malam 1. Suprasternal long axis color flow echocardiographic image showing a large patent ductus arteriosus supply confluent pulmonary arteries.

Konsep-Askep Tetralogi of Fallot – PDF Free Download

Parasternal long axis color compare echocardiographic image showing the pulmonary artery conduit arising from the fallog ventricle. Inotropic agents — Positive inotropic agents increase the force of contraction ofthe myocardium and are used to treat acute and chronic CHF.

Study of Rate of evaporation of liquids Chemistry Project to study the evaporation rate of liquids. Diagnosis of Tetralogy Of FallotThe condition is suspected on the basis of the child’s symptoms and a physical examination.

Konsep-Askep Tetralogi of Fallot

The precise mechanism of spelling is in doubt, but certainly this is a dangerous event and presumably results from an increase in resistance to blood flow to the lungs with increased preferential flow of desaturated blood to the body.

Use the open-end of a cannula or tube. tetrzlogi

This gave a large portion of makqlah partially oxygenated blood leaving the heart a second chance at oxygenation, and greatly relieved symptoms in patients. Bayi Baiber Dx Medis: Riwayat Tumbuh Kembang 1.

Without surgery, death usually occurs around 20 years old.