BOLDe – Rice cookers have become an indispensable kitchen appliance in everyday life. One of the leading rice cooker brands is BOLDe, offering various models with advanced features to simplify the rice cooking process. However, users often feel confused about how to optimally operate a BOLDe rice cooker. Therefore, this article will provide a comprehensive guide on using a BOLDe rice cooker, accompanied by tips and tricks to achieve perfect results.


Main feature

BOLDe Rice Cooker is a cooking tool designed to make it easier for you to process rice with perfect results every time. With advanced technology and superior features, the BOLDe Rice Cooker is the ideal choice for cooking rice practically and efficiently.

Key features of the BOLDe Rice Cooker include:

Modern Design: BOLDe Rice Cooker comes with an elegant and modern design, suitable for beautifying the appearance of your kitchen.

Flexible Capacity: BOLDe Rice Cookers are available in various capacity sizes, ranging from small for small households to large for commercial use.

Smart Cooking Technology: Equipped with smart cooking technology which can detect the temperature and consistency of rice automatically, resulting in fluffier and tastier rice.

Cooking Program Settings: BOLDe Rice Cooker is equipped with various cooking programs that can be adjusted according to the type of rice you want to cook, such as white rice, fluffier rice, fried rice, etc.

Durable and Easy to Clean: High quality materials are used

User Guide:

  •  Preparation: Ensure the rice cooker is clean before use. Measure the rice and water in the correct proportions.
  •  Rice Cooking: Place the rice and water in the inner pot, then close the rice cooker. Select the appropriate cooking function and press the start button.
  •  Timing Settings: Some BOLDe models feature cooking time adjustment options. Set the timer according to your preferences.
  •  Automatic Warming: After the rice is cooked, the BOLDe rice cooker will automatically switch to the keep-warm mode to maintain the rice’s warmth.
  •  Opening the Lid: Lift the lid slowly to avoid steam escaping. Use the provided rice scoop to serve the cooked rice.

Care and Maintenance:

  •  Cleaning: Clean the inner pot, lid, and other components after each use. Use warm water and mild soap.
  •  Storage: Store the rice cooker in a clean, dry, and safe place when not in use.
  •  Routine Maintenance: Regularly check the power cord, plug, and other components to ensure safe operation.


  •  Hard/Soft Rice: Adjust the water-to-rice ratio or cooking time.
  •  Sticky Rice: Ensure the inner pot is thoroughly cleaned before use.
  •  Leakage: Check the gasket and ensure the lid is properly secured.

Recipes and Cooking Ideas:

The BOLDe rice cooker offers great flexibility when it comes to cooking. Apart from its main function of cooking rice perfectly, this tool can be used to prepare various other dishes.

We’ve put together some delicious recipe ideas and cooking suggestions that you can try at home. With intuitive features and settings, you’ll feel comfortable exploring a variety of foods without needing additional kitchen tools


BOLDe rice cookers offer a convenient and reliable solution for preparing delicious rice and other dishes. By following the user guide, maintaining proper care and maintenance, and troubleshooting any issues, you can ensure optimal performance and enjoy consistently excellent results from your BOLDe rice cooker. Explore the versatile cooking possibilities and discover the joy of effortless home-cooked meals.