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Xiaomi MIJIA Rice Cooker is not just an ordinary rice cooker. Equipped with smart features that allow you to control and monitor the cooking process directly from your smartphone. Imagine being able to start cooking rice remotely, adjust cooking settings, and receive notifications when your rice is ready – all with just a few taps on your phone.

Xiaomi MIJIA Rice Cooker


moodmakers.info – This innovative rice cooker is designed to make your life easier and more efficientWhether you’re a busy professional, a tech enthusiast, or just someone who appreciates convenience of smart appliances, the Xiaomi MIJIA Rice Cooker is a must-have addition to your kitchen. So, say goodbye to traditional rice cooking methods and embrace the future of smart cooking with the Xiaomi MIJIA Rice Cooker. Let’s explore the features, benefits and how this smart appliance can revolutionize the way you cook rice.


I am truly impressed to witness how Xiaomi consistently innovates with various unique Wi-Fi-enabled products integrated with smartphones. After releasing smart homes and smart air regulators, Xiaomi officially announced the production of a smart rice cooker that can be controlled via smartphone. Why a rice cooker? Because, according to Xiaomi, a rice cooker is a necessity for Asian residents who predominantly consume rice as their staple food.

With the introduction of Xiaomi’s smart rice cooker, it certainly marks a new milestone in the history of rice making! The Xiaomi Smart Rice Cooker is not produced solely by the company but in collaboration with another company named Chun Min. The official name used is “Mi Induction Heating Pressure Rice Cooker” or abbreviated as MIJIA. This is the first product from the sub-brand “Mi Ecosystem” that will be developed by Xiaomi.

Xiaomi MIJIA or the Smart Rice Cooker itself is capable of recognizing around 200 types of rice to be cooked in it, and this number will continue to be expanded by Xiaomi. Users can scan the rice packaging they will use to determine its type, brand, and origin. Then, Xiaomi MIJIA will automatically adjust the heat level to match the type of rice. Users who will cook rice just need to press the button on the application on their Android or iOS smartphone and easily set everything up.


Cooking rice in the “olden days” (in the 1950s), which was done traditionally, was very cumbersome and time-consuming. During that time, the majority of families still used a traditional rice cooker called a “dandang,” using firewood as the main fuel. Smoke and steam scattered throughout the kitchen. So, the practicality of an electric rice cooker appearing in the Indonesian market around the early 1960s was unimaginable.

Toshiba was one of the pioneering electronic companies in producing electric rice cookers in 1956. Since then, electric rice cookers have become a staple kitchen appliance in every Indonesian household. Technological advancements eventually led to the emergence of smart Wi-Fi-enabled rice cookers, which have been released by Xiaomi. Instead of introducing smartphone products, the Beijing-based company showcased a smart rice cooker as part of the Mi Ecosystem project, equipped with advanced automation systems.

Cooking rice has never been easier now! Not wanting to be outdone by Japanese rice cookers, Xiaomi designed its production rice cooker with additional capabilities to make various Asian delicacies. The collaboration between the heating element, pressure control, and iron inside the rice cooker can create different flavors of dishes! You can adjust the temperature and cooking method based on the type of rice. The settings can be done via a special application for Xiaomi’s automation devices, namely the Mi Home App.


Xiaomi MIJIA is crafted using magnetic technology to control pressure inside it up to 1.2 atmospheres. The rice produced from this electromagnetic heating process is guaranteed to have a more delicious taste compared to regular rice cookers. Additionally, Xiaomi MIJIA is also equipped with 2,450 different heating methods that can be used to ensure the rice cooking process is perfect and the taste is delightful.