The Keil RTX is a royalty-free, deterministic Real-Time Operating System designed for ARM and Cortex-M devices. It allows you to create programs that. Keil RTX is a royalty-free, deterministic real-time operating system for Arm Cortex processor-based devices. It reliably manages multiple application threads with. The Keil RTX Real-Time Operating System offers many advanced features which are not always available in RTOS products from other vendors. When you are.

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This is commonly used in interactive systems where a device may be in standby or background mode until some input from a user. This allows the system to continue operation even if a non-privileged task has failed. Ship your RTX based products without further fees or recurring costs. Runtime check of kernel objects: Products Download Events Support Videos. Designed for Embedded Systems – Uses the minimum amount of system memory. Threads have a priority allowing faster execution of time-critical parts of a user application.

This site uses cookies to store information on your keio. Easy to Use – Reduced learning curve, faster product development. It allows you to create programs that rrx perform multiple functions and helps to create applications which are better structured and more ftos maintained.


RTX is supplied Royalty-Free. There are no run-time royalty payments or other hidden charges. RTOS choices with compatible API A lock-in into a specific RTOS kernel introduces some project risk as requirements may change over the project life-cycle, for example, when deterministic interrupt response or support for a new processor core is ftos.


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RTX makes use of the Cortex-M thread and handler modes. Our kernels provide the multitasking features you need in real-time applications.

Pre-emptive – each task has a different priority and will run until a higher priority task is ready to run. It reliably manages multiple application threads with priority-based, pre-emptive scheduling. RTX offers three different kernel meil options, allowing you to use the one most suited to your application: Deterministic Behavior – Known behavior for time critical tasks.

The safety certified RTX variant, provides optional MPU support that further improves the safety aspects of embedded applications with integrated process isolation.

Safety-qualified Keil RTX5 RTOS

The source code is included in all MDK editions. Source Code – Useful for certification. Use it if your product requires certification. Please review our Privacy Policy to learn more about our collection, use and transfers of your data.

This site uses cookies to store information on your kiel. Source Code – Use it for certification. AR lets you manage numerous tasks and resources. Royalty-Free – No on-going costs.

Once licensed you can ship products created using RTX with no further fees or on-going costs. This full-featured, commercial grade RTOS is fully configurable and has no restrictions. Modern microcontroller applications frequently have to serve several concurrent activities. By continuing to use our site, you kil to our cookies. It includes an interactive tool that seamlessly manages system configuration and is suitable for single and multi-processor environments.

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Co-operative multi-tasking can be seen in applications that require a fixed order of execution.

Kernel function execution does not require additional stack on the user thread which avoids unexpected stack loads. Your application can rely on consistent and known process timings.

This guarantees time-deterministic behavior and thus improves the reliability of the overall system.

You can even intermix both API layers in the same project. Each activity gets a separate thread which executes a specific task and to simplify the program structure. Many Cortex-M processor-based microcontrollers include a Memory Rtxx Unit MPU which allows to isolate memory and peripheral accesses from various processes.

Keil RTX Real-Time Operating System

Ttx project level, the memory and peripherals can be further assigned to execution zones with MPU regions for safe process execution. Important information This site uses cookies to store information on your computer.

When you are choosing an RTOS you should take into consideration some of the following points:. Deterministic Behavior – Known behaviour for time critical tasks.