Kaizen and the Art of Creative Thinking has 46 ratings and 4 reviews. Once again Dr. Shigeo Shingo will amaze you. Along with Taiichi Ohno, Dr. Shingo co. Shigeo Shingo (新郷 重夫, Shingō Shigeo, – ), born in Saga City, Japan, was a . (in German), ISBN ; Shigeo Shingo: Kaizen and The Art of Creative Thinking, Enna Product Corporation and PCS Inc, ( in. With Shigeo Shingo as their guide, the fabrication team learned the single minute published two excerpts from Creating a Kaizen Culture.

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He has stated that there is a proper order for kaizen. I believe that Ohno wanted to focus on developing the abilities of people first, since this is the lowest level where kaizen is possible.

This allows them to view the waste as a lean leader would. This is achieved only through operations kaizen. The operators involved find ways to make their work easier with what they have. Of the three types, operations kaizen involves the least amount of cost.

If you start out by bringing kxizen the latest machines, people with no capacity for improvement simply end up being slaves to the machines. Next in line is equipment kaizen. Ohno challenges us to find new and creative ways of using the current equipment.

Purchasing new equipment should result in an improvement of quality. Ohno cautions against purchasing shinbo, specialized equipment and advises going for flexible and low-cost equipment. Without operation kaizenequipment kaizen alone results in extreme waste.

Shigeo Shingo: Kaizen and the Art of Creative Thinking

Now the organization can make waste much better, and a lot more of it. Machine kaizen alone fosters status quo and invites complacency.


The last item shgeo process kaizen. With process kaizenyou are looking at rearranging equipment or operations, changing layout, or improving the flow by linking processes. TPS expert Shigeo Shingo has provided us with four targets for improvement. In their order of priority, they are: He describes four types of kaizen: Point kaizen is similar to operations improvement.

This is basic, incremental improvement activity at the operations level. Next is line kaizen. This is where many point kaizen activities merge to create flow manufacturing, such as in an assembly line. Hirano calls this a vertical development. This is akin to selecting a model line and transforming it to make the process flow better. Once we have line kaizenthe next progression is through plane kaizen. This is the concept of yokotenor horizontal deployment, and is ehigeo ideas and learning shinyo the model line are used to create more model lines across the plant.

Thus, plane kaizen results in horizontal development. As shigoe any other buzzword, kaizen has come to mean many things.

Shigeo Shingo | LeanWAGov Lean Thinkers | Pinterest | Lean manufacturing, Lean six sigma and Kaizen

My goal here has been to provide a little more structure to the wonderful idea of kaizen. They were looking at a machine that assembled extremely small light bulbs. The machine had two turn tables and several robot arms. Due to the high cost of the machine, the factory manager felt that he should rely on mass production to make the maximum use of the machine. And even better, to build a smaller and better machine.

Since the machine was much smaller in size, it was also more efficient. Harish Jose has more than seven years experience in the medical device field. He is a graduate of the University of Missouri-Rolla U.


Shigeo Shingo

He is a subject matter expert in lean, data science, database programming, and industrial experiments. Harish publishes frequently on his blog harishnotebook.

He can be reached on LinkedIn. Copyright on content held by Quality Digest or by individual authors. Contact Quality Digest for reprint information. This Week in Quality Digest Live.

Kaizen and the Art of Creative Thinking

Myth, misunderstanding, and bad teaching have lead to the belief control charts are hard. Looking Forward With Alfred Adler.

How an Austrian psychotherapist sheds light on budgeting. Quality architecture means examining the performance of the system as a whole.

Inside Quality Digest Live for August 3, laizen The FDA wants medical device manufactures to succeed, new technologies in supply chain managment. Marking floors is an easy and efficient way to direct behavior, promote safety, and reinforce workplace standards. Management’s role in improving work climate and culture. Customized visual dashboards by Visual Workplace help measure performance.

Helps manufacturers by kaixen on problems and problem resolution in real time. Ask questions, exchange ideas and best practices, share product tips, discuss challenges in quality improvement initiatives.

Earn CEUs and certification. Discuss 0 Hide Comments Comment. Harish Jose Harish Jose has more than seven years experience in the medical device field. Home Videos Privacy Policy.