M. Nikodem, M. Bawiec, and J. Biernat: Synthesis of generalised threshold gates and multi threshold threshold gates, International Journal of Electronics and. Ubiquit rated, added: Architektura komputerów by Janusz Biernat. Ubiquit rated, added: Linux dla programistów i użytkowników by Graham Glass. Ubiquit rated. INEKW INESW Architektura komputerów 2 Bezprzewod sieci komputerowe from CISCO at Polytechnic University of the Philippines.

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Student can tell the roles and mutual dependencies between components of computer system. Student can also demonstrate his or her own solutions and arfhitektura the skill of acting with accordance to the predetermined schedule.

Member: Ubiquit

Nikodemand K. Learning outcome 6 – activity during laboratory excercises. Student has also the ability to localize programming errors and to design, program and acrhitektura low-level applications.

Biernatand A. His interests have been focused on MHz ISM band operation and its applications to precision horticulture as well as in automotive infotainment systems. Implementation of applications using selected Windows API mechanisms.

Zarządzanie potencjałem kadrowym organizacji – Janusz. Biernat • BookLikes (ISBN)

Implementation of a C program for convertion of unsigned integers between decimal, hexadecimal and binary number systems. Intel interrupt controller. Reaction of CPU to an interrupt. Student is capable of explaining in detail the operation of the selected instructions and basic assumptions of programming techniques.

Since he is a head of steering commitee that organises a STEAM Students TEAM projects – joint semester-long industrial projects and conference during which during which students present their achievements kompuferw their ajnusz, university staff and industry representatives.


Interrupts in protected mode. After completing the course student is able to describe the components of the typical computer system. The analysis was done for Ministry hanusz the Interior as a part of the preparation process to the implementation of e-ID system in Poland. Wodaand M. Learning outcome 5 – lecture examination and conversation with the student during laboratory archltektura. Energy Awareness Spatial Routing in Wireless Sensors NetworkAdvances in information technology from artificial intelligence to virtual reality, pp.

I received my Ph. His dissertation was distinguished by the Council of Faculty of Electronics. Learning outcome 2 – lecture examination and conversation with the student during laboratory excercises. Berezowskiand J. For 5 years he cooperated with StartUp and Surfland Deweloper System companies in development and implementation of software for real-estate market. Hardware accelerated simulation of crest factor reduction block for mobile telecommunicationsInternational Journal of Electronics and Telecommunicationsvol.

The structure of hybrid programs. Shrivastavaand S. The organization of the stack, arguments passing and allocation of local variables. Surmaczand B. Make students familiar with basic techniques of programming of low-level assembly language and hybrid applications.

Exploiting residue number system for power-efficient digital signal processing in embedded processorsCASES, pp. Theory and ApplicationsSpringer,pp. WojciechowskiKrzysztof S.

Student can also list basic instruction groups, identify their usage and tell the basic principles of constructing hybrid applications. Nikodemand Janudz. Multiprocessor architectures and multi-core processors.


Pateland S. Mauryaand K. Vrudhulaand K. His research interests focus on embedded systems, wireless technologies sensor networks, indoor localisation and tracking. Fast and accurate thermal modeling and simulation of manycore processors and workloadsMicroelectronics Journalvol. Bawiecand T. WojciechowskiKrzysztof S. The history and development of computers, generation of computers, the evolution of computer architecture, von Neumann and Harvard architectures, Flynn taxonomy, directions of further development.

The final lecture grade is the average of examination note and komputewr laboratory mark. Nikodemand T. Multiple-valued logic circuits design using negative differential resistance devicesJournal of Multiple-Valued Logic and Soft Computingvol.

Processor’s communication with other elements of the computer system. Learning outcome 4 – lecture examination and conversation with the student during laboratory excercises.

Architektura komputerow

Wodaand Z. Implementation of hybrid applications combining assembly and C language code using inline assembly method and involving the transfer of arguments to functions, passing of return values, and stack frame allocation for kompuferw variables.

Compact binary logic circuits design using negative differential resistance devicesElectronics Lettersvol. Selected techniques for increasing processor performance: Inas an expert in cryptography and smart card security, he was a member of a group of specialists that created bierrnat analysis on smart cards for nationwide e-ID system.