Extracts from Arab Biographies by Ibn Khallikan ( CE). Ibn Khallikan undertook work on his dictionary whilst acting as a man of the law in Damascus and then in Cairo. From to and also after , he was. Ibn Khallikan’s biographical dictionary / tr. from the Arabic by Bn Mac Guckin de Slane. Main Author: Ibn Khallikān, Related Names: Slane, William.

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Ibn Khallikan

I descended like a falcon, stooping down its dark head. In the gaps were seen anemones whose colors were mixed with that of the love-sick wooer, and which resembled the lips of two young women who draw near to each other to give and receive an affectionate kiss.

Why is my love still far from kahllikan Although only a few of his works are still read,….

How rich that land in prospects which delight the eye and of which the colors are charming. Jamil was one of the famous Arabian lovers: While my soul needs you, as still it does.


Ibn K̲h̲allikān – Brill Reference

Under a canopy adorned with brilliant stars. Often I fear death will catch me unawares.

Besides, the author has incurred the penalty of corporal correction. But when she did see him, she found him an ugly swarthy man, whilst she herself possessed great beauty: Unfortunately, our editorial approach may not be able to accommodate all contributions. Her two long ringlets hung like a sword-belt. From a height of eighty feet. Not being allowed to speak of what passes on earth.

Is not its family tree. It was as if the breath of my sighs had obliged. A little from me whilst she khallikam me in her arms. When my legs took solid footing on the ground, they asked. Damascus, city, capital of Syria. He then ordered al-Farazdak to quit the city within three days. And I went away more promptly than last shades of night. Although my sufferings had turned my hair gray.

Ibn Khallikān

kbn It has always been considered as a work of highest importance for the civil and literary history of the Muslim people. I held her to me as the warrior grasps his sword.

And she answered by a promise soon to be fulfilled. His master did not fail to notice his conduct and, having admitted him into his intimacy, he appointed him to a seat in the privy council.


She ibh me with my grayness. Learn More in these related Britannica articles: Worn and weak in the seams. Than your eyes are of their tears. Is lhallikan each living creature mortal. A girl, who heard him say this, exclaimed: Distance has not crushed my feeling. Authors born between and CE. His mother Julaban was of that city; his father, who was a native of Damascus and a soldier in the service of Marwan Ibn Muhammad, the last of the Omaiyide dynasty, had been sent to keep garrison at al-Ahwaz, and he married Julaban there, by whom he had many children and, amongst the rest, Abu Muad and Ab Kkhallikan.

Thank you for your feedback. He is agitated with joy, but tears would suit him more.