The title say it all – I’m looking for a copy (electronic if possible) of the user manual for a XB-2 in English. Hammond-Suzuki have it for download. How to fix loose keys on the XB-2 manual. jackets from Hammond and do it yourself, or pay. SERVICE MANUAL. XB-2, XB-Sn. CAUTION! see safety notice inside. J. May, HAMMOND SUZUKT, LTD. frt\(\ont.i\c On vse. 60\o\. Scan by Manual.

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Sorry, you may not use your Hammond swell pedal anymore. Vibrato Mode And Speed Previous Topic Index Next Topic. The manua engine itself is not modified by the OS upgrade, but the new OS takes advantage of the manua, engine’s software controlability in some important new ways, resulting in a fatter, more B-3 like sound. You use the XB2’s left output jack only when plugging into a mono amplifier or mixer. It also affects the external Leslie volume on pin socket as the Leslie output signal is derived inernally from tube amp simulation.

Hammond XB2 Owner’s Playing Manual

Percussion2 – Percussion Touch And Velocity Write down the factory-set position of ALL the trim pots! The XB2 has several small potentiometers pots on the upper circuit board on the right side of the organ, visible when you remove the cover. Parameter Data Table Originally posted by Mr. Ron heated the solder that had wicked into the via during reflow, inserted a piece of wire-wrap wire, and soldered the other end directly to IC23 pin 9.

Constant-Q is not always mentioned in advertisements so when considering an EQ, call the manufacturer or look at the manual to be sure it has constant-Q circuitry. After the Review is a list of features found in the version 2 ROM.


Hammond XB2 Manuals

Now everybody’s got the blues. Many of the pots in the XB2 control left and right channels separately. Function of Amp pot is same as volume pot on Leslie tube amp chassis. Percussion5 – Percussion Key Tracking Percussion1 hammonv Percussion Drawbar Cancel Answering Gas I have my XB-2 with me at all times because there ARE certain songs that lend themselves to not only the sustained notes but zb2 sonic texture of the organ.

Global Initial Data Table Your settings would and probably should! May 2, at Some of those things you will want to move around dynamically to add expression. When that little jacket wears out which it eventually will the key’s lateral positioning gets sloppy.

Preset Hammonv Lock I think it does no?

Don’t get me wrong, it still doesn’t sound like that crunchy B-3 chorus so many of hamnond like, but it is definitely improved. I don’t know if anyone else here takes this point of view. I have no sound output at all even the headphone socket. A continuity test showed that the via — even its top side — was no longer connected to IC23; the trace up to the via had been eaten away by the maanual capacitor. Unpleasant results will occur when the modulated signal is fed to an external rotary cabinat or Leslie simulator.

Therefore, take a few seconds to write your settings down and avoid feeling stupid later.

The display will show the drawbar settings, and if you press the “Record” button by itself, a numeric representation of the drawbar setting will come up. Notify me of followup comments via e-mail. Typical Midi Applications This has the nanual of making the XB-2 a fatter, more playable and versatile organ with improved tone and attack across all registers, making it tonally much more similar to a B Sometimes when I’m playing a blues tune that I normally play on piano, I’ll switch to organ, just because I might be in a bluesier mood than normal.


Hammond XB2 Manuals

The multiplexers receive their enable and select signals from the output of IC29 74HC hex D flip-flop which is latching signals previously delivered from the system data bus. October 22, at String Family bow Pattern It could be a bad mux; but as we had already replaced a leaky electrolytic capacitor in the neighborhood, it seemed worth another look at the circuit board first. Foot Sw1 Functions Reed Family triangle Pattern Is there anything or anyone you can suggest.

Hsmmond of the pots increase their assigned effect when turned clockwise, others counter-clockwise.

One presumes this is because some effects increase with impedance while others decrease. Vibrato On Touch Xbb2 A problem with that is that ‘Soft’ percussion robs registrations like ” of their punch, leaving you with a choice of shrill highs or muddy lows. October 11, at November 1, haammond On the working XB-2 motherboard, the drawbars were selected and sampled in numerical order.

Previously, key click level could be set to off, soft, and normal. Using the EQ can improve the chorus sound surprisingly. Selected function will be shown in display.