: Fragment: A Novel (): Warren Fahy: Books. Fragment: A Novel and millions of other books are available for instant access. view. Fragment (Random House, ), is a science-based thriller by bestselling author and screenwriter, Warren Fahy. The novel focuses on a crew of young. Riding the crest of a wave of hype proclaiming it the summer beach novel of (and if things go as I’m sure Warren Fahy’s agent intends, the summer.

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On the surface it’s a JP wanna-be. Fragment is an example of this situation: Particularly interesting was a character observing without judgement how we create films for the purpose of sharing factual information, yet these films are not true records of what really happened: I won’t say much about Hender and Kuzu, the two hendros who become central to the new novel.

Boatloads of energetic scenes of people getting shredded by the aforementioned monsters inevitably ensues. A long-extinct life form is reborn. Refresh and try again. Warren Fahy does a couple of things that make his work really grab my interest.

I couldn’t put this warrrn down and I believe that you won’t be able to either. I don’t remember the first one being that bad, but the writing on this was horrible.

Warren Fahy’s Fragment duology are those weird kind warrn books where the perfectionist fzhy me feel they aren’t very good – characters tend to be flat, the dialogue clunky and juvenile with lots of exclamation marks and people constantly going wow!

The pacing is exactly right for a beach read and the plot drives forward at a furious pace. I recognized all of the character-types, and found some of the plot surprises not fragemnt that surprising, but that in itself shouldn’t put you off if your in the mood for a fast paced adventure that doesn’t tax the mind too much.


Fragment is one of the most fascinating novels I have ever read.

I didn’t feel like you couldn’t c Is it fair to compare books by the same author? Paul Hoogervorst November 14, at 1: But as I kept reading Fragment it began to differentiate itself. I was expecting absolutely nothing from this book, and was blown away by how much fun it was. As The Trident heads home, Nell, Geoffry, Copepod and Hender share a tender moment of friendship, looking forward to an uncertain future together.

There’s a big ALIENS-style military offensive in the final third of the story — lots of big guns and people screaming, but it never seems real; these soldiers don’t talk like soldiers, they talk like comic book characters i.

I was disappointed in this, I found it to be horribly over the top and borderline silly. Just burn the book. Some that just might give you nightmares.

But, that doesn’t take away from it for me, and I was pretty close on the images in my head anyway. Just go read this book.

Fragment (Audiobook) by Warren Fahy |

With its ratings in trouble, a visit to an uncharted island seems like the perfect boost—all the more so when some of the scientists get killed by the indigenous wildlife.

Towards the aarren of the book, there is a paragraph that just does not make any sense at all. Hender’s great age is revealed by Hender’s account of seeing Henry Frear’s death and watching as a World War II bomber crash into his tree.

Similar to Lost World. Then two completely different, poorly-written, unrelated stories were being told at the same time one about 26, year old! I liked all the descriptions but there was to much theory and scientific description. It appears that the whole story is going to be set with a ship full of reality show scientists and crew, who are obviously destined to explore the monster island. Overall a fun book and I really enjoyed reading it.

As the Hendropods converge to flee with the humans, Thatcher and Cane slip away and Cane leaves to get the humvee and make sure Hender and his kind never make it away from the island.


Cynthia, much like Thatcher Redmond or George and Nell, is herself a fairly two-dimensional character. When the expedition’s leader, Sir John Franklin, meets a terrible death, Captain Francis Crozier takes command and leads his surviving crewmen on a last, desperate attempt to flee south across the ice. Published March 19th by Tor Books first published February 16th This is really old news.

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On the opposite end of the scale we have Nell and George. View all 11 comments. Warren, come on cahy do a guest blog about your new book. The planet provides a lush but inexplicable landscape – fragmeny offer edible, addictive fruit one day and poison the next, while the ruins of an alien race are found entwined in the roots of fragmsnt strange plant.

After one man, Henry Frears, is sent to obtain water, Captain Henders is forced to retreat to prevent more loss of life when Frears is eaten by unknown creatures. She’s faby one who first realizes just how Fragment is fast-paced, full of scientific detail and highly entertaining. But at three miles below the surface, where the rocks are so hot they burn bare skin, something has been waiting for centuries. It’s a bit stilted throughout, but overall not too bad.

There will be a movie, won’t there? We are experiencing technical difficulties. Warren Fahy attempts to combine a science-fiction thriller with social commentary on the abundance of reality television and popular scientist sound clips—in other words, the shallow, consumer-driven nature of our culture.