Get the latest information from Consumer Reports to help you shop for a Amway eSpring , including user reviews and a list of features. eSpringTM delivers the confidence of clean water with this effective, easy-to-use home water treatment system. Its patented, innovative technology delivers. Are you drinking enough water? How many glasses of water do you actually need to drink each day? eSpring Experience app will not only schedule the time .

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I have been using this eSpring for 5 years and it gave me no issue except once with the beep sound after changing the filter on the 2nd year. Day and night, eSpring gives you peace of mind, providing clean, safe water on demand. Simply allow the water to flow, and the dust will be rinsed away in a few minutes.

The cost of bottled water was adding up so I tried several filters and never had a solution. The criteria for flow rate scores differ between different types of filters.

Our service is unbiased: Still way cheaper than bottled water and espfing what you are getting. The automatic functionality is faulty on our unit, and also anecdotally on the units of friends and acquaintances too.

Besides, allowing water to initially flow for several minutes will thoroughly wet the filter and increase its adsorption capabilities. It is often used by food processors, beverage companies, bottled water suppliers, pharmaceutical manufacturers and others to treat water used in their production processes.


I simply cannot question the ability of this unit to produce quality purified water; the smell, clarity and taste of the water is markedly different from a glass of unfiltered water. To maintain the performance claimed and documented by AMWAY, the cartridge must be changed every year — regardless of the amount of water treated. Sep Worst purchase esprig. This filter is simply the best, I could not recommend it enough. We have had an Amway eSpring water filter for about three years now.

Which inorganic compounds does the eSpring Water Treatment System remove? Espring and the previous unit also.

The eSpring Water Treatment System uses ultraviolet light to destroy any bacteria present in water after it leaves the carbon filter. The flow of filtered water is activated manually and should, according to the manufacturer, cause the automatic shut off to self-retract once the flow of filtered water stops.

For this reason, amwayy form of radiant energy may be referred to as “radiation” — whether it comes from the sun, a light bulb, or the UV lamp in the eSpring Water Treatment System.

Installation is to be carried out epsring the diverter provided or the specially designed faucet offered by AMWAY only.

eSpring | Amway of Australia

From that moment, it gave me no issue. Until I tried eSpring water at a friends place and it was simply the best, better than bottled water. Its cutting-edge technology provides water at your convenience and is easy to use and maintain. Write a review on ProductReview. This has been the best investment I have made in my household and for my family in many years.


If there are bacteria present in the incoming water, they may grow in a Carbon Filter overnight, or during periods of inactivity. We have used it everyday for more than seven years and it is still excellent.

Amway eSpring Reviews –

The electronics on these units are terrible. This esprign that contaminants are dispersed evenly throughout the filter. No other refund or replacement was offered. However, have been using Amway water filter for 3 years now and had a sample of the water filter tested too. Consumer Reports is an independent, non-profit ewpring dedicated to helping consumers. But to date, these are the only inorganic materials that meet the strict removal guidelines that have been established.

Amwat does not have a carbon base, yet the eSpring Water Treatment System removes it. You now have access to benefits that can help you choose right, be safe and stay informed.

Water filters

And this is totally safe to drink water without smell. The main concern is the housing.

Companies can’t alter or remove reviews from ProductReview. However, if the unit is not regularly cleaned, it may discolour over time. What can I say, but am so ecstatic that the Amway water filter sample came back perfectly clean and healthy.

AMWAY will not claim removal of any material unless amaay are certain of its removal at the end of the filter life.