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Adoption of EITF – Revenue Arrangements with Multiple Deliverables When an invoice/order has an undelivered item (item that will not. The Clock is Ticking to Adopt the Latest EITF Revenue Recognition Rules. We’re firmly over the halfway mark for – and if you’re in. This question was asked by an attendee at a recent Proformative Rev Rec webinar: Would EITF cover arrangements with customers that included both.

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Apple early adopted in the first quarter of fiscal and the impact to their results was substantial. Once you begin to adopt these new revenue recognition rules, you’ll want to continually monitor the effect on your financial reporting and ensure that you’re recognizing revenue as you expected to.

EITF , FASB Revenue Recognition Adoption Best Practices

My own company NetSuite, has evaluated these new accounting rules and has announced we will be early adopting in Weight available information and make a best estimate. This would appear to be a multiple element software transaction. So it’s important to take a look at your existing accounting systems and processes, and understand if there is going to be a substantial impact in terms of additional time-consuming processes or increased risk of ongoing of manual errors.

Ideally, real-time dashboard visibility should enable you to continually monitor recognized revenue; examine breakouts of recognized revenue across the various elements; provide detailed visibility down to the transaction level; help ensure that you’re confident in reporting your financials; enable you to keep ongoing tabs on the accuracy of the ESPs; and ensure that you’re able to quickly diagnose any unforeseen issues that arise.

Establish processes for ongoing monitoring and evaluation. We’ve been through the processes of scoping and adopting the rules, and Jim pulled together some pretty sage advice on key considerations around adopting them.


The Clock is Ticking to Adopt the Latest EITF Revenue Recognition Rules | NetSuite Blog

How do I record the cumulative translation adjustment when If you’re using spreadsheets it’s probably going to mean a separate spreadsheet for each order to manage the allocation.

These new revenue recognition changes now enable Apple to recognize the iPhone hardware revenue as soon as it is sold, while the revenue recognition for the software is based on an estimated value that is spread over the life of the iPhone.

Eutf need to ensure that your systems 0-01 processes provide you with the flexibility to manage the sales amount that is presented to your customer i. And what are these Estimated Selling Prices you ask? Paul Turner, NetSuite pauljturner How do you treat EITF revenue recognition on unrelated items in the same sales order? Apple, for example, has been at the forefront in pushing for these changes. Ensure strong integration between professional services automation PSA systems and financials.

In a nutshell, these new rules mean that you’re going to have to allocate each sales order down to the line item level using Estimated Sales Prices as the allocation driver, and then spread it over the revenue recognition schedule. Visit the NetSuite Site.

However, your question indicates that the services have standalone value not associated with the software. Maybe you’ve already adopted the new rules or are in the process – and are juggling spreadsheets to try and handle the new rules right now.

Getting Your Finance Processes in Shape for FASB’s New Revenue Recognition Rules

Each element is then recognized according to the revenue recognition rules applicable for that type of item. But the fact is, for your first fiscal year that starts or started after June 15 this year it’s time to adopt. Browse the Business Exchange to find information, resources and peer reviews to help you select the right solution for your business.


For them, 08-001 recognition is already an error-prone process. Given the difficulty in proving VSOE or the frequent lack of availability of TPE, I would expect that ESP will be the most frequently used method and the subject of many new long, enjoyable and expensive conversations. Key etif practices for ensuring that your business is in good shape to adopt this new favorable revenue recognition rule include: They all sell multi-element products, whether it’s eitv refrigerator sold with a maintenance contract, a smart-phone sold with “more than incidental software,” or, as in NetSuite’s case, subscription software that’s sold together with support and services.

Moreover, it can be risky to rely on spreadsheets to reconcile relevant data from across multiple line of business systems, especially given constantly changing market conditions.

NetSuite Blog

Key best practices for ensuring that your business is in good shape to adopt this new favorable revenue recognition rule include:. In fact, it was so well attended we’re also running the events in Denver on August 24Boston on August 31and Austin on September In addition, it’s important to ensure that you are equipped to handle the more complex revenue and deferred revenue reporting by etf, product line, etc. This resulted in a substantial impact i. Consider adjustments based on market conditions e.

Understanding the New Rules So, what are the two new rules, in a nutshell?