Espe elem: Ruta chalepensis L. Lire la suite de Ruta Description botanique: Tree 6 m tall with spines. Planta Med – Nahrstedt A, Eilert U, Wolters B () Rutacridone II Ruta graveolens – Revue botanique, chimique et pharmacologique (Etude. Scientific Name: Ruta graveolens L. Range Description: The plant originates in eastern Europe (Balkan Peninsula, . Le reseau de la botanique francophone.

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Aller au contenu principal. In Ethiopia either dried fruits, or fresh or dried twigs with leaves, flowers and desscription are found commonly in the local markets. Ruta chalepensis therefore merits further research on its potential as a local- or industrial source.

Se observa por 72 horas. Citrus flavonoids have been described as increasing capillary resistance.

For colic, headache, fever, flu: From Wikimedia Commons, the free media repository. The leaves are compound, each divided into several segments which are subdivided into smaller leaflets. Phytochemical studies on Ruta chalepensis. Ruta graveolens Common Ruecapsules and seeds.

Ruta chalepensis – Wikipedia

The medicinal and poisonous plants of southern and eastern Africa. Information on the antifertility effect of Ruta chalepensis presents a mixed picture. Drink lukewarm, 1 cup 3 times a day 1. Both the herb and its essential oils have been widely used in the past in Europe as an anthelmintic, stomachic, antispasmodic, anti-epileptic, rubefacient, emmenagogue and abortifacient.


Citation in scholarly articles. Journal of Ethnopharmacology The aqueous extract from the dried fruit The botsnique and the juice of Citrus sinensis are widely used for human consumption and are an industrial source of essential oil. Ruta chalepensis is popularly used for its medicinal and food flavoring properties.

Venezuela, Bolivarian Republic of. You can see its nomination here. Livingstone, London, United Kingdom.

Ruta graveolens – Wikipèdia

The flower contains essential oil “neroli” 0. The essential oil of the various Citrus spp is claimed to have sedative rura hypnotic properties 27as well as insect repellent activity The plants can be planted to deter dogs and cats, as they hate the smell. Standard license With the Standard License, images can be used for any illustrative purpose in any type chakepensis media. Flowers bisexual, 4 —5 -merous, protrandrous, central flowers 5-merous; pedicel 0.

Leaves 5 to 7.

The control group of 10 mice, of the same strain and characteristics, received distilled water 0. If you don’t use all your downloads, they simply roll over to the next month for as long as your pack is active or renewed.


Retrieved from ” https: Rue officinaleCapsules et graines. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. The use of medicinal plants in self-care in rural central Ethiopia. No morphological or histological alterations were reported in the organs studied liver, heart, kidney, stomach, small intestine, large intestine, lung, hypophysis, testicle and ovary.

A root decoction in an alcoholic drink, with hot peppers, is taken to treat influenza.

File:Ruta chalepensis Dried fruits Tigray Region Ethiopia.jpg

With visual search powered by Adobe Sensei you can drop an image into the search bar to instantly find similar ones. For decoction, boil descrpition at least 10 minutes in a covered pot; for infusion, add boiling water to tender leaves, cover and leave to cool down. With the Standard License, images can be used for any illustrative purpose in any type of media.