In , the distinguished German jurist Daniel Paul Schreber suffered the first of a series of mental collapses that would afflict him for the rest. Schreber, Daniel Paul, – [Denkwürdigkeiten eines Nervenkranken. English]. Memoirs of my nervous illness / by Daniel Paul. In , the distinguished German jurist Daniel Paul Schreber suffered the first of a series of mental collapses that would afflict him for the rest of his life.

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Before his mental collapse, he served as the chief justice of the supreme court of the state of Saxony.

Memoirs of My Nervous Illness by Daniel Paul Schreber

From Wikipedia, schrebre free encyclopedia. There I was left to my fate; I spent the rest of the night mostly sleepless in this cell, furnished only with an iron bedstead and some bedding. Fleschig worming into his mind, hypnotizing him. Indeed the very concept of borderline states is a bit hazy. Inthe distinguished German jurist Daniel Paul Schreber suffered the first of a series of mental collapses that would afflict him for the rest of his life.


He is clearly logical and intelligent and “Memoirs” is his ultimately successful attempt to reason himself out of commitment to the asylum and back home to his wife. Can’t think of any others like this offhand. On Lothane’s account, the existing literature on Schreber as a rule 1 leaves substantial gaps in the historical records which careful archival research could in some measure fill; 2 leaves out psychoanalytically significant relationships, such as that between Schreber and his wife and 3 overstates the purportedly sadistic elements in Schreber’s father’s child-rearing techniques.

Following this surprising realization you might have continued this contact with me for a time out of scientific interest, pf you yourself felt as if were uneasy about it, and therefore decided to break it off.


Daniel Paul Schreber

Blessedness and voluptuousness in their. During this illness you might suddenly have realized that other voices were speaking to me as well, pointing to a supernatural origin. Against this kind of perverse insanity there is no possibility of rational engagement.

One attempted to pull the nerves out of my head, for a time even [during the nights] to transplant them into the head of M. Regarding myself as totally lost, I made nevrous naturally unsuccessful attempt during the night to hang myself from the bedstead with the sheet. Deleuze and Guattari advocate for the schizo which is never the same thing exactly as extolling the virtue of your everyday clinical schizophrenic.

Jun 09, Lizzie rated it really liked it Shelves: In the following passage, Schreber recounts a physical experience in one of the asylums: Fascinating journey into the mind of Dr. See 1 question about Memoirs of My Nervous Illness…. Flechsig projection of his feelings towards brotherand then around God who represented Schreber’s father, Daniel Gottlob Moritz Schreber.

And, my God, friend: It became clear to Schreber that his personal crisis was implicated in what he called a “crisis in God’s realm,” one that had transformed the rest of humanity into a race of fantasms.

Schreber, a rational man, is distinguished by the sheer lucidity of his descriptions of his experiences and his solid, sometimes exasperated, attempts to make sense of them, which eventually result in a delusional system that takes comprehensive account of the future of not only humanity but also other planets.

A man of great discipline and never especially religious, Schreber’s delusional conception of himself as the centre of cosmic and explicitly divine miracles can only appear fascinating and novel in the extreme, especially as it engenders the staunchest form of faith and something like an intricate theology.


A the experience he This is pretty much unreadable, although I surprised myself by making it through pages before finally giving up. Schatzman’s interpretation was in turn based on W. This page was last edited on 28 Octoberat He writes almost soberly and with complete clarity about his experiences. Final considerations Future prospects.

Inwhen Schreber had already been released from the asylums, he wrote a letter to Dr.

Memoirs of My Nervous Illness – Daniel Paul Schreber – Google Books

In other projects Nervois Commons. He believed himself immortal, by virtue of the attraction he exerted on God, souls, and rays, but also subject to endless miracles of infirmity.

In his madness, the world was revealed to him as an enormous architecture of nerves, dominated by a predatory God. However the pulling out succeeded only moderately, the staying power of my nerves proved the greater force and the half-pulled-out nerves always returned to my head after a short time.

There is a glossary of terms which Schreber uses to describe his delusions, reference lists, and the legal documents around his own case. Emil Flechsig Bob Cucuzza. Especially, it would seem, the soul of Flechsig, the man who happened to oversee the first of the Asylums where Schreber found himself constrained, and who could mess with the judge without necessarily having to be in the same room. I had thought that I would skip reading the appendixes but they happen schreberr be well-chosen and exemplary.

The fundamental unit of Schreber’s cosmology were “nerves”, which composed both the human soul and the nature of God in relation to humanity.