The de Divinatione appeals more to our sense of reasonableness than to reason: its refutation of the various superstitions involved makes for. An English translation. The complete work is onsite. Part of a large site on ancient Rome and classical Antiquity. Guillaumont (F.) Le De divinatione de Cicerón et les théories antiques de . Cicerone, Della divinazione (Milan, ); G. Freyburger and J. Scheid. (edd., trans.

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Or is it my insistence on finding out the truth? For example, is there one world, or are there many worlds?

De Divinatione (Element Classics)

And yet, because Dionysius began to reign a short time later — which was a mere coincidence — the event referred to is considered a portent! The site where the stone was found is religiously guarded to this day. However, Diogenes the Stoic makes some concessions to the Chaldeans.

So much that in some cases they were directly the reverse of each other. Is it our own Ennius?

Already on the mighty deep. Was any such statement ever made by any natural philosopher? In fact, he used to say that, if he wished to execute some manoeuvre which he did not want interfered with by the auspices, he would travel in a cicerrone litter. II,in particolare: They claim, for example, that the livers of mice become larger in winter; that the dry pennyroyal blooms the very day of the winter solstice, and that its seed-pods become inflated and burst and the seeds enclosed thither dicerone sent in various directions; that at times when certain strings of the lyre are struck others sound; that it is the habit of oysters and of all shell-fish to grow with the growth of the moon and to become smaller divinxtione it wanes; and that trees are considered easiest to cut down in winter and in the divijatione of the moon, because they are then free from sap.

Though few, their activity may yet have a wide influence in divnatione state. Eclipses of the sun and also of the moon are predicted for many years in advance by men who employ mathematics in studying the courses and movements of the heavenly bodies; and the unvarying laws of nature will bring their predictions to pass.

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Alexander, while sitting by the bedside of his friend, fell fast asleep. In the first book Quintus, after observing that divinations of various kinds have been common among all people, remarks that it is no argument against different forms of divination that we cannot explain how or why certain things happen. If he had not done so all the forces opposed to him would have effected a junction.


De divinatione

It is passing strange, if Jupiter warns us by means of thunderbolts, that he sends so many to no purpose! Or what relationship between my miserable money-getting, on the one hand, and heaven, earth, and the laws of nature on the other? But if it is certain what cicfrone going to befall me in reference to any matter and on every occasion, how do the soothsayers help me by saying that the greatest misfortunes await me?

Somehow or other no statement is too absurd for some philosophers to make. Cicero concerns himself in some detail with the types of divination, dividing them into the “inspired” type Latin furorGk. Hence it seems to me that it is not in the power even of God himself to know what event is going to happen accidentally and by chance.

Book I deals with Quintus’ apology of divination in line with his essentially Stoic beliefswhile Book II contains Marcus’ refutation of these from his Academic philosophical standpoint. For the Chaldeans, according to their own statements, believe that a person’s destiny is affected by the condition of the moon at the time of his birth, and hence they make and record their observations of the stars which anything in conjunction with the moon on his birthday.

Besides, the incidents may have been fictitious; if not, then the fulfilment of the prophecy may have been accidental.

Cicero: On Divination

Yet your Stoics assert that no one can be a diviner unless he is a ‘wise man. For cicerkne, when the dw oracular response was made to Asia’s richest king: Then especially do the ‘remnants’ of our waking thoughts and deeds move and stir within the soul. He says that they have the power of prophecy to the extent of being able to tell the disposition of any child and the calling for which he is best fitted.

And so we find it recorded in our augural annals: Finally, where had he himself learned the things he taught others? Nothing is so uncertain as a cast of dice and yet there is no one who plays often who does not sometimes make a Venus-throw and ciicerone twice or thrice in succession. It also includes a fragment of Cicero’s poem on his own consulship.

Again, persons who want to learn to play on the harp or on the flute take lessons, not from a soothsayer, but from a musician. And though these tardy signs were long delayed, Their fame and glory will for ever live.

And what natural divibatione is there in the entrails which enables them to indicate the future? Lo stesso argomento in dettaglio: Therefore an altar was erected on the Nova Via in honour of Aius the Speaker.


Ennius, speaking divinattione reference to cicerome Roman system of augury, said: In his mental excitement and aberration, he merely stated that things would occur, which, when he was himself, he feared would come to pass. After the celebrant has said to his assistant, “Tell me when silence appears to exist,’ the latter, without looking up or about him, immediately replies, ‘Silence appears to exist.

Then on the left, from out a cloudless sky, Jove’s thunder rolled its goodly omen forth. For Gaius in his letter does not state that the soothsayers expressed any opinion as to the result if neither snake had been cicerine. Besides, soothsayers are not so unlucky that their predictions never come true — even by accident!

LacusCurtius • Cicero — De Divinatione: Book II

Now can anybody be induced to believe that the things said to be predicted by means of entrails were learned by the soothsayers through ‘long-continued cicerome However, it’s always easier to criticize than defend, so he’s bound to come off better by going second besides being the author. The whole scheme of divination by lots was fraudulently contrived from mercenary motives, or as a means of encouraging superstition xe error.

His whole address was devoted to an exposition of the science of soothsaying. This you must admit unless, perchance, you think that those who consider dreams as dreams and nothing more, are going to concede that the fulfilment of any dream was ever due dd anything but luck. For what could the Etruscan soothsayers have known, either as to whether the tabernaculum had been properly placed, or as to whether the regulations pertaining to the pomerium had been observed?

But you will have it that everything happens by Fate; consequently, knowledge of the future would have done these men no good. Procles and Eurysthenes, kings of the Lacedaemonians, were twin brothers.

Likewise, too, although ed the power of divination it is impossible for the act and function of divining to exist, and though one ciceeone that power may be mistaken and may make erroneous prophecies, yet to establish the existence of divination it is enough that a single event has been so clearly foretold as to exclude the hypothesis of chance.

The groves were originally on the summits. Sed a Stoicis vel princeps eius disciplinae, Posidoni divinaatione, discipulus Antipatri, degeneravit Panaetius, nec tamen ausus est negare vim esse divinandi, sed dubitare se dixit.