programming, which is covered in the QT programming manual. Note: Casio reserves the right to change equipment and specifications without obligation redaehtropergnitnirpgnirudrorrE. atadtropergnitnirpgnirudrorrE. The Casio QT and other products you use every day were certainly offered in the manual set. We know from our users’ experience that most of people do. Omron rs 12 cash register instruction manual free to databse of all machines.

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Mode pop-up window When you press the key, the mode pop-up window is appeared. Areas exposed to direct sunlight, in a close motor vehicle, or any other area subject cassio very high temperatures.

Taxable status of the p key Whenever you perform a discount operation on the last item registered, the tax calculation for discount amount is performed in accordance with the tax status programmed for that item.

QT-6600 User s Manual

Retail Service User Guide. Use another adaptor may cause fire, electrical shock, or malfunction. The above conditions can cause malfunction, which creates the danger of fire. Text print Use this key to enter characters to print.

Quick Start Power Button 2. Subdepartment Use this key to register items for the subdepartment. This key is also used to input the weight manually. Clerk transfer Use this key to transfer opened checks to another clerk. Refreshing the POS Settings Multiplication by this key issues singular order prints. Simplified operation is made possible by a specially designed touch screen and a wide selection of automated, programmable functions.


Use only your bedienungsanleituung to perform screen operations. In addition, one numeric entry can be included in an arrangement program. A clerk cannot sign on unless other clerk is signed off. Never apply strong pressure to the screen or subject it to strong impact. Please read carefully and follow all warnings and instructions in. Swipe Bedienungsan,eitung this key to declare card bedienungzanleitung or card scan. Please use the adaptor in the carton box for this terminal.

This manual casoi to the MicroView More information. List number Use this key to enter list number. Clerk number Use this key to assign a clerk s secret number.

Omron RS 12 Instruction Manual

Stock inquiry Use this key to check the current stock quantity for a PLU without registering. Do not allow the power cord or plug to become damaged, and never try to modify them in any way.

Scale Use this key to read the weight of the item and shows it on the display. Halo Community More information.

Operation is subject to the. Warranty card is included in this user s manual. Changes or modifications not expressly approved by the party responsible for compliance could void the user s authority to operate the equipment. K Number of customer key [ Use this key to register the number of customers. BFOR business hours Check to make sure that the terminal is plugged in securely.


Do not overlay bend the power cord, do not allow it to be caught between desks or other furniture, and never place heavy objects on top of the power cord.

It is also effective ever after calculation of bedienungsanleitunf amount. This is done by specifying the number of feed lines. If there is any problem, unplug the extension line and connect a known working More information. Any operation that can be performed from the keyboard, as well as mode, can be programmed in an arrangement program, and can be performed merely by pressing this key.

Indicates that there is a risk of severe injury or death if used incorrectly. M-ER Version More information. This terminal is the product of the world’s most advanced electronic technology, for outstanding versatility and reliability.

Normally, a receipt is issued. Insert paper roll Raise the printer lid as illustrated. Validation Use this key to validate item or transaction amounts on the slip. Use this key for conversions of another country’s currency to the equivalent of the home currency.

Press this key for the tax exemption. Page 75 Loan operation Page 34, 62 Check the date and time.