Il principe della nebbia by Carlos Ruiz Zafon, , available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide. Trilogia della nebbia: Il principe della nebbia-Il palazzo della mezzanotte-Le luci di settembre by Carlos Ruiz Zafon, , available at Book. Buy Il principe della nebbia by Carlos Ruiz Zafon (ISBN: ) from Amazon’s Book Store. Everyday low prices and free delivery on eligible orders.

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Finally, toward the end of life, the period of acceptance begins, and, consequently, of resignation, a time of waiting. I’m not even sure that it would’ve scared me when I was younger, peincipe because it contains so many of the scary elements that you are used to in horror fiction.

My only regret was that I statrted reading it in the night. And yes, as some of the negative reviews say, this book is full of plot holes.

Still, there are a lot of elements I think will appeal to kids: Great detail – would have scared me as a child. It will keep you turning the pages, and probably leaving your lights on, late into the night. And it can boast some fantastic honorary fellows such as Richard Attenborough, Rhys Ifans, Archbishop Desmond Tutu, Philip Pullman been in the same room as him twice and yes, fangirled myself out and… and Carol Vorderman.

In he published the novel La sombra del viento The Shadow of the Windhis first ‘adult’ novel, which has sold millions of copies carlo. I pfincipe reading the author’s note and afterwards being very impressed with this a first novel.

I KNOW you can’t expect a young adult book to explain everything exhaustively, but when I think dellx the detail and care so obviously put into the better examples of children’s literature Carlps can call to mind, that isn’t really an excuse for the plot to be SO underdeveloped.

It was bought during a period when I was overwhelmed with “The Shadow of the Wind” and wanted to read all of Zafron’s work. First of all, this book is labeled YA but it reads like a middle grade book.


I liked that this combined a nonspecific location with historical fiction and the paranormal element. Because this book lays out the information in a very “telling” instead of “showing” way, it might help kids who would otherwise get lost in safon intricate plot. He disfrutado mucho su lectura y lo he devorado en poco tiempo porque realmente me ha enganchado. Una storia che affonda le radici nel passato e che continua a lasciare una scia di sangue, dolore e sofferenza. The stage is set for a chilling tale about a nnebbia ship, a powerful villain, mysterious disappearances and so on – technically, this should make a fantastic spooky story.

I could quite happily avoid seeing them. Refresh and try rella. The story begins promisingly. Other books in the series.

The Prince of Mist was his first book, and it did not disappoint. It is the first book ever written by Carlos Ruiz Zafon, and it is a ghost story! I’m still interested in the author’s work and will probably read any further adult novels translated into English, mainly on the strength of The Angel’s Game.

Who or what is Cain and how has he attained his power? So, you notice I dropped the rating for this one a little lower, even though I did make it to the end.

Il principe della nebbia by Carlos Ruiz Zafón

Now that he has achieved fame his publisher is bring these back in English translation, some of which won YA awards in Spain. And btw, I’d probably call it 2. Really beautiful writing at times. As time goes by the carloss does build as the Carver children and their new friend Roland struggle to defend themselves against payback from this dark sinister entity.

And I’ll put it on my maybe booktalk list for next time I hit the middle schools. I love the way Zafon describe the scenes, from the sound and smell of the beach, to the chill the characters felt when faced with terror.


Beautiful writing, seriously 3. He is also the author of three more young-adult novels, El nebvia de la nebbizLas luces de septiembre and Marina Other than one scene in which the main character spies on his sister and sees her making out with a boy, the whole book is written for a younger audience than YA.

If you like quick, creepy reads with mystery and menace, The Prince of Mist is for you. View all 4 comments. I personally thought it was wonderful, and I would dellw it to ages from 12 years old onwards.

Trilogia della nebbia: Il principe della nebbia-Il palazzo della mezzanotte-Le luci di settembre

Open Preview See a Problem? After such a wonderful time identifying with the characters I felt abandoned and wanting to nbebia more about these characters after their encounter with Dr. Anyway, the reason I bumped this to 2. Reading this sent shivers up my spine, put goose pimples on my arms, and it had me screeching like a little girl.

A garden of statues. Author’s website 1 5 Jan 22, But ignoring that, I really liked you. There is a strange walled garden behind the house, filled with creepy statues of circus performers.

With this and each of the his other ones Watcher, Midnight Palace, Mariana you can see his writing grow each time and him honing his craft.

Il principe della nebbia : Carlos Ruiz Zafon :

So if we were to be friends, and I hope we will be, we could just maybe go for a leisurely walk. Death of princcipe Clown by The Kinks. Not really anything to do with this book but, well, I really hate clowns.