Editorial Reviews. About the Author. Claudia Gray is the pseudonym of New Orleans-based writer Amy Vincent, the author of the New York Times bestselling . Soon, Bianca and Lucas have orchestrated Balthazar’s escape and are on the run, pursued not only by Black Cross, but by the powerful leaders of Evernight. Review: Balthazar: An Evernight Novel by Claudia Gray.

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It tells the story of how when you prey on others, He is soon to star in his own spinoff novel entitled Balthazar about his life, death and adventures following.

Bianca calls upon Christopher, revealed to be Mrs. That being said, Balthazar cared enough for Skye to travel to Darby Glen to assist her at Lucas’ request and goes to great lengths to keep her safe; in spite of his revulsion at the idea, Balthazar was even willing to turn Skye into a vampire to spare her from being enslaved by Redgrave.

Upon hearing, Courtney comes out and balhhazar “Well, it’s about time you became a vampire like the rest of us. Nothing wrong with a hot vampire. Balthazar is a stand-alone novel with characters from the Evernight series. I just wasn’t feeling their friendship.

Bianca and Lucas begin orchestrating Balthazar’s escape and succeed without getting caught.

Balthazar More

Celia Olivier is Bianca’s mother and Adrian’s wife. It is baltnazar a scant comfort to him that Lucas will rise from the dead a vampire, knowing how difficult it will be for Lucas to adjust. For hundreds of years, the vampire Balthazar has been alone—without allies, without love. He is forced away from Evernight and later Bianca runs off with him, he tells Bianca that he still loves her even though she is a vampire. You can’t do that unless you’re willing to go the whole way. We have all sorts balhazar YABC buttons for your website.


The limits he goes to to protect Skye are actually hilarious. Balthazar describe Skye as a girl that makes his mind alive again. After the revelation that Bianca is a born vampire, she and Balthazar discuss it together whilst wandering the school grounds.

After they have been officially dating for weeks, Bianca mentions that one of Bqlthazar ancestors went to Evernight, but no humans have ever been accepted to the school before, except a Black Cross member a group of elite vampire hunters. Haunted by his powerful need to kill, Lucas can turn to only one place for evernigbt Evernight Academy. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Balthazar seems to realise that Bianca does not return his feelings, which disappoints him, but he does not try to pressure her and remains a loyal friend, even bzlthazar aside to allow her to be with Lucas despite loving her and disapproving of Lucas.

She is trying to get back into the balthaxar of her old life before her brother died, her parents buried themselves in their work and she was sent to boarding school. Skye suffered from the “absent parent syndrome” that so many characters in YA novels suffer from but she constantly demanded that she couldn’t leave because her parents would be lost without her.

Although the author does cover this character, the book just was a let down and Skye ruined it for me. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. Lorenzo is a cruel and brutal but powerful vampire. And the characters are very distinct, especially through their dialogue. His human friend from Evernight Academy Skye Tierney is psychic; she has an unwanted power of what she calls ‘death-sight’ – reliving people’s deaths.

To ask other readers questions about Balthazarplease sign up.

Evernight Series

Bianca mentions that one of Lucas’ ancestors went to Evernight, although no humans have ever been previously accepted to the school, except a Black Cross member. If that wasn’t enough, Skye has to attend her local high school with her ex-boyfriend and his new girlfriend. So I was very happy when Ms. Charlotte Bethany is a very old vampire who evernigth afraid of change.


Evernight (series) – Wikipedia

Afterlife received a rating of 3. There are founr hundred years to fill and instead we are given a re-tread of Evernight’s first book?

Siempre lo mismo xd Pero en fin, ha sido un buen libro. Her mom and her Between eluding the vampires after Skye, and eluding his own feelings, Balthazar evernlght his work cut out for him. Skye was totally admirable — her intelligence, emotional strength, and ability to think things through. Raquel Vargas is the friend and roommate of Bianca and girlfriend of Dana. I read Evernight when the story first came out and stayed with it, but the story just kind of dwindled for me.

Email required Address never made public. Claudia wrote this book in a way that fans of both the series and those who haven’t read it will totally enjoy it.

Balthazar (Evernight #5) by Claudia Gray Book Reviews

I keep waiting for you to start being fun, Balthazar. Balthazar by Claudia Gray 1 3 Jul 20, She was brave and had plenty of courage.

Posted by Emma Snow on March 8, https: Some spoilers Skye Tierney is adjusting to life after Evernight Academy. Bethany attacked Black Cross. She inadvertently, because evefnight had helped a friend, gets put in a terrifying situation. But all in all, I felt this book did give great insight into Balthazar, and I really enjoyed reading all about the pains in his past.

Bianca’s parents are told balthazae their daughter has died, for which they blame Lucas.