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The POS’s adoption of political means to achieve its ends earned it the implacable hostility of the anarchists who regarded participation in tho bourgeois political process, however noble the objective, as rank reformism and class treachery.

He went first to Argentina, where he became involved in the Argentine Socialist Party, and then went to Europe. Although the groups and organisations generated by anarchism were usually short- lived, its ideological impact stretched far beyond those who formally embraced its ideals.

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Recabarren was incensed particularly by the custom of some GFOCh consejos. This file has fallen into the public domain according to Chilean copyright law No. In parti- cularg his allegations that the Direcci46n General del Trabajo DGT in some way afforded the PCCh unfair or under- hand advantages in extending its trade union control seem suspect.

Secondlyq he promoted a number of younger man to assist the old leaders in their tasks and placed new men in charge of the important regional conuiiitteea. Howeverg some Communists were moved to lDrotest when the now strategy was put into practice. The PS claimeds howeverp that Baeza was expelled for having appointed an ex- pelled Socialist to direct his election campaignq for denigrating the CC PS and for revealing, the con- tents of secret PS Congress sessions to outsiders.

These issues, together with the intense personal rivalries between those who wished to become President of the Republic, lay behind the emergence of a series of loosely-knit political parties in the mid-nineteenth century. Alessandri wis as much a product of traditional i– olitics as Barros 13orpoilo but he presented himself as the protagonist of all those who wanted radical change, In a demopogic campaign which aroused the wild enthusiasm of the masses – and the fears of his opponents – he promised a series of sweepinp social and constitutional reforms.


These campaigns and orranisa- tions also gave the Communists repeated opportunities to demonstrate to their allies that co-operation with the PCCh was not only possible but fruitful and that they were willinf, to undertake the onerous and routine tasks of administration and leave the more prestipious positions to others.

huidobro cubecraft

Police and Army killed tens and sometimes hundreds of workers in strikes in ValparaisoSantiago and Antofagasta Indeed, shortly after its foundation the PUS applied to join the Second International and, while full membership does not 52 See, for example, a serios of articles on the: Thus2 Aguirre Cerda’s offer of povernment office to Ole P jCV, and the narty’s public rejection of cabinet nosts were matters of form. Software used Picasa Exif version 2.

But these strikes wereq in factt supported by the CTChq that is, by the PS as well as the PCChq and in the case of the news- paper strikes which affected all the major newspapers except for Frente Popular the PCCh’s efforts to find a prompt solu- tion earned the opprobrium of the inconformistas. During much of that time, it was irrelevant to the main stream of Chilean politics and it usually existed in small, semi-autonomous groups which suffered from a high turnover in membership and bitter internal disputes.

To this endq the PCCh played upon the PR’s presidential ambitionst did as much as it could to support the frentistas in their struggle to control the PR and tried to neutralise the centre and combat the right-wing Radical3o 63 In additiong the PCCh progre3- sively diluted the programme of revolutionary change which it first suggested as the basis for the Popular Front coaltion.

Allende’s Chile Londonp p 91 iee Ricardo Donosolop. Other articles by the same author in I evista Occidente, nos. In particular, he claimed that the policy of electoral pacting had worked to the advantage of the exploiting classes and that the national leadership was bourgeois, had no knowledge of the doctrinal and material needs of the people and showed no concern to carry out propaganda activities or create a definite party press.

The real turning point in his career came in when, already prominent in Democrat circles in Valparaiso and Santiago, he was chosen to organise the second national conference of the Congreso Social Obrero. Retrieved from ” https: The PCCh made it clear before the presidential elections that it would hot play a dominantovernment formed as the result of a frentista role in any p victory nor would it accept cabinet office and when Aguirre Cerda did invite the PCCh to serve in his government in December the party refused.


Cells continued to be orpanised on a territorial rather than a f, actory basis, party work was still dependent on the baalnce of small nunibers of militants and party 13oletin de la CoiuisiOn Nacional de Orgranisacion No.

At the same timeg it appears that Radical and Communist leaders continued to have secret negotiations with Ibifiez until Sep- tember when events intervened once again to solve the problem. Distrtic- tions were Issued to the ref-ional and local orr, nnisattons to set up Control Commissions, composed of t1ireo members of at least five yearslstandinirq which were to be directly responsible to the National Control Commission in Santiaeog headed by Galo Gonzalez.

The timestamp is only as accurate as the clock in the camera, and it may be completely wrong. Snow, Radicalismo Chileno, Buenas Aires, pp Not only were the 1jinistros del Trabajo between andhostile or, at best indifferent towards the PCCh but the role of the Inspectorato was strictly oirctim- scribed by the C6digo del rrabajo and its members were for- bidden to take part in political activities. In line with previous practicag the PCCh coneressmen were instructed to pay their salaries into the Party Treasury and they recelved rather less than half back in waiges, The PCCh’s membership probably did not grow quite so rapidly as its electoral Baalance between and Magallanes – – – Totals indicates one deputy elected Sourcet Estadistica Chilena December September and December 19T Article by Rudolfo Borzutsky.

The POS had no particular need to draw on the tra- ditions of European or any hjidobro brand of socialism to he 50 El 13onete, Iquique, had a circulation of some 2, copies.