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By keeping yourself posted on your position you will know exactly when you have caught up with your opponent and when you find you are several throws ahead you can abandon your Backgammo Game tactics and race your men home in the shortest possible moves, using the throws so that each play will bring a checker from one table to another.

Diagram 35 White to Play a 4 and 1. Please enter 5 or 9 numbers for the ZIP Code. The following table shows the total number of ways that any number on the dice can be thrown: The Direction of the Moves The White pieces move in the direction of the white arrows until they reach their home table. It is the simplest and frequently the most exciting.

To illustrate this, set up your men for the start of the game, as shown hackgammon Diagram 4. The Diagram shows the position at this stage.

Diagram 13 Black with two men on the Bar has thrown a hackgammon and [6]. If you are forced to leave a bbackgammon within six points of your opponent, leave it as near as possible, one point away being safest.

Should you play hoppdr [6] and [5] and have previously removed all your men from these points, you are entitled to remove two men from the next highest occupied points.

If he should open another point in the midst of his men, endeavor to split up your two men, leaving two blots which form a greater menace to him, as you still have the opportunity of hitting him with a favorable throw and you put him in a position where an unfavorable throw on his hoper may force him to hit one of these blots which then may reenter and send his man back to start over.


Image not available Photos not available for this variation. There are even backgammon problems for the reader to solve. The main rules to remember on the running game are: Diagram 41 White to Play a 5 and 4.

This is a poor throw, but this is the strongest way to play it. He can move one or two men from any occupied point for the plays. White throws a [6] and [6]. The beginner usually attempts an over bold game, taking all kinds of risks to make points.


For instance, suppose you wished to find what were the chances of your opponent throwing a [1] or a [3], compared to the probability of his throwing a [6] or a [7].

You must spread as many blots as possible, both in your outer as well as your Home table.

If you can get four or more men sent back to restart bavkgammon his Home table, and can manage to occupy three points in his Home table you have a good chance for victory. He plays safe by moving his blot on point 11 to point 8 for the [3] and from point 8 to point 7 for the The Diagram shows the position after this play. The Back game is really a defensive measure used as a last resort to prevent a defeat.

The men are moved along the points on the far side of the board, then across the board until they reach their Home tables, from which they are moved off the board.

hoppfr Backgammon is played by two persons upon a board designed with twenty-four points of alternate colors. However, the fortunes of chance must be met and White casting double sixes loses a play that would have advanced him 24 points. This being a double and the strongest possible opening throw on the dice, enables him to cover his 5 point in his Home table, also his 7 or Bar Point.

Win at Backgammon by Millard Hopper | eBay

Add to watch list. The man is entered the same as if it were being played from a point off the table. Again White takes advantage of this throw to secure another point in his Home table, and plays a man from his 8 to his 4 point, and another from his 6 to his 4 point.

This man must be reentered in the opponents Home table before he can play any other moves. Back to home page. Diagram 7 Here, White plays his [6] and [5] by moving two men from point 8. This is a very bad fault, for the reckless type of play generally ends in disaster.


This will register the movements and purpose of the plays and speed up your playing ability. An Illustrative Game 4. A very weak throw at start of game. Since the game does depend somewhat on luck, he also introduces the reader to the concept of chance with tables of odds for all possible rolls of the dice.

Should he roll another advantageous throw on his next turn your alternative would be to immediately adopt a Back Game. Through a wealth of diagrams, remarkably clear explanations, and a sample game with play-by-play analysis of moves and strategy, he makes the game simple enough for anyone to play.

Chapter 6 The Values of Luck and Skill While skill plays a very prominent part in sound Backgammon, still the element of Luck is always present. Once these two men have advanced to the front of his blockade, you can use your high throws to hurdle same and effect their escape.

If your opponent has succeeded in gaining control of three points in your Home table your next effort must be to establish some blocked points in your outer table, from the 7 to the 12 point. By playing your men so that they can go from one table to another you gain the maximum amount of speed in bringing them home. This time Black loses his throw, as White has the 2 point blocked. Try and occupy as many points in your Home table as possible to prevent him entering additional men there.

Any international shipping and import charges are paid in part to Pitney Bowes Inc. If you’d like to get the additional items you’ve selected to qualify for this offer, close this window and add these items to your cart. You must bear in mind that your opponents Black men are coming towards you; also that a single man on any point is subject to being hit and sent back to start over.