The people in rural areas of Karnataka and Kerala mainly depend on agriculture for their livelihood. The main crops grown are Arecanut and.

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It also requires greater agility and high manoeuvrability to be used as a product. Four seventh semester mechanical engineering students of Sahyadri College of Engineering and Management have developed arecanur low-cost areca nut tree climbing machine that can be regulated by a remote control.

There are much equipment machines in the market to help the farmers arecanjt this regard. The machine should grab the tree firmly to maintain its positions during the operation. The project is financially supported by the Vision Group of Technology, Karnataka government, and the management of Sahyadri College. It is the heart of the setup. Due to the friction between drive wheel and the bark of the tree machine rises up along the length of the tree. It has arfcanut robo cutter fixed to it and can be used to spray pesticides.

The machine developed consists of a base frame with 3 nylon wheels driven by 3 high torque geared motor. This is the most suitable machine for harvesting areca nuts without man climbing on the tree. TOI Most people think this post is Awesome! Many trees like coconut tree, arecanut tree, and palm trees are so tall that climbing them becomes risky.

H S Posted date: The students have spent about Rs 42, to develop the machine. Such a process looks easy, in reality it is a laborious and dangerous task.

Design and Fabrication of Arecanut Tree Climbing and Spraying Machine

Sukesh K S Type of entry: The remote is used to control the motor. The device consists of a triangular base frame arecqnut supports all the components to be built upon. One crop that has been most affected by this is the arecanut.


The tension of the spring helps to retain the machine at the required height. The scope of this project is limited to climb arecanut trees having circumference between 30 and 50 cm. Cutting of the areca nut bunch is also easy with a special type knife of this machine.

Areca Nut Tree Climber, Model No.: ATC

arefanut Wheels In this machine three driving wheels are used. In this tree climbing machine power is obtained from 12V battery through which drive motors are energized. So development of clmber unique tree climbing mechanism is necessary which may be used for maintaining and harvesting applications.

DC geared motors having reduction gears which ensures self-locking of the tyres and thus maintains the height. This is a unique model which will be the machine-front of the areca nut industry and in turn will serve as a great help and boon to areca nut farmers.

They have to climb the trees using muscle power. Line diagram to calculate Length of the links Figure 2.

Specifications and Functions of Parts Used 4. A spring is used to provide sufficient grip to the wheel on the tree according to the change in the size of the tree. The machine can be used for spraying insecticides also. The pesticide is being transported from the tank to the nozzle with the help of plastic tubes. It is mandatory to climb the trees a minimum of five times a year for a successful harvest – twice for the preventive spray against fungal disease, and thrice to harvest the arecanut.

Guide way motors are rotated to the required position in order to spray pesticide to the flimber. The spraying is done in monsoon, while harvest time is typically in summer. Power from the battery is supplied to the motors using flexible wires and DPDT Double Pole Double Throw switch is used to control the movement of climbing machine as well as spraying unit.


The frame of the arecanut tree climber can be opened up and held across the tree. Also, it is very trer to move from one place to another. Leave a Reply Cancel Reply You must be logged in to post a comment.

Powered By Vritee Technologies. This project has a simple and low cost areca nut climbing machine, which can help generate employment in rural areas. When a rope attached to the machine is pulled from the ground; the machine climbs arrcanut the tree.

Areca Nut Tree Climber, Model No.: ATC, Rs /set, R Tech Engineering | ID:

Remote control circuit Figure 4. Also the bark of some trees may not be strong enough to bear the weight of the climbing device, cimber conventional climbing machine cannot be used for tree climbing applications []. Torque Calculation Calculating motor torque, 4.

Remote Control Unit 5. The geared motor should be powerful enough to carry the payloads and weight of the machine. The ttee component which is in contact with the tree is the wheels which are made up of nylon.

Students of Sahyadri College of Eng develop a low-cost areca nut tree climbing machine!!

Line diagram to calculate Length of the links. This machine is simple and a person with little technical knowledge can easily assemble it in an ordinary workshop. The nozzle is mounted on top of the guide way motors.

Tree climbing machine, Arecanut, Spraying machine. Then the wiper pump motor is switched ON. It is the main source through which torque is generated. Driving wheels are machined from nylon rods having diameter of mm which is used to provide firm grip and also to operate the machine atecanut that it climbs the tree easily.