Yet, ultimately, “An Exact Replica of a Figment of My Imagination” is sad, at times even tear-inducing, since McCracken offers an unstinting. I was sitting at a table, having signed three books, one for a cheerful old lady who ‘d called my short stories pointless during the Q & A. Al’s wife. Review: An Exact Replica of a Figment of My Imagination by Elizabeth McCrackenA mother’s tender remembrance of her stillborn baby moves.

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McCracken, I am truly very sorry for the loss of your child. I also fel Even though Elizabeth’s McCracken’s loss is different from my own, I was comforted by her ability to articulate her grief.

Her lost friend and the Frenchmen and women who people this book get no angle of view.

An Exact Replica of a Figment of My Imagination by Elizabeth McCracken

I cannot imagine having nothing of him but memories that will fade in time and a book that I’ve written. Premature birth Childbirth Infant and child mortality Midwifery reviews. I was prescribed acupuncture by my oncologist to help with nerve damage. I’m having a hard time writing this review, perhaps because the events in the book, both the awful and wonderful ones, feel too big to summarize or comment on.

Sometimes I worry that I find material on mourning and grief and loss so compelling. Yes, it is; yes, I’ve asked many of these questions myself. Perhaps there is no way to truly win us over; maybe we are too close to our losses and our own difficult tales. Surely we have all said things in grief we should take back; surely we have all handled a relationship badly. This book is incredibly sad – there is no question about it. She writes of a friend in France who became pregnant while Elizabeth was pregnant with Pudding, who continued to smoke and drink throughout her pregnancy but who later delivered a healthy baby.

One of the hardest things for me was that my cancer is not caused by genetics or the environment. I remember, for instance, having dinner in Williamsburg one night when I was going through chemotherapy, and watching a very young woman whine very loudly about how she had left her cigarettes at home.


It’s shocking who doesn’t call.

This book was a heartbreaking exach about loss and life. I struggled whether to give this book three or four stars, and in the final accounting, it was McCracken’s ‘0n Writing’ notes at the end that swung it to three.

I could not s more I needed the physical proof that he was real and he existed, even if he never lived outside of my womb. Different reading material, surely. I have several living children. That was the good news. I thought it was funny that she wished for a book that shared the lighter side of losing a child because, through her honesty, optimism, and resilience, she manages to produce that very book for others.

She manages, also, the equally complex task of delivering a grief memoir that fuses the immediacy readers crave from the genre with all the reflective, consoling depth of fiction. The ecstatic couple made plans, bought baby clothes, dreamed up names. She said she finally decided to read it when a co-worker laughed out loud while reading a book and when the reviewer asked about it, it turned out to be this one.

It made the story more moving, kept us imaginatino the pages. Just that those choices are not for me and it made it hard for me to relate to her as a result.

She didn’t worry much during her first pregnancy. Aug 09, Jimena rated it really liked it Shelves: It just accepts the seamless mingling of grief, pain, love, and joy as they are. And I suspect that the process of making a story of her experience was necessary for McCracken, and it might help others whose pregnancies have ended in stillbirths feel less alone. To view it, click here.

My boyfriend lost two rellica while I was going through chemotherapy, and we were unable to attend one of the funerals. The three of them should replace Hallmark permanently. McCracken mentions the many people who saw her and behaved as if nothing had happened, writing:. Apr 01, Arryn rated it it was amazing.


An Exact Replica of a Figment of My Imagination by Elizabeth McCracken

I think the author did a wonderful job of putting her grief into words. Throughout, McCracken felt wonderful; pregnancy agreed with her, even as she fumbled her way through the patriarchal French medical establishment with inadequate command of the language. I was mmy, as happy as I’ve ever been, during the nine months in which Lorenzo lived inside my belly.

Essayswhich by contrast felt replifa and manipulative. I ov tell you everything that was true for me in this book because so much of it was. It’s a memoir by a woman whose first child was stillborn, and the reviewer described it as both funny and tragic.

Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. My mother got a phone call from her a full year after my diagnosis–inviting us to her wedding “I’ve been kind of an asshole for not calling,” she said. Published September 10th by Little Brown and Company. Very interesting questions and thoughts on grieving and what it means to be a mother. Imaignation McCracken tells the story of her first son, a tragically ifgment child affectionately nicknamed “Pudding” by she and her husband while he was in the womb.

I also completely understand and treasure the need for kf happy and even laughing in the face of tragedy, as a way of remembering the person’s life and not just their death. Topics Biography books The Observer. I would have done the whole thing over again even knowing how it would end. I am so grateful to the author for being brave enough to write this book.

I think I was just hoping for more of a sense of someone else getting it.