Loyalties is a play by the British writer John Galsworthy. It was staged at St Martins Theatre and ran for over a year. Galsworthy described it as “the only. Loyalties is a British drama film directed by Basil Dean and starring Basil Rathbone, Heather Thatcher and Miles Mander. It is based on the John Galsworthy play Loyalties. Project Gutenberg’s Loyalties (Fifth Series Plays), by John Galsworthy This eBook is for the use of anyone anywhere at no cost and with almost no restrictions.

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A jury is likely to take the view that money can hardly compensate for an accusation of that sort. Inspector–you er–walked up to the window when you first came into the room. Better develop it so that t-two can sit out, General. That’ll do, Mr De Levis; we won’t keep you. If the notes are restored I’ll keep my mouth shut; if they’re not, I shan’t.

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Send her for Margaret and the Dancys–there’s nobody else in this wing. Trollope is one of my favourite authors and so I seized on this play in momentary confusion. I hope he’ll want me; it’s just too thrilling. But he pushes himself. Man called Gilman waiting in jobn to see you specially.

Loyalties ( film) – Wikipedia

Having a bath; with his room locked and the key in his pocket. I take an interest, because, to tell you the truth, [Confidentially] I don’t like–well, not to put too fine a point upon it ‘Ebrews. You can’t help us, then? With an eye to possibilities, I venture to think–the principle guides a good many transactions. I took it out, looked into it, and found the notes gone, and these shaving papers instead. DE LEVIS stands a moment irresolute, then, turning to the door, he opens it, stands again for a moment with a smile on his face, then goes.

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Yes, my lord–since you are good enough to call me venomous.

Kindle Edition Verified Purchase. His friends, on the other hand, are all very loyal to him and they are unmovable in their faith in Dancy. Come to you–as he did. Poor young man; I think we’re rather hard on him. Damages, and a stain on his c-character.

By the way, we’re expecting the police. Your wish is mother to your thought, that’s all. I–I don’t follow– [His voice is hesitative and lower, showing that he does]. Any sign of a ladder or anything? Don’t you feel you couldn’t, Adela? But they’ll find the real thief. Well, you can say so in Court any way. Sare, if I give it to you, and it does ‘im ‘arm, what will my daughter loyaltiss I don’t want Mrs Dancy to hear.

Srishti Dayal rated it liked it Apr 25, He sold that weed you gave him, Dancy, to Kentman, the bookie, and these were the proceeds.

This is monstrous, De Levis. No trivia or quizzes yet. Loyaltifs, do you really think it necessary to disturb the whole house and knock up all my guests? He’s got some pretty good horses. Well, I’ve come to you from a iohn of duty, sir, and also a feelin’ of embarrassment.


It’s a lot of money. We want men racing to whom a horse means something. In addition to his prolific literary status, Galsworthy was also a renowned social galswofthy.

Loyalties, Finborough, London | Stage | The Guardian

I don’t know, Adela. It’s ok, but nothing elevates into the realm of Nobel Prize literature, which Galsworthy won. No; send her to bed.

Won’t Dancy be mad! There is a dressing-table against the wall to the left of the open windows, where the curtains are drawn back and a stone balcony is seen.

Loyalties by John Galsworthy

Sare, if I tell you, will you give me your good word that my daughter shall not hear of it? What won the Cambridgeshire?

Does he put his boots out? Come in, you two! How d’you do, Miss Orme? Loyalties turns out to be quite a bit predictible from the beginning of Act II. Tushar Gundev rated it really liked it Aug 28, You must remember– it was awfully talked about.