Stream Tracks and Playlists from DISCOS DROPA (lo-fi). on your desktop or mobile La calle del zodiaco – La iglesia, El hacha, El niño rata, El pastor de la flia. Stream Frank Jr y Los humanoides asociados / Osergorp by DISCOS DROPA (lo- fi). from desktop or your mobile device. Robin-Evans would follow the trail of the Dropa to its origins, and was able to take a , the Los Angeles Herald-Examiner ran an article about the Dropas.

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The concept of gorillas burying their young was preposterous, but that left one important question to ponder: Much of what they learned seemed to corroborate the bizarre story recorded on the discs. The Translation Many experts tried to translate the hieroglyphs in the 20 years the disc lay in Peking. He announced that he had deciphered them into a story that told of a spacecraft that crash landed in the area of the cave, the Bayan Har Mountainsand that the ship contained the Dropa people who could not fix it and therefore had to adapt to Earth.

At first it was suggested that these might be the remains of an unknown species of mountain gorilla.

According to the Gould-Parkinson system of transliteration, “Drop-ka” is Tibetan for “solitude” or “inhabitant of pasture lands”.

Inside the caves were several ancient, but neatly arranged burial sites, and in them the skeletal remains of a people; a strange people.

These photos are the ones that we see often reprinted today. Once there, it is said that they were scraped for loose particles and put through a chemical analysis which revealed that they contained large amounts of cobalt and other metallic substances.

The Dropa people and their talking stone disks remain as mysterious today as they did in the late s. The Skeletons The skeletons, measuring a little more than four feet disvos, were found “frail and spindly” with “disproportionately large” skulls.

UFO encounters in the Far East ls ancient times to the present. Once enemies, these two tribes now co-exist peacefully.

Some of the information presented in his paper were based on the work which Professor Tsum Um Nui had done in A final total of such plates were found, and each held its own mystery. Shortly afterwards he is said to have gone to Japan in a self-imposed exile, where he died not long after he completed the manuscript of his work.


Another section of the writings expressed ‘regret’ by the Ham tribe that the aliens’ spaceship had crash-landed in such a remote and inaccessible mountains and that there had been no way of building a new one to enable the Dropas to return to their own planet.

Bythe discs and the manager had disappeared from the museum. Inwhen Hartwig Hausdorf was in China, he asked the current director of the Banpo Museum about the disks and was told that they had disappeared. This was incredible news, but what was to come would be even more remarkable.

Part of it dropqs The men, women and children of the neighboring peoples Ham hid in the discps ten times before sunrise.

Dropa stones

Ancient astronaut speculation Pseudoarchaeology. One is that the discs contain certain traces of metal; particularly cobalt.

The Caves Chi Pu Teia professor of archaeology at Beijing Universitydirected the archaeological survey of a series of interlinking caves.

A 21st Century Discovery of Chinese Archaeology. Our men, women and children hid in the caves ten times before sunrise. It has been claimed that Tsum Um Nui is not a vropas Chinese name.

No record has been found of any of these discs being displayed in any of the world’s museums, and their current whereabouts are unknown. According to his book, the Dropa population consisted of a few hundred members all of which were approximately 4 feet 1. Both tribes are of pygmy stature, adults measuring between 3-foot-6 and 4-foot-7 with an average height of 4-foot-2, and body weights of 38 to 52 pounds.

The men had huge, bulging heads and puny bodies and were so ugly and repellent that they were hunted down by local tribesmen on horseback. Drawings on the cave walls portrayed beings with round helmets, and drawings of the sun, moon and stars were shown with interconnecting rows of dots. They have sparse hair on their bodies and have large eyes that are not Asian in aspect, but have pale blue irises. So hard is it to explain them in terms of earthly experience that the archaeologists do not rule out the possibility that the discs may have come from outer space.


The walls were squared and glazed, as if cut into the mountain with a source of extreme heat.

Robin-Evans allegedly lived among the Dropa for half a year and during that time he learned their language and history, and also impregnated one of the Dropa women. As recorded in the Soviet magazine SputnikDr.

Further, his research claims that the Dropa people were hunted down and killed by the local Han Chinese for a period. Each disc has a central hole and irregular grooves spiraling out to the edge, but the report says quite seriously that the groves are not sound tracks. The Riddle ” Riddle of Asian Stone Discs from Dropax Space ” original newspaper headline Russian archaeologists are puzzling over a remarkable collection of stone discs, thousands of years old, found in the mountains bordering China and Tibet.

Anthropologists have been unable to categorize either tribe into any other known race; they dkscos neither Chinese nor Tibetan. Fropas in the Sky: From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

The Disks of Baian-Kara-Ula – they came from the stars

Chinese archaeologists estimate that the discs are about 12, years old, but have made no headway at all in trying to explain their purpose or how they came to be in the caves. It was obvious that the pictures were meant to be a map or chart of some kind, and that they were created by intelligent beings. The stone disks told an astonishing story of a ‘space probe’ by the inhabitants of another planet which came to crash in the Bayan-Kara-Ula mountain range.

The Dropas ruling couple Hueypah-La 4 ft. When at last they understood the sign language of the Dropas, they realized that the newcomers had peaceful intentions