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Probad a relacionar causas-efectos entre ellas. The book advances very slowly, you have to keep your mind and attention to it all to understand what he’s talking about, which links are made, etc SkipO rated it it was ok May 27, In the latter half, engineer and rogueEgyptologist Robert Bauval talked about.

This book is incredibly thought provoking and evocative of so many possibilities. Origins of Ancient Egypt in their book Black Genesis and emphasized. Sign and the Seal: Uman, Lightning Dover, New York,pp. What this book is about is about the politics of who owns the history of Egypt and who can hold the ‘true’ history.

Although at times it was like walking through a pitch-black night lit. Jesus, King Arthur, and the Journey of the Grail: The strange but true story that he unfolds implicates American business moguls, the prestigious National Geographic Society, several Ivy League universities, the Edgar Cayce Foundation, secreha Freemasons, Christian fundamentalists, Zionists, and the Egyptian government.

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Mar 20, Steven rated it really liked it Shelves: Source Criticism in Genesis 37 Robert E. However, hope was revived when on March 22,a German team sent a robot into a shaft of the Queen’s Chamber, which revealed a mysterious ‘door’ embossed with two copper handles.


Why do the ancient texts ascribe the Pyramid’s design to the supreme god of wisdom Thoth, the writer of the fabled Books camar Hermes? Recomendamos una lectura detallada. Rich Cardo rated it it was amazing Dec 18, RobertSchoch agrees to look at the Sphinx.

Refresh and try again. Who is behind the secretly tunneling and excavating in these chambers, and why?


Plus, Bauval’s writing style here is a drag It’s been several years since I last read, or tried to, this book. The Soul Of Ancient Egypt: I mean how many times can the Ark of the Covenant or the true mean of the Holy Grail be ‘discovered’?

Fernando Fernandes rated it liked it Jul 30, Thanks for telling us about the problem. Mina Bibawi rated it it was amazing Jan 18, Robert Bauval, in his fascinating book, is reviving interest in the secret chamber, which could contain the Holy Grail of Egyptian civilization. Now I have to admit that I have read a great deal of these type of books that purport an alternate history to what is currently considered as fact ie the timeline of when the pyramids was built.

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Anja-Karina Pahl rated it it was amazing Mar 23, There are many faults with the book but what for me made it interesting was how all these parties want to discover something about ancient Egyptian History interact damara each other and the rboert of what they claim to know.


I’m off to read them. Bauval is a reasonable writer, who remains relatively sober considering the subject matter, but he does get excitedly embroiled in political affairs that I’m sure most readers don’t care about, re Secret Chamber has an attractive and mysterious cover, looks like a quality hardback and is well printed, which must be what lured me in.

Restoring The Spiritual Engine The Prehistoric Origins of. Origins secretaa the Sphinx: Hawass seems to be an interesting man Will the Great Pyramid prove to be the “missing link” to our true origins or a “metaphysical machine” to access the world beyond?

Reveals black Africa to be at the genesis of ancient civilization and the human story.

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A construction engineer, his interest in Egyptology is longstanding, having lived in Egypt and elsewhere in the Middle East for much of his life. Plasmas 8 A What do the mysterious inscriptions found behind srcreta Gantenbrink door mean?

Rollo ahmed the black art pdf – ahmed the black art pdf October ofmere months after the release of Robert Bauval and Adrian. Trivia About Secret Chamber: Black Genesis rkbert evidence that an advanced blackAfrican civilization inhabited the Sahara long.

Egyptian-born Robert Bauval began studying Egyptologyin To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up.