KRPANO: Tutorials: Strana 3D Virtual tour (spherical panoramas °) around the world. If you have never used KRPano you can download the trial version from Then follow the KRPano tutorial to quick learn and practice how to. Krpano Panorama Viewer is a commercial panorama engine, you should buy license for using it. This license is required.

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Customizing these images is a great way to individualize and professionalize your virtual tour. They have been experimenting within this arena since discovering VR as empathy machines whilst studying psychology at university. Later you can choose XML editor according to your demands. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.

Adding plugins in your tour Combobox Options.

– Documentation – Quick Start Tutorial

File format – jpg. The normal rectilinear projection, fisheye, stereographic fisheye, Panini and architectural projection.

When the mouse pointer hovers the hotspot area, its hint appears as a text at the top of the screen. Image Clicking on the hotspot opens pop-up window with the image. Make Pano Flat — This will create a cube based panorama out of flat images. Download and prime the software.

gutorial Click here for instructions on how to enable JavaScript in your browser. It is worth to change width and height parameters in code so the tour will fit by size in your Tumblr blog template.

Dimona can be reached at Dimonauk camerasandfilm.

You can use KRPano tools to transform your equirectangular image to a cubic form or from cubic to equirectangular form and have it automatically create various resolution versions of your images.

Shared tours Shared tours work with embedded license without krpano demo watermarks, but they have refers on Makevt and krpano at the bottom of the screen if there is no license. In MakeVT hotspots can be used to: To do this drag the “eye” symbol to the corresponding point of the new panorama; Set the size of the field of the view in degrees,10…, limited by the panorama’s resolution.


KRPano supports different panoramic formats such as cube and cube stripe images, cylindrical panoramas, partial panoramas, flash images spherical panoramas, panoramic videos, QTVR Video files. We have to impact the myFirstPlugin. A spherical pano must have aspect ratio 2: Once the tour is loaded you will be presented with the first image of your tour Rotate The image until you can see where you want your first Hotspot.

This will automatically start the. Polygonal hotpost rutorial is a polygonal area on a panorama which is a hotspot. Hotspot type defines the actions to be done when a user clicks on the hotspot area.

Your email address will not be published. Items of the list may be used for different actions, but in most cases they are used for list with the links to the panoramas. The structure of the main. You can enter videoid in the field, or tutoriall whole link: This example adds map with active points, which show panoramas locations. Initial fov – 90 degrees.

Advanced Tutorial: How to make a virtual tour with MakeVT | Tourmaker

Attempting to use a gigapixel image directly will result in so much RAM being used that the system will crash in most scenarios, resulting in a bad user experience and no more work for you. This method results in a krano image in cubic form which is presented to the user all at the same time and shall include a skin with default navigation buttons.

If you click on it, then a parameters table will be opened.

Before entering in specific details and pure documentation, I propose to realize a very simple example. I’ll add some data inputs in the Panotour UI to set a position, a size and yutorial color.


You may edit xml-files in common text editors. It is possible for KRPano to encrypt your content so that if someone attempts to pirate your work it will just be a jumbled mess and unusable. Each of these styles of projection can be manually configured and a transition effect implemented e.

After this has completed, close the terminal window and in the folder where your original image set is you will find a new set of files and folders. Maximum size – 20 Mb. Adding plugins in your tour Combobox Options Types of panoramas In current version of MakeVT supported spherical and cylindrical panoramas.

Using this method you can implement very high resolution gigapixel images with little resource cost to your end user.

The technical name for popcorn planet is stereographic fisheye projection. How to export panorama on Tumblr Choose the text post button at your Tumblr dashboard left thtorial on the top of the page.

KRPano Tutorial: How to Create a Panorama or Virtual Tour with krpano

Once you have dropped the files onto your droplet of choice, a terminal window will open and your images will be processed by KRPano.

In order to post comments, please make sure JavaScript and Cookies are enabled, and reload the page. Click on the panorama again to set other points of the polygonal area.

You will switch in the “Adding mode”, in which you can create polygonal and point hotspots; Click on the panorama on tutoriql point you want to place the image hotspot.

Youtube You can enter videoid in the field, or the whole link: