Kolaru Pathigam – Meaning and Benefits of Kolaru Pathigam. Our Hindu mythology says that the earth is round and all the grahas or planets. Om Namah Shivaya Kolaru Pathigam a powerful hymn sung by Thiru Gnana Sambandhar pleading for Lord Shiva’s protection against the ill effects of planets. kOLaRu thiru-pathigam paN. and the Snakes Ragu and Keetu will NOT do anything evil but only good.] vEyuRu . Kolaru-Pathigam-With-Meaning-English.

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This New Year, remember your promise. And he mentions that the stars and planets are not aligned right inauspicious indication of stars and planets and Gnana Sambandar then sings this padigam. A resident of Tiruvanmiyur in Chennai, Naresh’s father started reciting the Kolaru Pathigam religiously.

Kolaru Pathigam – Meaning and Benefits of Kolaru Pathigam

For a devotee of Lord Neelakanta Siva who has Parvathi as his other half, chanting or listening to the hymn will convert all the evil into good. The immortal legend – Sri Kanchi Mahaperiyaval has always spoken about the importance of praying to the Navagrahas.

With his growing radiant coral like body wearing the shining holy ash. Appar Swamigal expresses concern that the young Gnana Sambandar is going to engage with the Jains known for their magics. The significance is that those who chant it or those who listen to it will find that all the evils eventually turn to good.

What it actually means is that destruction of the evil effects engkish planets.

She requested Sambandhar to visit Madurai and rid the country of Jains. Jan 29, Interestingly, the hymn has references to Ravana. Lingashtakam – Telugu Shiva.


How Lord Balaji still owes money to an old woman – 2. Kolaru Pathigam can be chanted everyday. We the “Spiritual Samarpanam” team express our pathigamm to you for showing interest in kn application and content. She has been reciting this hymn since the last 5 years. But Appar was skeptical about this as he believed that the Jains could cause them harm. It has Kolaru Pathigam in Tamil and English with audio. Mathi nuthal mangayodu vada aali runthu marai othum engal paraman, Nathiyodu kondrai malai mudi mel anithu yen ulame pugundhu athanal, Ennglish kalan angi namanodu doothar kodu noygal aana palavum, Athiguna nalla nalla Avai nalla nalla adiyaar avarkku migave With the lady kolaaru the crescent like forehead sitting below a banyan tree and teaching Vedas, Our Pathiyam wears on his head kondrai flowers along with the river and has entered in to my mind and so, The very angry god of death along with his messengers and various great diseases, Does only good and good with lovefor they are goodgood for the devotees of Shiva.

Lord Ram recited the “Aditya Hridaya” stotram when he wanted to decimate the evil demon king Ravana. What it actually means is that destruction of the evil effects of planets. She flew by air. This application is in devotion towards Lord Shiva. She had a gynaecological problem which got cured sooner than she had imagined. Only afterthe distance between the earth and the moon could be estimated by Western scientists. But Sambandhar smiled and sang the Kolaru Pathigam.

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But she could not get a ticket on that bus. The last line of every verse contains this pledge and assurance.

The Powerful Kolaru Pathigam : Appeasing the Navagrahas

Uttamar Temple near Tiruchi, Tamil Nadu. Please email your valuable suggestions to us at spiritual. In Tamil, KOL means planets as well as evil.


The meaning of the word requires careful interpretation. Thiru Gnana Sambandhar was a child prodigy who was the recipient of “Gnanapal” divine milk from Mother Parvathi herself. Stories you may want to read. For a devotee of Lord Neelakanta Siva who has Parvathi as his other half, chanting or listening to the hymn will convert all the evil into good.

She attributes it to the power of Kolaru Pathigam. Spiritual Samarpanam See more. Manikkavasagar was little worried to go becauseit was at that time thought that the Jains were experts in evil magic.

The Gayatri Mantra talks about the Sun. How does listening to Kolaru Pathigam help us?

The saint Thirujnana Sambandar of Brahma puramwhere Brahma is worshipped, And which has honey bees, sugar canepaddy in an abundant measure, Is ordering that those devotes who read this garland of wordsWould not suffer the ill effects caused by planetsstars and others and would rule the heavens. Account Options Sign in.

How Lord Balaji still owes money to an old woman – 1. Thenavar pozhi kola alai vilai chen nelthunni valar chembon engum thigaza, Naan mugan aadhiyaya biramapurathu marai Jnana Jnana munivan, Thanuru kolu naalum adiyarai vandhu naliyatha vannam urai chei, Aana chol maalai oodhum adiyargal vaanil arasalvr aanai namathe. From being a human to divine This hymn, says Dr Jayabharathi, is not only good for removing the ill effects of planets and stars.