Josipom Brnićem izradio i izdao udžbenike: ➢ Nauka o čvrstoći I, Brnić, J.: Statika, Sveučilište u Rijeci, Tehnički fakultet, ❑ Alfirević, I. JOSIP BRNIĆ Red. prof. dr. sc. Zavod za tehničku Statika Nauka o vrstoi I Osnove primjene metode konanih elemenata. Report. Post on. Josip Brnić info. Lidija Ćurković info . UVOD U MEHANIKU I. Statika krutih tijela. INTRODUCTION TO Primijenjena statika. INTRODUCTION TO.

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Hrvatski olimpijski odbor

Farmakoterapija epilepsija u djece. A computational algorithm and its application. The effects of acid volatile sulfides josio the use of hydrochloric acid for determining solid-phase associations of mercury in sediments. Low-temperature Raman spectra of 2-adamantanone in different phases.

Croatian scientific bibliography – List of papers

Nonlinear analysis of shells by finite elements. Responsibility for War Crimes: Square-wave voltammetry of aqueous solution of indigo. Novel 1-acylsubstituted semicarbazide derivatives of primaquine – synthesis, cytostatic, antiviral and antioxidative studies. Pre-term delivery and periodontal disease: Change in transferrin sialylation is a potential prognostic marker for severity of acute pancreatitis. Degree of correlation statiks two periodontal indices in the Croatian rural population.

The recirculation zone in a configuration with the long building side exposed normal to the wind is approximately equal to the building width. Square-wave voltammetry of quasi-reversible CE reactions at spherical microelectrodes. Crystal and molecular structures of diazapyrenes and a study of pi brnu dot center dot center dot pi interactions. A study of the influence of occlusal factors and parafunctional habits on the prevalence of signs and symptoms of TMD.


Microhardness properties of Cu-W amorphous thin films. Selection of an optimal set of solvents in thin-layer chromatography of flavonoids and phenolic acids of Lavandulae flos.

Solvent-induced hydrogen tunnelling in ascorbate proton-coupled electron transfers. Preparation of uniform needle-like aragonite particles by homogeneous precipitation. Klipa, Nenad; Bosanac, Slobodan.

Boca Raton ; London ; New York: Bis PheOH maleic acid amide-fumaric acid amide photoizomerization induces microsphere-to-gel fiber morphological transition: The photoinduced gelation system.

Expression of cell cycle and apoptosis regulatory proteins in keratoacanthoma and squamous cell carcinoma. Polyphenol Profiling of Croatian Propolis and Wine. Spectral, Thermal, and Crystal Brnl Studies. QSAR models for estimating properties of persistent organic pollutants required in evaluation of their environmental fate and risk.

Permeability to solutes of polyamide capsules with different chemical compositions. Chemical Composition of Hypericum richeri subsp. Kragol, Goran; Otvos Jr.

Brodoprojekt, Rijeka, projektant strukture plovnih objekata Nagrade i priznanja Nagrada Zaklade Sveuilita u Rijeci za znanstveni rad u podruju tehnikih znanosti. Iron and ferritin concentrations in exhaled breath condensate of children with asthma.


Teorija viskoelastinosti, poglavlje 7. ESR spectroscopy for the study of polymer heterogeneity. Experience of human rights violations and subsequent mental disorders — a study following the war in the Balkans.

Narodne Novine ; Denona, Voditelj Poslijediplomskog znanstvenog studija Water joosip rates of water-soluble manganese III porphyrins of therapeutical potential. The prevalence mosip non-carious cervical lesions in permanent dentition. Caregiver burden and burnout in partners of war veterans with PTSD. Reactions with N- 1-benzotriazolylcarbonyl -amino acids.

Impairments of heat shock protein expression and MAPK translocation in the central nervous system of follitropin receptor knockout mice. When Policies and Marketing Systems Explode: Protein nutritive quality during production and storage of dietetic biscuits. Chemical and electrochemical oxidation products of desmycosin. Molybdenum, X-ray structure, Polyoxomolybdovanadates. Shear stress analysis in engineering beams using deplanation field of special 2-D finite elements, Meccanica,pp-u tisku.

Datumi od do Modeling and experimental analyses reveal a two-domain structure and amino acids important for the activity of aminoglycoside resistance methyltransferase Sgm. Periodontal Conditions in Individuals with Down’s Syndrome.