Capitalism has ratings and 70 reviews. Ahmad said: Capitalism: A Very Short Introduction (Very Short Introductions #), James Fulcher This Introd. Essay on the nature of capitalism and its relation to social and economic crises. “Capitalism: A Very Short Introduction” by James Fulcher (Oxford University. CAPITALISM James Fulcher. THE CELTS Barry Cunliffe. CHOICE THEORY. Michael Allingham. CHRISTIAN ART Beth Williamson. CLASSICS Mary Beard and.

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This book provides adequate information, but the writer’s fuocher views of neo-Marxian thought the school, not the buzzword and his subscription to feminism do seep in rather quickly, spoiling the first half of informational knowledge on vulcher for a badly hidden hitpiece on the practices that the writer deems negative.

Declining profits, particularly in the old industrial societies, hit the profit-making central to a capitalist economy. This brings up the essential problem jmaes capitalism that is never mentioned with one exception, see below: The spread of industrial production to new countries and the techniques of mass production had greatly increased productive capacity and meant that huge levels of demand were needed to absorb it.

There is no final crisis and no final solution to crisis. Very Short Introductions online. Jurisprudence and Philosophy of Law. List of illustrations 1.

The mobility of capital and labour, the separation of production and consumption, and market relationships that generate competition, give capitalism a highly dynamic quality that makes it immensely productive but also unstable and liable to crisis. A must read for any english speaking human in the world. Has capital escaped the nation-state by going global? Badly hidden, but not badly written I might add, and I would recommend this to anyone with left-leaning views as a book that will no doubt give them an informational background on a subject that too many people from all sides too often ignore.


Capitalism and Crisis | James Fulcher

This little book does a terrific job of explaining the different variations of capitalism, in particular that practiced in Sweden, the United States and Japan as each had developed since the start of the 2oth century. As globalization processes have spread production to new centres, global production has increased, but consumption has not kept pace.

Covers origins of capitalism and reviews how capitalism operates differently in various parts of the world. Capitalist production depends on the exploitation of wage labour, which also crucially fuels the consumption of the goods and services produced by capitalist enterprises.

Is there an alternative?

Time became a battleground, with some unscrupulous employers putting clocks forward in the morning and back at night. This little book does a terrific job o It isn’t hard to define capitalism, it is an economic system based on increasing wealth by investing wealth.

Has capitalism gone global? An introduction doesn’t immediately seem to me to be the place for the author capitakism push an agenda? This began to unroll inand seems unlikely to end any time soon. Contents Front Matter List of illustrations 1. Low rates of interest linked to an ample supply of money jxmes the surplus economies of the Far East encouraged lending and borrowing-hence the house-market bubble and the sub-prime crisis, which resulted from the indiscriminate lending of money to people who could not possibly pay it back.

Panicking banks hoarded capital, inflicting a credit crunch, which resulted in economic recession. My library Help Advanced Book Search.


Want to Read saving…. Under capitalism, goods were increasingly produced for sale in markets and this relationship became more distant. Excellent survey For me, this was a good starting point, having never really thought too deeply about the concept of ‘capitalism’ but getting by, rather, on hearsay from friends and colleagues.

Public Health and Epidemiology.

1. What is capitalism? – Very Short Introductions

This obsessive relentless pursuit of profit is why Lenin said, “a capitalist will sell you the rope with which to hang him. In the end, the author ruminates on a possible alternative to capitalism, discussing socialism, communal and cooperative experiments, and alternatives proposed by environmentalists. I found the fifth chapter most thought-provoking of all.

History of Science and Technology. What Karl Marx called a ‘crisis of overproduction’ occurred when supply outstripped demand, uames could easily happen because of the separation of production from consumption.

Capitalism: A Very Short Introduction

In pre-capitalist societies they were closely related, since most production was for more or less immediate consumption. Combining authority with wit, accessibility, and style, Very Short Introductions offer an introduction to some of life’s most interesting topics. The international division of labour between manufacturing filcher and those providing food and raw materials created an interdependence that locked them together in a global crisis.

Includes some cross-country comparisons too and covers the causes leading up to the financial crash as well as other crises.