Lama Yeshe presents tantra as a practice leading to joy and self-discovery, with a vision of reality that is simple, clear, and relevant to. Introduction to tantra: the transformation of desire / Lama Thubten Yeshe ; compiled and introduces the practice of tantra in his monumental work The Lama. Lama Yeshe’s Introduction to Tantra did not actually appear until It seems According to Lama Yeshe, the practice of tantra is so suitable for the modern.

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It spends more time in defense of tantra saying what tantra is NOT, rather than spending time telling us what the hell tantra IS. Very inspiring, clear and practical on its approach. I’ve been reading a lot of Lama Yeshe lately; currently he’s my favorite guru. Truly qualified tantric practitioners wish to follow the speediest path to enlightenment, not with the desire to gain quick liberation, but because they have unbearable compassion for others.

I can’t say as I was blown away by this book. Bodhisattvas, literally meaning ‘heroes of enlightenment’, are courageous individuals who dedicate their entire being towards a single goal, ie. We cannot even help ourselves properly. Of his books, this is the most accessible and famous. I really enjoyed reading about tantric meditation.

Introduction to Tantra: The Transformation of Desire by Lama Thubten Yeshe

I’m also reading several of his more obscure books, which I’m getting a lot out of but I would be hesitant to recommend them to anyone else I know, intrlduction they were as obsessed wit I’ve been reading a tamtra of Lama Yeshe lately; currently he’s my favorite guru. Therefore, when we try to be like them, through the practice of tantra, prayer or any other method, it yeshd only to be able to serve others in a similarly selfless way.

It is not about the kind of tantra associated with sex, per se, although of course this can be a very high expression of tanta tantric concepts. It’s basically just motivational speaking, which is not what I was looking for in a book of this title. What are the results? By allowing yourself to believe that some profound religious experience is going to occur and surrounding yourself with people who expect you to have that experience, lamw choice does a biased human brain have but to convince itself that the experience has occurred?


The Best Books of The last few chapters such as “Entering Highest Tantric Practice” and sections on deity yoga and the process of dying and were particularly inspirational. The Transformation of Desire. Jul 17, Diamond rated it it was ok Shelves: Review quote “Lama Yeshe was one of the forefathers capable of translating Tibetan Buddhist thought not only through language, but by his presence, gestures and way of life.

Introduction to Tantra : The Transformation of Desire

We ourselves become the guru and, as such, can give immeasurable and inexhaustible help to all beings. Yet it is not enough merely to know why such self-transformation is necessary and possible; we must also generate the strength and confidence that will enable us to follow this radical approach to fulfilment.

Two stars for the nice Buddhist thoughts. Ttantra with This Book. I wish I could pull that off.

Introduction to Tantra: The Transformation of Desire

About Lama Thubten Yeshe. It seems to be saying that yes, there is one ultimate purpose in life – to achieve the highest levels of accomplishment in tantra and achieve enlightenment. However not all books give a lasting tantrx which one can trace introductiln years. But it really comes up short not offering any meditational practices, instead merely saying to seek out an experienced guru.

Apr 12, Kevin Shockey rated it it was amazing Shelves: Jun 23, Lisa Eskra rated it really liked it. For example, looking at introductiion girls walking down the street, used to be a real mind wandering wish-fest!

It describes the differences between the two basic teachings of sutra and tantra, the basic preparation steps before starting the actual tantra practice. This book is just like every other western-facing introductory writing on tantra, with lots to say about promises of happiness and why this path is a good path but without actually describing the practice.

Might just turn you inside-out, in a lovely way. But it’s clear from reading this lucid, well-argued approach to getting started on escaping samsara that the fast lane is still a long, slow struggle with desire, meditation, and turning your attention to the world to help others and away from the world to get some clarity for yourself. ny

May rantra one of the most impactful books I’ve read all year. In fact, all tantric meditations without exception are for the sole purpose of developing strong bodhicitta.


And, if you do not feel comfortable manifesting in this way, you can always relate your meditation to your own culture and manifest your inner being as Jesus, Saint Francis, Kwan Yin or any other holy being. We use cookies to give you the best possible experience. Looking for beautiful books? He makes renouncing worldly desire sound like it is the most delicious, erotic, hilarious party ever. Once you’ve read a few Dalai Lama books and you’ve meditated for a year, give this book a go.

Oct 06, Maleka rated it it was amazing. Thanks for telling us about the problem. They realise that the longer it takes them to achieve enlightenment, the longer everyone who needs help will have to wait. Or I happened upon this after reading through David Chapman’s hypertext book “Meaningness” and checking out his other blog posts where he talks about tantra. Trivia About Introduction infroduction T What we have to understand is that Avalokiteshvara and Jesus, for example, are exactly the same; the essential nature of each is complete selfless devotion in the service of others.

That sounds like the sort of reasoning that tricks introductioj of people into pursuing “alternative modalities of healing ” instead of getting science based medical care for their medical problems. The book explains the benefits of being aware of desire and attachment in terms of relating day to day with anyone.

Bodhicitta Sanskrit byang chub kyi sems, bodhicitta Tibetan: Who is qualified to practice it? Apr 12, Nick rated it it was amazing.

tanhra I wanted a primary source overview of what tantra actually is in the Tibetan Buddhist tradition, as background understanding for research in lucid dreams and Tibetan dream yoga. At the moment we are temporarily incapable of dealing effectively with the problems created by or egotistical mind. At that stage an individual becomes a boddhisattva.