Informe sobre la Ciencia y la Tecnología en España (Fundación Alternativas, 28/01/) Global Innovation Index (WIPO/INSEAD, 17/06/) · Informe COTEC . 05/09/ · Innovation as Growth Policy: the Challenge for Europe. Felin, T., & Zenger, T. R. (). Closed or open innovation Informe Cotec ( ). Impacto de la Cotec para la Innovación Tecnológica 66 p. Horizon ( ). Informe de la Comisión al Parlamento Europeo, al Consejo, al Comité Spain. Fundación COTEC () Un decálogo de retos de la.

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SGI | Spain | Economic Policies

Research and innovation policy partly supports innovations that foster the creation of new products and enhance productivity. It has a strong educational focus becoming more approachable for the general audience. Indeed, inapproximately 1. To what extent does budgetary policy realize the goal of fiscal sustainability?

Finally, public-spending cuts have reduced iforme prevalence of active labor-market programs e. Research and innovation policy has largely failed to support innovations that foster the creation of new products and enhance productivity. 2104 over time performance has declined by 1.

This means that the economic recovery begun in remains robust. Along withis the second year since in which budgetary policy has somewhat softened austerity measures. Spain also came out relatively well in the latest Nature Index published inwhich tracks the affiliations of high-quality scientific articles published in 68 science journals; in this, Spain was the 11th most prolific country worldwide although with a small decline as compared with the previous year in which it ranked 10th.

Research and innovation policy largely supports innovations that foster the creation of new products and enhance productivity. Notwithstanding, the Spanish economy has not yet rebounded to levels.


However, per coetc income remains below levels. At the European regional level, Spain is a member of the EU and is the fourth most important state within the euro zone. Spain Report Join us on Facebook Share this page. Growth has been steady and robust for several years, led by exports and domestic demand, and supported by oil-price declines and strong tourism.

The Informe Cotec January However, the public deficit is high forcing the continuation of fiscal austerity policiesinequality is severe, and unemployment rates, while decreasing, remain at a very high level Income per household remains lower than in pre-crisis times and bank lending remains limited.

Nevertheless, despite four years of public spending cuts, neither the deficit approximately 3. Nevertheless, a reform of the taxation agency expanding its human, ICT and financial resources is clearly needed.

Though aware of its limitations as only a medium-sized power and indebted economy, Spain behaves as an important partner in international forums and tries to contribute actively to improving the regulation and supervision of financial markets. Stabilizing Global Financial Markets 7. Economic policy fully succeeds in providing a coherent set-up of different institutional spheres and regimes, thus stabilizing the economic environment.

Research and Innovation The recovery has also been driven by domestic demand. It would be premature to conclude that Spanish budgetary policy has realized the goal of fiscal sustainability.

After years of reducing spending cotce public administration, the human resources of the AEAT have been increased. European Commission Economic Forecast Autumn Spain has the highest deficit in the European Union France, with 3. Perhaps the three most significant ones include: Though still quite high compared to other OECD countries, unemployment rates in Spain began to fall incorme earlyas the Spanish economy entered recovery.


There is little coordination in the set-up of economic policy institutions.

How effectively does labor market policy address unemployment? The economic growth is also much higher than that observed in other euro zone economies such as Germany 2. Labor Market Policy 6. Cofec reforms to the banking sector and labor market, unit labor costs fell significantly and productivity rose. Katowice No Ceilings Savola annual report Portada in motion. This participation has been given weight by its role as one of the countries hit particularly hard by the global economic crisis and the financial instability.

Economic policy mainly acts in discretionary ways essentially destabilizing the economic environment.


The Spanish labor market continues to languish under problems that public policies have been unable to solve. Analysts also point to the existence of several contract modalities, a inforne social dialog and expensive compulsory social security contributions.

The striking design, far away from the generally dull annual reports, helps considerably to make the report more accessible and readable. To what extent does taxation policy realize goals of equity, competitiveness and the generation of sufficient public revenues? However, relative weaknesses remain in innovators, linkages, and finance and support. It is also part of the IMF system with 1.