Categories Parts fuel Parts Hirobo Shuttle Sceadu SCEADU MANUAL Ask question. Description. SCEADU MANUAL. Browse this category: Shuttle Sceadu . Categories Parts fuel Parts Hirobo Sceadu Evolution SCEADU SWM INSTRUCTION MANUAL MANUAL. Browse this category: Sceadu Evolution. Beyond Sceadu!! SDX 50HPM kit. This swashplate accepts 90°HPM,. °SWM, and °SWM linkage for all Hirobo 50/90 size models.

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The EVO did every maneuver we could throw at it.

I drilled the holes for the screws through the windshield and canopy before I removed the tape or cut out the windshield area in the canopy as it was stiffer that way. The part number for the 32mm screws is and the nuts are Welcome to one of the best and most rewarding adventures in radio control modeling. The best way to install a fan and prop nut on a helicopter engine is to use the OS delrin crank lock tool and a fan tool as seen in photo Don’t be afraid to experiment with different mixing arm, blade style, and paddle weight choices to see what works best for your style of flying.

If you have or have access to a dial point indicator, I highly recommend dialing in the run out of the start shaft. New heavier duty blade grips with a 4mm blade bolt are standard for the ultimate in reliability. The only online one that I am aware of has been taken off line, so hopefully this will become the place to go for assembling the Hirobo EVO Same setup here with the offset balls on the servo wheel.

When starting you model, make sure Switch B is up, throttle trim is in the middle, and you have a firm hold of the rotor head to keep it from spinning after starting your model. A dial or digital caliper comes in handy often, especially for making precision pushrods.


Grease the other set and set them aside.

For this sheet to work for you, you will hirobk to build your Evolution 30 EXACTLY as the manual instructs you and then use the linkage lengths given on this sheet for steps 32 through It used a small drill press vice to set the pin in to the radius arm and mixing lever as it was a very tight fit and wanted to get even pressure. I got mm sticking out of either side. Leave the glow plug out while you do this procedure as well.

Vintage RC Helicopters – Hirobo Sceadu

I like to get as many small loose parts out of the way quickly, so put the two smallest bearings into the ends of the see saw. Ray Hostettler would call this making the helicopter ‘kissy kissy’.

Nothing special here, build the tail boom supports as shown in the book. More frame build up. Super tail power for today’s demanding gyros. As you will be increasing the mechanical gain of the tail system with larger blades, you may have to reduce your gyro gain slightly to compensate.


The kit arrived at my front door by the large brown truck driven by what my lovely stepdaughter refers to as the ‘airplane man’. Hirobo Distributed in the US by: Stabilizer Blades feature adjustable weights and are secured to the flybar with dual set screws. Thrust bearings in tail hub. Give the tank a vigorous shake, and make sure the clunk doesn’t stick. The EVO is a fun helicopter to fly and would make a msnual practice machine for someone with a larger helicopter that wants to ihrobo on fuel and parts.


Use two 10mm self tapping screws and install the bearing block to the right side frame don’t tighten these yet! Mavrikk ball link tool. Tail Boom Mounted Servo for tail control is standard equipment – Also available a 5mm control rod to replace the 2 mm existing rod.

This flight was mainly flying circuits and getting the feel for the cyclic rate, expo rate and to get the engine leaned to the point the back plate was warm but not too hot. The Futaba wheels have concentric circles with distance from center marked on them, so if you have these on hand, it makes life a bit simpler.

Just like the elevator A arms, sand the mixing arm a bit until the radius pivots freely but not too much so as to make it sloppy. At this point the blades should be at nanual degrees pitch, the washout arms should be level, and the collective tray should be in the middle of its travel.

The point is to keep them from vibrating. The compartment on the bottom is designed for the battery. No aerobatic or autorotation settings have been made. A beginner will have a great platform that will teach them the basics and grow ,anual them as they progress in their flying.

Final adjustment is made after first flights. Again available in both ’30’ and ’50’ sizes though as before, predominantly bought as the ’50’ kanual.