Home · Documents; The Hefferlin Manuscript 01 – A Description of Rainbow City From the Hefferlin Manuscript (Hollow Earth). The Hefferlin Manuscript was published in October Amazing Stories. This is (or was) a science fiction magazine. Comments from the. By Gladys Hefferlin, from The Hefferlin Manuscript. Controlled Mental Communication was the means by which I gathered information from Emery for our articles.

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“Rainbow City” the Ancient Martian City in Antarctica.

The Manuecript States united into a federation by act of the Ancient Three. The few ships that were in the Pacific could not hold the war themselves, nor manusdript Australia from invasion. This content community relies on user-generated content from our member contributors. Air is still to be found in the deep caverns of the moon and life still exists there. Later, they, with their families, were moved by Portal to Rainbow City.

Under their guidance of the Ancient Three the colony flourished mightily. This group or organization of which we speak has no name.

All articles were printed in the Amazing Stories Magazine for September, This we do know from observations made via the Portals that LeMuria and Atlantis did exist and they did attain to great cultures and high civilizations before sinking beneath the ocean. This underground city was used for manufacturing, food processing, and artificial growing, as well as storage space and living quarters for workers.

No need of mystic actions or trance. In the gardens are great shade trees and flowering plants, luxurious beyond belief, whose individual blooms often measure at least three feet in diameter.

At tunnel ends and all terminals there are great doors that seal each tunnel, section by section, and all tunnels are empty. Below the fifth story, the second, third and fourth stories house museums of all types of machines for all sorts of purposes. Under the direction of the Three, work progressed rapidly, and when the fleet stood ready at last, an expedition was ordered to search the wastes of Antarctica for signs of Rainbow City Host of the walls are elaborately decorated, whether carved or molded we do not know.


The microphone seems to act as a pickup eye, and a view is given of any person or object in front of it. A long exerpt from a book that talks about this is here and says the Hefferlin material is mostly “wistful thinking”: One lever locks the Portal at any place under view, and another lever allows the second door of the room to be opened.

The Hefferlins were operating one of San Francisco’s trolleys in ; but we haven’t found anyone who knows where they are at present.

The heffrelin and mankscript lever switches on the control panel below the crystal lens are for adjusting the power and position of the image on the view finding screen and controlling the Portal action. One might suppose that a human empire powerful enough to travel between galaxies would be able to defend themselves from such an enemy – Brantonscattering the remnants of the Human Empire to a few lonely, inconsequential worlds.

In the area of the second level immediately below this room, were found great numbers of similar humanoid serpentine bodiesand in the areas beneath this second level, the third and fourth, reposing on beds stacked in tiers four high, lay vast numbers of these same types of figures.

By following the book of instructions as found in a concealed drawer at the control panel, the mechanism became operative, and here was the key to most of the research that followed.

The city is made of plastic, the streets are paved with plastic; and all buildings are so constructed that all colors of the rainbow are used. By the evidence of the Portals and the ancient maps, great civilizations did exist and an interchange of commerce linked them together through their common heritage with the Motherland, at the present south Polar continent.

Maybe they mmanuscript in fulfilling their wish, of being transported to Rainbow City via one of the Portals. One of them was Marsand the Red Planet was for hundreds of generations of the ancients a hospitable home.

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Then it shows up as a very faint blue shimmering outline, but if touched on the edge of the outline it is as solid feeling as any door sill. These are mostly atomic blaster types. India gained her political “independence” was promised.


They laid down the law to Rommel, and scared him so much that he dared not take another step into Nefferlin.

A Description of Rainbow City – From The Hefferlin Manuscript

This first portion of 30 pages gives the description of Rainbow City. After all, ignorance is not bliss, but it breeds fear and fear breeds disaster. There seem to be only a few things that will prevent or stop Portal penetration at this time. Here, too, even as found in the houses, the kitchens have vibratory mauscript heaters and cookers. Here is one example: We ourselves, who are the North American spokesmen, cannot enter Rainbow City at this time. Many plastic spheres of all colors and sizes are there for special purposes and are treated so as to retain their manuzcript and influence.

It was against the orders of the Ancient Three.

“Rainbow City” the Ancient Martian City in Antarctica. | Mysterious Earth

At intervals along the aides are vision ports as on a boat, also along the bottom and top. Hefferlin buy a good book on radio and electricity and learn a little about the subject before he writes any more hefferlni One side of the wall of the closet room is a dial set in the face of a control board; above there is a green colored crystal lens.

Of the tunnels explored, one branch line ends in what is now a swamp in the heart of South America. Not as a time-traveler in a material way but only as a means of seeing and hearing at any time into any point or interval of time of the ancient past.

These Portal rooms will heffeerlin about seven people at a time. Raymond A, Palmereditor of the Amazing Stories Magazine, we requested him to keep our material separate from the Shaver Mystery and not to use it in connection with the Heffferlin, Mr.