Find the complete list of news-values below. Click on the image below to see it clearly. Galtung and Ruge, in their seminal study in the area put. One of the best known lists of news values was drawn up by media researchers Johan Galtung and Marie. Holmboe Ruge. They analysed international news. Galtung and Ruge news theories. 1. GALTUNG AND RUGE NEWS VALUES; 2. For any story that appears in the news has to have.

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Galuszka studied online music labels and found that they act as opinion leaders that provide a certain focus relevance to listeners in terms of music tastes and genre. In the following general election in Maythe opposition won the popular vote, but failed to claim the majority of parliamentary seats. On its way to the audience, a potential news story has to pass opinion leaders.

News value factors remain an important theoretical concept to explain such choices.

An American film culture. News are commercial products.

Similarly, The Hunt for Gollum: This is the first time that in such condensed fashion, 15 Malaysian filmmakers got together. The Sundance Film Festival registers record submission numbers every year. In other words, individuals tend to view stories that give them “ammunition” for their political views as more newsworthy. This being said, a filmmaker will of course rarely work in perfect isolation and solitude. They give credence to their own views.


GCSE Media Studies News Values

This created a number of single events. The example of 15Malaysia shows that independent filmmakers can actively create news value for audience building purposes.

At some point there is a Boundary of Relevance, beyond euge the change is no longer perceived to be relevant, or newsworthy. If a news story conforms to the preconceived ideas of those covering it, then it has expectedness as an important news value.

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News values

Cultural, political and geographical proximity gatung the readers of the main press publications in the country is hence at a minimum. The picture leak constitutes a specific news event. Their theory argues that the more an event accessed these criteria the more likely it was to be reported on in a newspaper.

The UK Sunday papers are very fond of exclusives, and will often break a story of national or international importance that no one else has. It is not created through the highest budget, the most spectacular stunts, the most elaborate visual effects or the highest grossing first weekend box office, as is often the case for Hollywood films. Even if people make their own films and upload them to the Internet, most of them drown in the sea of filmic content available online, never reaching a meaningful audience.

But the news process is a two-way transaction, involving both news producer the journalist and the news receiver the audiencealthough boundary between the two is rapidly blurring with the growth of citizen journalism and interactive media. Dina Iordanova and Stuart Cunningham editors.


These pressures can sometimes lead to bias or unethical reporting. Monika Bednarek and Helen Caple, The team created news write-ups, arranged press conferences and actively created news value.

Conventional models concentrate on what the journalist perceives as news. How did 15Malaysia attract the interest of opinion leaders to build its audience? On the level of the individual online opinion leader, a certain filtration process still has to take place. St Andrews Film Studies, pp.

News Values

In this networked public sphere, opinion leaders act as de facto gatekeepers, who connect films with potential audiences. For every media interview, filmmakers of at least two different ethnic groups appeared together. The Hunt for Gollum is a perfect example of a film being relevant to a global cultural movement of Lord of the Rings fans.

Using the Internet for marketing and distribution purposes was still in its infancy and the political climate in Malaysia suited its cause and message.

Does the event match the expectations of a news organisation and its audience? So people from the filmmaking industry nfws at it and thought it was quite interesting. In the general election, the ruling coalition lost its two-thirds majority. Transparent communication is of course time consuming.