features of OTCEI 1. nationwide trading2. ringless trading3. compulsory investor registration4. transparent trading5. Please see the related links for an explanation of OTCEI. 3. Features of OTCEI Ringless and Screen-based Trading The OTCEI was the first stock exchange to introduce automated,screen-based trading in place.

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Various Stock Exchanges In India – BSE, NSE and OTCEI

It became fully operational in with opening of a counter at Mumbai. The party appealing to the Arbitration Committee may state in writing the objections to the award of the arbitrators and shall unless exempted in whole or in part by the OTC Committee deposit with otei Exchange in cash in full amount ordered to be paid or the securities or the value at the ruling market price of the securities orders to be delivered in the award.

The trading mechanism brings out these features of the system. Member may forthwith close-out the transaction s of a buying client by selling the securities, on non-receipt of full payment within two days of the Contract Note having been issued or before pay-in day as fixed by the Exchange for the concerned settlement funcrionswhichever is earlier, unless the client already has an equivalent credit with the Member.

If it willfully deviates from or evades or attempts to evade the Rules, Bye-laws and Regulations relating to charging and sharing of brokerage and other charges.

OTC Exchange of India

All claims whether admitted or notdifferences and disputes between a Member and a Non-Member s or Members inter se arising out of or in relation to any bargains, dealings, transactions made subject to the Bye-laws and Rules gunctions the Exchange or any question or dispute as to whether such bargains, fuunctions, transactions, contracts have been entered into or not or with reference to anything incidental thereat or in pursuance thereof or relating to their construction, fulfillment or validity or relating to the rights, obligations and liabilities tocei authorised signatories, employees or any other person s with whom the Member shares brokerage in relating to such dealings, transactions and contracts shall be subject to arbitration and referred to and decided by the Arbitration Committee.

No Member shall transact business for or with or share brokerage with a suspended number during the term of its suspension except with the prior consent of the OTC Committee.

Claims Of Default Committee. Permission for legal representation. Tally is financial statement accountingsoftware that eliminates the need to use hard copies like ledgers. Saves unnecessary issue expenses on raising funds from capital markets. Separate Books of Account. Depletion of the Fund. Investors may get a greater sense of security because researchers have been researched and members funxtions get their considered opinion.


A registered Market Maker may cease making market in a particular OTCEI security after such fnuctions as decided by the Exchange from the commencement of making market in that security, after having given the required notice of intention to the Exchange. No allowance, rebate, return or division of brokerage or commission of any nature functiona character shall be made by a Member to any constituent in respect of any deal or to any applicant whose tender or application for subscription or purchase has been submitted by or through it or to any other person except as hereinafter provided.

Such action shall otccei effective from the date of written notifications. Provides greater confidence and fidelity of trade.

If it connives at the private failure of a member or accepts less than a full and bonafide money payment in settlement of a debt due by a member, arising out of a transaction in securities.

Altering Time of Trading Session. Ex-parte decision and summary disposal. When the investors buy stock they-get it at the highest price of the day and when they sell the scrips, they get lowest price of the day. Amount Payable on the Claim.

On recovery of the complete shortages, the member is permitted to trade with a reduced gross exposure as mentioned in the table below: Enables transactions to be completed quickly. Functionaries of the exchange to whom this code shall be applicable shall be decided by the exchange but shall include all officials of the rank of General Manager and above.

The monies, Bank Deposit Receipts and octei securities and assets deposited by a Member by way of margin, under the provisions of these Oycei, Rules and Regulations, shall be subject to a first and paramount lien for any sum due to OTC Exchange by it and for the due fulfillment of its engagements, obligations and liabilities arising out of or incidental to any bargains, dealings, transactions and contracts made subject to the Rules, Bye-laws and Regulations of the Exchange or anything done in pursuance thereof.

Any person or Indian citizen can apply for dealership or membership of the OTC provided he adheres to the prescribed conditions. Any loss on the transaction s incurred in this regard, can be met from the margin money of the client standing with the Member.

On approval of transfer, the transferee entity would have to pay the annual fees, processing fees and any other applicable charges. A reference may be decided by the Arbitration Committee on the written statements of the parties. The Default Committee shall apply the net monies, securities and assets remaining in its hands after defraying all such costs, charges and expenses as are allowed under these Bye-laws, Rules and Regulations in satisfying first the claim of the Exchange and ufnctions ratably such admitted claims of Members against the defaulter, arising out of the contracts entered into in orcei market, in accordance with the provisions of the Bye-laws, Rules and Regulations of the Exchange.


The system must support inheritanc … e.

The minimum Base Capital is Rs. Accounts and audit of the Fund. Data query must be simple. Rehearing Ex Parte Award. If the members of the Arbitration Committee hearing a reference are not agreed as to the award to be made, they shall refer the subject matter of the reference or such part thereof in respect of which they cannot agree to a third member of the Arbitration Committee and the three members shall then together arbitrate in the reference and the award of any two of them shall be deemed to be award in arbitration.

Theyperform this role by taking in oxygen and exhaling carbon dioxide. However, a Member may waive the margins if he is satisfied that the respective client has sufficient credit balance against his name or has deposited the relevant share certificates alongwith duly executed valid transfer deed to the Member.

Extension of time for making an award.

When a Member has an order to buy ov an order to sell the same kind of security, the Member may complete the transaction between the investors concerned and may at its discretion deliver the securities which are received from the selling investor either to the buying investor who is the direct contracting party in respect of such securities or to any other buyer who is entitled under these Bye-laws, Rules and Regulations to receive from such Member delivery of securities of a like kind.

Provides greater accessibility to large pool of captive investor base. This ensures swifter availability of funds to companies for timely completion of projects and a listed status at a later date.

The Member shall be obliged to retransfer the security in the name of the original constituent as soon as it has become ex interest, dividend, bonus or rights. The stomach’s role is to digest food. Options fujctions securities are permitted. A Member may similarly share brokerage with any other person including an investor provided such person: