Francis Ponge has been called “the poet of things” because simple objects like a plant, a shell, a cigarette, a pebble, or a piece of soap are the subjects of his. The Nature of Things has ratings and 22 reviews. The Voice of Things contains a number of texts by Francis Ponge, including the complete text of Taking. A poet long unread, Ponge has come into his own since the s with admirers from Sartre to Sollers. Sartre considered him the poet of existentialism.

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Het lijkt bijna alsof ik ze er op uitzoek. Pinker than nature and less thins than a monkey, he leaps on the rigging, possessed by pure zeal. Ponge’s poetry though he would object to be calling a poet: But what is it that blocks our way? Some parts were engaging and clear, but others seemed unnecessarily tiresome.

Because each caterpillar had it’s head blinded and blackened, and it’s torso shrunk by the veritable explosion from which its symmetrical wings flamed – From then on the erratic butterfly no longer alights except by chance of route, or just about. The voice of things. Because you read me, dear reader, therefore I am; because you read us my book and medear reader, therefore we are You, it and i.

The Nature of Things

The tone of conviction and even sincerity is assumed, it seems to me, as much to convince oneself as to convince one’s interlocutor, and even more perhaps to replace conviction; to replace, in a sense, the truth missing from the statements made.

They are born in another way. A flying match, its flame is not contagious. From Thnigs the Side of Things He expresses seriousness in a joyous, often insouciant style. His diction is pinge of like an erudite pappy, a scholarly grandpa – he’d sit you on your lap and tell you about the aesthetics of Georges Braque’s paintings.


Kate Greene rated it it was amazing Feb 22, Fragile but not frangible, The soil at times reconquers the surface, Marked by the little hooves of the foal that galloped there, Trampled by the cattle that pushed slowly toward the watering place And the page should furthermore be brown. Their immobility produces their perfection, their depth, their beautiful ornaments, their rich fruits”. Read, highlight, and take notes, across web, tablet, and phone.

Cecilie Flinck rated it it was amazing Feb 10, Why become a sculptor?

The Voice of Things – Francis Ponge – Google Books

Red Dust- Poetry – 52 pages. This is a wonderful book—full of wonders and evocative of wonder in this reader.

Then, his body stuck in the ropes, he queries the air with his head like a worm in its mound. Francis Ponge feancis his early years in Avignon.

The moment has come, I think, to startle our generation by presenting it with a gripping truth – the most poignant one it can conceive of – which it had to formulate entirely by itself before we could do so.

He then decided to become himself. Let us then prepare the page on which today may be born A verdant verity. On occasion night revives an fdancis plant whose glow rearranging furnished rooms into masses of shadow. The Oyster, and Frzncis are some of my favorite. Brad rated it did not like it Aug 22, Broken up in between these poetic observations are Ponge’s own thoughts on pohge.

Open Preview See a Problem? If you give yourself to it, Partisan of Things can be great fun—a challenging delight.

Would you like to write for The Rumpus? It is here that the profoundest questions arise. Ponge was a true visionary of the minute little detail often overlooked. Each of the hte poems in here is devoted to a common household object, which he tries to look at in as fresh a way as possible, describing what it is not, other objects it looks like, etc.


Lee Fahnestock’s translation of his first book seems both fluid and graceful.

Return to Book Page. It reveals his preoccupation with nature and its metaphoric transformation through the creative ambiguity of language.

She maneuvers his word play with respect and unostentatious discretion. So it was with the prairie I wish to tell of, And which provides my subject for today.

The Last Book I Loved: Francis Ponge’s The Voice Of Things – The

Want to Read saving…. And when I say convinced, I mean if not of some truth, then at least of the fragility of my own opinion. From inside the book. Then, while the substances consumed with method collapse, the escaping gasses are subsequently transformed into one long flight of butterflies. While a long procession of Sunday strollers, without Soiling their white shoes, moves ahead Following the little stream, swollen by drowning or perdition, Why then, from the start, does it prohibit tye It was thus in the most ordinary way that Alberto, born into an off of objets d’art, was determined to become an an francsi he was sent to the Academy.

Ponge is not something that you necessarily read straight through insomuch as you dine on his works over a period of time. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read.