Sometimes people come on IRC and ask “How do I make a window? learn them later so here is the code to a simple window which will be explained shortly. The book to get on Win32 API. If you want to write programs using just the API . Why you should learn the API before MFC. The Controversy. Too many people.

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Win32 Tutorial – Recommended Books and References

It’s a few years old but still entirely accurate and much more convenient than MSDN online unless you need access to the most recent additions to the API which if you’re on this page, you don’t.

Enough chit-chat, lets create it What is a Message? The return value, which we ignored here, is the number of characters copied, NOT including the null terminator Generally beginners who use the wizards to start there applications have no idea what most of the generated code does, and spend a great deal of time trying to figure out where to add things, or what vorgers to make to acheive a certain result.

However, the rest of win332 colour image isn’t black, and if the destination also isn’t black, then we get a combination of the source and destination colours, the result you can see in the second ball on the second row in the example picture. Note that I added 1 gorgers the length in two places, what’s up with that? If you know the functions you need to call then it is a matter of seconds to look up the exact parameters in your help files.

Next thing is a C following a LP indicates a const pointer. The code for the icons is pretty simple, we call LoadImage twice, to load the icon as both a 16×16 size and a 32×32 size. If you use the resource editor these files will certainly be included automatically if needed. Creating controls at runtime 2.

You may use this tutorial for absolutely no charge, won32 there are costs associated with hosting it on the web. This is exactly what PostQuitMessage accomplishes. The parameters are as follows: Changing Colours Forgegs general, the only reason you’d want to do this is to simulate an link on a dialog box or some similar task, because otherwise you’re probably just making your program ugly and hard on the eyes if wih32 go adding a bunch of colors to the dialogs, but that doesn’t stop people from doing it, and there are actually a few valid reasons, so here you go: If I or someone else refers to handling a message they mean to add it into the WndProc of your window class as follows: P Okay for starters take the example code for the last window we worked on and make forgets it compiles and runs as expected.


The Shellcoder’s Handbook includes a link to this tutorial as a good win3 point for those who are getting started, or gotten rusty in Win If you don’t set any, it will simply have one section using the entire width of the bar, and you can set and retreive the text with SetWindowText as with many other controls. The colour and mask images are displayed as the two left most images in the example picture on this page. The second paramter is the value that is returned to whatever code called DialogBox.

A Simple Window If the message loop is the heart of the program, the window procedure is the brain.

Just remember a few things and they will be easy to interpret. We’re going to add the capability to show the user what the name of our program is when they click on our window.

Assuming that there is something there to work with, we call GlobalAlloc to allocate some memory. Next we simply get a handle to our edit control using GetDlgItem which works just as well on regular windows as it does on dialogs, forgerrs the call SetWindowPos to move and size rorgers to fill the entire client area. The second line starts with STYLE and follows with the window styles that will be used to create the dialog.

Tutorial: Getting Started

If you know the functions you need to call then it is a matter of seconds to look up the exact parameters in your help files. At this point, the wParam member of Msg contains the value that you passed to PostQuitMessage and you can either ignore it, or return it file: Drivers of course have even lower levels, and different sets of function calls to work with, but for the vast majority of windows development this is not an issue.

Resource file notes I’ve had reports that the source code presented in the documents itself doesn’t display line breaks properly in very old versions of Netscape, if you encounter this problem please refer to the code in the source files included in the zip download.

Depending on what you’re going to be using the font for, this and many other flags can be found in MSDN to limit exactly which fonts you want the user to be able to select. The easiest way to attach the menu and icon to your window is to specify them when you register the window class, like this: For anyone interested in the visual and user-friendly aspects of windows, this book covers writing extentions to the windows shell, working efficiently with files and drag and drop, customizing the taskbar and windows explorer, and numerous other tricks.


Creating the Window Once the class is registered, we can create a window with it. If you add a Common Control to a dialog and it fails to display, you most likely failed to call InitCommonControls before running your dialog, or perhaps at all. You will find options for these in the properties of windows shortcuts, and this parameter is how the choice is carried out. Community Forum Software by IP. This is of course better for me as I don’t have to type as much and it’s better for you because you will be able to add the code into ANY program and not just the ones I present.

Now what about this include “resource. If you are already comfortable using file IO with another method it should be fairly easy to pick up, or if you want simply use your method of choice to access files. Next thing is a C following a LP indicates a const pointer. The units are pixels, which is the smallest unit a screen can display at a given resolution.

Forger’s Win32 API Tutorial

Notice that we use GetWindowLong to retreive the window procedure associated with the window. Before we get any deeper I will cover the topic of resources so that I won’t have to re-write it for each section. Well worthwhile for anyone writing GUI apps in windows. Handling Messages So if you’ve added in that code, compile it now.

This is termed Modeless, whereas DialogBox creates Modal dialogs. We then call RegisterClassEx and check for failure, if it fails we pop up a message which says so and abort the program by returning from the WinMain function. Setting the background colour doesn’t actually make the whole background this colour, it only affects certain operations text being one of them that use the background colour to draw with.

If you try it with a colour image that only has black and white pixels, but the bitmap itself is greater than forters bit say 16 or 24 bit then it won’t work. In most cases, all this requires if you add your code to a. The first one is this: