Fomenko is considered a top mathematician, being a member Fomenko’s New Chronology asserts that most of. The “New Chronology” (or NC) is a scientific current led by mathematicians Anatoly T. Fomenko, Gleb V. Nosovskiy and their collaborators. New Chronology looks like a volca definition of badhistory, it’s zenith, it’s triumph. Fomenko says that history is much shorter than you think.

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AmazonGlobal Ship Orders Internationally. Russian mathematician Anatoly Fomenko has devised a system he calls the ‘New Chronology’ Of course, if you simply want to read an actual debunking of Fomenko’s obvious chrononuttery, Jason Colavito happily provides one. Fiction or Science vol.

Learn more at Author Central. He claims that the historical Jesus may have been born in and was crucified around AD on the Joshua’s Hilloverlooking the Bosphorus. Learn more about Amazon Prime. The Issue with Russian History History: Book 15 Aug 05, In contrast, according to the available primary sources, Pope Gregory VII lived for at least 60 years and was born 8 years after the death of Fomenko’s John-the-Baptist equivalent John Crescentius.

Billington, a prestigious American academic, specializing in Russian culture, and the 13th Librarian of the US Congress, wrote: Retrieved from ” https: Along these lines, Fomenko specifically focuses on the writings of 16th-century French Christian scholar Joseph Scaliger. Usually such alterations are quite noticeably large and dramatic compared to the often subtle changes made by some alternate historians who question or completely deny aspects of conventional history or established dates and ancient history but don’t do anything so spectacular as claiming Nazi Germany won the Second World War.

Why Anatoly Fomenko’s New Chronology Says That “History” Is All A Fake

Cherry-picking historical evidence, especially to say that certain periods didn’t even exist, is particularly unusual because it is impossible to separate historical evidence in such a manner; we could have no evidence of Europe existing between and CE but that doesn’t mean that those dates didn’t exist because we’d also have to show the same anomaly for every other country and continent on the planet.

GinzburgPseudoscience and the Need to Combat It. Fiction over fact Pseudohistory. As in the case of Kirsan Ilyumzhinov and Aliensour interest is solely in first-hand statements, i.

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Eurasianism Pseudohistory Conspiracy theories Alternative chronologies Russian-language literature.

Alternate historical chronology – RationalWiki

Archaeological, dendrochronological, cnronology and carbon methods of chronologt of ancient sources and artifacts are both non-exact and contradictory, therefore there is not a single piece of firm written evidence or artifact that could be reliably and independently dated earlier than the XI century. Astronomical retrocalculations for all these moving objects allow us to date these observations, and consequently the rulers’ reigns, to within a single day.

Nosovskiy and their collaborators. In his work on an alternate historical chronology, James shares some common ground with Immanuel Velikovsky and David Rohl.

Foreword by Alexander Zinoviev Foreword by A. Tolkien ‘s fantasy world. This is basically a secular phenomenon analogous to the difference between Young Earth creationism ‘s human history of about years and Vedic creationism ‘s billions of years. Fringe geologist Robert Schoch has made several claims about mysterious vanished but very ancient civilizations, citing, among other things, the supposed water erosion of the Great Sphinx of Giza[4] the Yonaguni Monument[5] as well as equally dubious “evidence” from Easter Island that he claims push back the indigenous settlement there by chrobology least 10, years.

The clay tablets contain data about eclipses visible in Babylon that could have taken place every 30—40 years, therefore don’t allow there exact pinpointing on the time axis. The horoscopes fomfnko temples contain data about eclipses visible in Egypt allowing their hew pinpointing on the time axis. James has also published The Sunken Kingdom: Billington, Russia in search of itselfWashington, D.

However, independent dendrochronological sequences beginning with living trees from various parts of North America [52] [53] and Europe [54] [55] extend back 12, years fmoenko the past. The Issue with Antiquity. Fomenko claims the Hagia Sophia is actually the biblical Temple of Solomon. A perhaps more honest use of such alternate chronologies is within speculative fiction the more general euphemism for science fiction.

The two parameters he sought to determine were highly correlated; and he also adopted a somewhat arbitrary weighting scheme in analysing suspected observations of chhronology solar eclipses. Fomenko is considered a top mathematicianbeing a member of the Russian Academy of Sciences, but he is most in famous for his historical work, revising orthodox historical chronology. They either excise or telescope commonly accepted periods into one another to shorten the accepted chronology, or they stretch existing eras or insert new fimenko to lengthen the accepted chronology.


Fomenko also cites a number of cases where carbon dating of a series of objects of known age gave significantly different dates. Historians and translators often “assign” different dates and locations to different accounts of the same historical events, creating multiple “phantom copies” of these events. Then, he creates “survey codes” for each pair of the rulers, which contain a number which describes degree of the match of each considered property of two rulers.

History — and this becomes truer and truer the further back you go — is always a reconstruction to some extent.

Johns Hopkins University Press. Based on the applied by us mathematical methods it was proved, that the Scaligerian chronology, and therefore also the Scaligerian history of the “antiquity” and the Middle Ages, is totally wrong. Author of a number of books on the development of new empirico-statistical methods and their application to the analysis of historical chronicles as well as the chronology of antiquity and the Middle Ages. Velikovsky’s ideas are an example of this chroology.

That said, there are historical events for which there are different absolute dates with at least comparable plausibility. Many Internet forums have appeared which aim to supplement his work with additional amateur research. This page was last edited on 24 Decemberat Fomenko became interested in Morozov’s theories in Unless explicitly noted otherwise, all content licensed as indicated by RationalWiki: ComiXology Thousands of Digital Comics. For the New Chronologists, chronoloyy such as the Ukrainians, Belarusians, Mongolsand others who assert their national independence from Russia, are suffering from a historical delusion.

For each analysed text, a function is devised which maps each year mentioned in the text with the number of pages lines, letters devoted in the text to its description which could be zero.