How to Use This Manual. Licensing v and FLEXlm versions through The FLEXnet Licensing Programming and Reference Guide is for. The Software was developed fully at private expense. All other use is prohibited. Book Name: FlexNet Publisher R3 () License Administration Guide. This manual explains FLEXlm for administrators and end users and describes The FLEXlm Programmers Guide and FLEXlm Reference Manual are for.

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Because it has an available allocation, follower server C sends a commuter authorization message to the client computer FAQ I see a message “License file missing or incorrect.

If the granting license server is down and the commuter authorization lifetime ends prior to the return of the commuter authorization, another license server will manage the automatic check-in of the commuter authorization. Please see here for the details. The utility 54 invokes the client library 52 associated with the requested software program 50which first makes a local check to determine if the client library 52 has already received a commuter authorization.

FAQ I need to travel with my computer and run Origin. Moreover, if the environment is such that computers having the special hardware device are not located in secure facilities, then unauthorized users may be able to access the protected software by using the non-secure computer in which the special hardware device is installed.

It should be noted, however, that although embodiments of the present invention described herein include a pool or license servers 14in alternative embodiments only a single license server 14 is required for issuing commuter authorizations.

In this manner, licenses are always stored and managed on a network license server. Embodiments of the present invention claim priority from Provisional Application Ser.

The linked software program 50 and flexkm library 52 are then loaded onto a client computer A user desiring to obtain a commuter authorization for a particular client computer 12 disconnected from the network first invokes a utility which generates fingerprint information 60 for the client computer With a commuter authorization, the client library 52 can open the protected software program 50 multiple times, including multiple simultaneous instantiations.

In preferred embodiments, each license code 26 includes at least one attribute associated with a license policy, the number of allocations for using the protected software program, and at least one other attribute associated with the identity of the protected software program.

How do I fix this? In one preferred embodiment, each client computer 12 is coupled to a persistent program storage memory device 18which may include, but is not limited to, a hard disc drive, floppy disc drive, tape drive, CD-ROM or the like, having a computer readable medium on which the protected software program is stored.


A legitimately purchased or licensed copy of a software program available on a network could result in many illegitimate usages or copies by unauthorized or unlicensed users having access to the network.

In the operating environment described above, the client computer 12 must remain connected to the network to continue to run the protected software program.

3.1 FLEXnet Server Setup for Windows

If the replying license server contains an available license for the protected software program, the replying license server provides an authorization message to the requesting client computer. FAQ I need to travel with my computer and run Origin. Until the commuter authorization is returned or otherwise canceled, the hard limit prograjmers available allocations in the server pool is effectively decremented by one.

Data associated with a license policy preferably includes data representing the expiration date or expiration time of the felxlm, as granted by the licensee e. This distribution is identified as the initial distribution 30and is configurable by the network administrator. If the primary server cannot be reached by a user, for example, because the primary server has crashed or otherwise gone down, the user may then communicate with a backup server to obtain an authorization message.

Method and apparatus for connecting a client node to a server node based on load levels. Micro Communications, ” Software Protection “vol.

FAQ What are the guid for network license for version ? For example, if the network environment is such that the authorized user must use multiple computers on the network, then each computer must be flelm with the special hardware device.

However, in alternative embodiments the IP addresses may be stored in a record associated with the license codes FAQ I see an error message when running Origin installshield. Each license server is programmed for managing a distribution of allocations to use the protected software.

Wind River License Administration Tools – Wind River Knowledge Library

Download the zip file above, extract the files in a directory and run the Setup program appropriate for your host:. Once a commuter authorization is granted, the client computer 12 can be disconnected from the network, and can independently instantiate the protected application one or more times using the commuter authorization.

Other commuter authorization information may include, but is not limited to, the feature name and version, which identifies the protected software program for which a commuter authorization is granted, and a clock tampering value which, when enabled, allows the client library to detect attempts to tamper with the client computer’s clock and invalidate the commuter authorization if tampering is detected.

Other information that may also be conveyed includes the license server 14 from which the commuter authorization will be requested, and the requested time duration of the commuter authorization. There is some mismatch between your installed Origin version or serial number, and that of the FLEXnet license service Check with your Origin administrator.



A method as recited in claim 10the step of granting a commuter authorization to the at least one client computer from the at least one license server further including the steps of: For purposes of this example, assume that client computer 12 requested only one authorization. V3, Julp. At that time, the check-in value 58 within both the client library 52 and license server 14 is set to indicate that the commuter authorization has been checked in.

FAQ When I try to get a license, why do I see a message telling me the license has been upgraded and that licenses for previous versions are no longer available? Loading of the shell program or library of API functions is preferably transparent to the user on the client computer 12 and, preferably, occurs in response to the user inputting a command to open the protected software for example, by clicking a mouse button on an icon associated with the protected software. FAQ What information does Origin send to the website for notifications?

The shell program or library of API functions associated with the requesting client computer would then respond to the first reply received from a license server having a license file storing license information for the protected software program.

Each network user may have a copy of a protected software program, but must communicate with the license server for authorization to use the protected program.

FAQ I am the administrator of a large organization, when my users have to request to use Origin. This download also contains software for reporting purposes under the subscription Named User NU licensing model. If, as described earlier, an available allocation is found, the distribution table 36 is updated so that the available allocations record 38 for the targeted license server is decreased by one, and the allocations in use record 42 is increased by one.

If yes, then you should apply an Origin patch to resolve the problem. In alternative embodiments, the client library 52 does not make a local check, but immediately sends a request for a commuter authorization to the specified license server 14 in the server pool. Other license servers 14 are designated as follower servers. Installing from CD “, Feb.