Farewell to Manzanar Excerpt. Jeanne Wakatsuki Houston. In her book Farewell to Manzanar, Jeanne Wakatsuki Houston tells the story of what it was like to be. Clarify your understanding by rereading passages, summarizing, or slowing down your reading pace. As you read the excerpt from Farewell to Manzanar, use a. this excerpt from her memoir, think about her first impressions of the camp. Section 4 Excerpt from Farewell to Manzanar by James D. Houston and Jeanne.

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They rang for higher wages, they rang for better food, they rang for open revolt, for patriotism, for common sense, and for a wholesale return farewll Japan.

Mama knew they were taking all the alien men first to an interrogation center right there on the island. My mother began to weep. This instantly cleared the street, and the riot was over. Books Featured In This Story. They split into two groups, one heading for the police station to free the cook, the other heading for the hospital to finish off Tayama, who had been concealed under a hospital bed.

The American-born author describes her family’s experiences and impressions when they were forced to relocate to a camp for the Japanese in Owens Fatewell, California, called Manzanar, during World War II, detailing how she, among others, survived in a place of oppression, confusion, and humiliation. He had become a man without a country. I was too frewell to witness any of it. One group tried to burn down the general store.

They would take off from Terminal Island, help each other find the schools of sardine, share nets and radio equipment — competing and cooperating at the same time.

From the guard towers the lights scanned steadily making shadows ebb and flow among the barracks like dark, square waves. Few men who spent time there will talk about it more than that. This was a young cook well known for his defiance and contempt for the authorities. Food and the Japanese Internment Dec.

The man who emerged as leader of the rioters was Hawaiian born Joe Kurihara. He burned a lot of papers too, documents, anything that might suggest he still manzannar some connection with Japan. He was over fifty. But I remember the deadly quiet in the camp the morning before it began, that heavy atmosphere threat of something about to burst. When they failed to find their man, this half of the crowd moved off in search o others on their “death list.


Papa never said more than three or four sentences about his nine months at Fort Lincoln. Some were simply being questioned and released. Ten children and a lot of hard luck had worn him down, had worn away most of the arrogance he came to this country with.

Farewell to Manzanar : NPR

Your purchase helps support NPR programming. Toward the end of it, they were a lynch mob, swarming from one side of the camp to the other, from the hospital to the police station to the barracks of the men they were after, shouting slogans in English and Japanese.

They floated awhile, then they began to grow, tiny gulls becoming boats again, a white armada cruising toward us. Our vigil would end when they slipped over the edge and disappeared. It was a kind of duty, perhaps a way of adding a little good luck to the voyage, or warding off the bad. Your purchase helps support NPR programming. The land of his birth was at war with America; yet after thirty-five years here he was still prevented by law from becoming an American citizen.

Farewell to Manzanar

In typical Japanese fashion, they all wanted to be independent commercial fisherman, mznzanar they almost always fished together. Where to, or for how long?

The confiscators were often deputies sworn in hastily during the turbulent days right after Pearl Harbor, and these men exferpt to be acting out the general panic, seeing sinister possibilities in the most ordinary household items: He was not only an alien; he held a commercial fishing license, and in the early days of the war the FBI was picking up all such men, for fear they were somehow making contact with enemy ships off the coast.

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Most of the houses had radios with a short-wave band and a high aerial on the roof so eexcerpt wives could make contact with the fishing boats during these long cruises. Meanwhile the mob heading for the police station had been met by a detachment of military police carrying submachine guns and M-1s.

He had been trying to organize a Kitchen Workers’ Union and had recently charged the camp’s chief steward, a Caucasian, with stealing sugar and meat from the warehouses to sell on the black market. It was the charge of disloyalty. The lights were majzanar. The young cook’s arrest became the immediate and popular cause that triggered the riot. Paperback, pages, Random House, List Price: No one had excrpt seen anything like this before. The next morning I awoke long after sunup.

Everything just came boiling up at excsrpt. They would have to check the nets again, and check the fuel tanks again, and run back to the grocery store for some more cigarettes, and then somehow everything had been done, and they were easing away from the wharf, joining the line of boats ot out past the lighthouse, into the harbor.

Several months later, his family learned he was imprisoned in a federal prison in Fort Lincoln, N. December 20, We watched and waited, and when the boats were still about half a mile off the lighthouse a fellow from the cannery came running down to the wharf shouting that the Japanese had just farwell Pearl Harbor. For a man raised in Japan, there was no greater disgrace.

I remember it was Sunday because I was out of school, which meant I could go down to the wharf and watch. When the boats came back, the women who lived on Terminal Island would be fareweol to the canneries. These idiots won’t even get to the front gate of this camp.