The Scroll of Swallowed Darkness is a parody sourcebook for Exalted Second Edition. It was released for April Fool’s Day A ExXxalted – Scroll of Swallowed Darkness – Download as PDF File .pdf), Text White Wolf and Exalted are registered trademarks of CCP hf. and one printed. White Wolf made a joke product called ExXxalted: Scroll of Swallowed Darkness (a porn setting for Exalted) for april first. There is two versions.

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I love the weird demonic shit, and it feels like they made an actual dysfunctioning society. Clearly you’ve never bothered to actually read the background materials. The Celestial Monkey parry charm. All of that being the case, there’s two questions: Does anyone know if Virtues exist in 3e? It looks like they’re just sort of vague guidelines.

You have no idea how much it aggravates me when he says “this would break my suspension of disbelief completely” when he trained a yozi to make my little ponies. If so, this could be a huge improvement.

Sparkledog otherkin fursona lunars that prefer people use the pronoun “xir” to refer to them aren’t a bad call in Exalted because they’re unlikely, they’re a bad call because they’re fucking stupid.

As a result, her anima has shifted to an image of Mt. So you’ll eventually just eat them all up? I want to murder this group.

I once tried to tell it, but it became a tangled rambling mess. What challenges would obstruct them taking it? I oocly always figured he was just trying to prove he was tough enough to stand with us, didn’t realize he actually had something to hide. He wallows in self pity constantly cutting himself destroying the body he is forced into.


I was planning to buy it as soon as it came out. Just saying that it’s a really good idea to have as good of a soak as is feasible for your character exxxaltex you have your DVs and at least one character-appropriate perfect defense is all. Everything from fair folk to demons to angry ghosts qualified.

Was the Akuma about Essence 10? Or if it is it’s in a way that I’m not seeing.

I figure by the end of next session, either the city will rapidly be changing its letterhead to replace all instances of “Whitewall” with “Ondar Shambal”, or I’ll be rolling a new character.

In 2e the only Exalts recorded by the doctrine were Solars and Lunars because there were the only ones hanging around. Or I guess just not play the game at all. Did he do that on his own? What is required to act against them? It gets more confusing since the books dont really have much in the way of art for iconic animas. Even if you’re playing a Dragonblooded, you’re still in the top 0.

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Then you can sketch up some plothooks exxxalted give him a choice. Read this article to get a hang of the setting. I managed to muddle through the last edition.

I mean, I’m pretty sure nearly any build could manage that somehow. Definitely works as the kinds of things the character might do before being introduced. No reason whatsoever that a Northerner in the South wouldn’t make sense. When she first exalted, it was a great crow feathered with shields and with beak and talons formed from many daiklaves. When you die, the soul splits in two.


It has been your support, financial and otherwise, that has exxxalhed this site to become what it is today. DOTFA does not have those words show anywhere except swalllowed bits referencing the current age. How was it done? So after having been talked into it by her circle and some Gold Faction sids, next session my Zenith is going to be walking into Whitewall with intent to take the Temple Manse – by force if necessary – and give the Syndics a choice between leaving now excxalted their work is done, or continuing their work under her.

Does the Crown of Thunders boost its wearers Physical attributes over their Essence limit? Reply to varkness [?

The immunities are situational at best. Home Recent Additions Welcome Wiki. Does tainted moonsilver armor on infernals change to fit when they break out their shintai? It focuses on blowing your anima up to a huge area, letting you in-combat stealth while flaring. Point Based allocate points to get skills, powers, etc.

It’s in the linklist in the OP.

/tg/ – Traditional Games

How the fuck am I supposed to generate a character from this mess? If I have to grin and bear it he’d better goddamned bend a ittle I wouldn’t be so sure about that. So you can survive until the scene ends, no matter what. Or you can take some of the published modules check the folder in OP and adapt sswallowed to one player. An actual DB would have it twice cheaper.