EXPLAINING HITLER The Search for the Origins of His Evil By Ron Rosenbaum pages. Random House. $<. Explaining Hitler has ratings and 69 reviews. Ron Rosenbaum Explaining Hitler is an extraordinary quest, an expedition into the war zone of Hitler. In the journalist Ron Rosenbaum published Explaining Hitler. Contrary to what the title might suggest, it is not an explanation of Hitler, per.

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EXPLAINING HITLER by Ron Rosenbaum | Kirkus Reviews

To sum up, no review can do this book justice. There is very little structure to the book. And at times I had a lot of respect for our author, Rosenbaum, as he critically appraises the conversations and theses of the explainers rosnbaum studies, bringing insights as he synthesises together what they argued. Did the Holocaust just happen?

Every argument you can think of – and then some.

Did he sexually humiliate the niece who lived with him to the extent that she either killed or herself or was killed by him? I don’t know how that really plays into his being a homicidal monster except perhaps to support some ideas that he was a twisted SOB. Hitler did not escape the bunker in Berlin but, half a century later, he has managed to escape explanation in ways both frightening and profound.

He judiciously resists, to the extent that it’s possible, posing an explanation of his own–that’s not the meaning of his book’s title–and endeavors instead to analyze the explanations and, importantly, the efforts at explanation by an impressive array of scholars.

Nowadays, it is very difficult to believe Trevor-Roper’s theory that Hitler was an idealist whose ideology was misplaced.

‘Explaining Hitler’: Dangerous to Understand, Dangerous to Ignore

Yet his great contribution is that, unlike most Holocaust scholars, he refuses to offer a definitive explanation. Contents The Baby Pictures and the Abyss.

Psychohistory is a figleaf for revisionism He goes further than just stating that to explain is the same as to understand is the same as to justify, by stating that justification is the explainers’ unacknowledged intention. The Baby Pictures and the Abyss.


Hitler’s relationship to his half-niece Geli Raubal, which is cloaked in mystery; it exppaining to have been sexual, or romantic, but was it also deeply perverse? This is a fascinating read. In the post-war era of trying to find a psychological explanation for everything, it may be ironic or fitting that the theories exolaining Freud, a gifted Jew explainint fled the Nazi empire, have been used to the hitlee extent to explain Hitler’s alleged sexual abnormalities as the reason for his monstrous behaviour.

And it’s not condemning the book much to say I found it the most powerful an The book sold itself to me due to the title and the cover. Foreword to the Review This review was posted over a period of 19 days, more like “notes for a review”. This is sort of a sidetrack, since Irving isn’t so much of a Hitler explainer, as he is a diminisher. The Explainers proper noun are a disparate group of tweedy men with elbow patches and pipes and an immense rosehbaum of subtle-yet-slicing insults who somehow get paid to sit around all day and think and write and talk about Adolf Hitler.

The death camps were about taking human beings hhitler stripping them of every and any shred of humanity they possessed. Singling out the Jewish.

For Lanzmann, the attempt to explain Hitler hilter not merely futile but immoral—he calls the very enterprise of understanding obscene. That’s the case with Hitler explainers, or non-explainers, as the case may be. Furthermore, Lanzmann said, too much time had been wasted and he could now no longer do the interview.

For Fackenheim, man cannot explain Hitler, only God can, but God hasn’t revealed his explanations for such evil. Was Hitler missing a testicle? Lanzmann, the direc If this were “merely” a work of scholarly investigation – examining the writings of those who have tried to explain the evil of Hitler and the Holocaust – it would still be interesting, but not nearly as interesting as the book Ron Rosenbaum wrote. Una lettura raffinata e affascinante, oltre che funzionale a introdursi al mare magnum degli stud Utilissima summa storiografica da cui si evince come su Hitler sia stato scritto tutto e il contrario di tutto.


Apr 30, Mary rated it it was ok. View all 27 comments. This book begs to be pondered if you can get past the first few “Hitler, the sex pervert” chapters. I once talked to a client who claimed to be a timeless angel who had swallowed the sun and spit out the Eiffel Tower htiler all places.

No fan of Paisley, I was interested to know more about him to understand how so many rosebnaum on the small island of Ireland could support his bizarre ideology he is on record declaring that the Pope is the Anti-Christ – a popular belief in the 17th Century, but slightly less so in the 21st. This book is interesting.


And since I’ve heard criticisms of those theorists that leave me wondering about the use of this book. Jul 12, Keith rated it liked it Shelves: A graduate of Yale with a degree in English literature, he left Yale Graduate School to write full-time.

This is When Hitler’s war ended inthe war over Hitler–who he really was, what gave birth to his unique evil–had just begun. Rather, it attempts, in Rosenbaum’s words, to explain the explainers. fxplaining

The book that emerged combines original rosenbam and dramatic face-to-face encounters with historians, philosophers, psychologists, and theologians as they attempt to account for the elusive figure of Adolf Hitler and the meanings projected upon him by his explainers.