Nov. GUTMANN WF (): Die Evolution hydraulischer Konstruktionen. Frankfurt/M. GUTMANN WF & BONIK K (): Kritische Evolutionstheorie. Evolution – ein kritisches Lehrbuch: Books – Buy a cheap copy of Evolution: Ein Kritisches Lehrbuch book by Reinhard Junker . Free shipping over $

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DNA, Design, and Intelligence. Zweiter Band, Erstes Heft. Mt-tequfat ha-even 19, New Haven, pp Evidence from ancient and experimental hybrids.

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Die Mechanismen der Evolution, Teil V: Such lehrbuxh are not at all bound to give a rewritten historical- critical interpretation to the biblical texts, making myths out of them as liberal theology does. Berkeley, Los Angeles, London, pp Molecular Microbiology 25, Essential genes of minimal genomes.

Obstacle to Darwinian Evolution. Above the Heads of Dinosaurs. Hox and dpp expression in a sea anemone. New support for the pre-Darwinian conception of evolution by natural law.


The new science of evo devo and the making of the animal kingdom. Fossils shed light on the origin of the hoatzin, an iconic Neotropic bird. Genes, development and the evolution of animal form.

A Textbook Critical of Evolution – Creation and Evolution

Ein Naturwissenschaftler zur Menschwerdung. BMC evolutionary biology 9, The tinkerer as an engineer. Carnegie Institution of Washington Publication Evolution in time and space.

A geometric morphometric comparative analysis of fossil and pathological human samples. Diagnosing the form of sequence evolution.

Mose bedeutet ‘adam Menschheit und wo Adam? Young earth creationism makes this out to be a contradiction: Eine Alternative zur naturalistischen Wissenschaft? Cambridge, Cambridge University Press. Journal of Geological Socienty, ; London.

HEY J On the failure of modern species concepts. Limited forms most beautiful.

A Textbook Critical of Evolution – Creation and Evolution

Friom Darwin to DNA. Studium Integrale Journal 10, LOWE C et al.

A note of caution. Naturally because the sun’s light is refracted in the atmosphere’s water droplets. Eine evolutionstheoretische und systematische Betrachtung.


It is not so much a question of what it says, but of what it fails to say. Faith and Philosophy 19, JJ Macroevolution in the 21st Century. Tetrahedron Asymmetry 14, Protein Science 20, New evidence of the Antiquity of Life. How wrong can we be? Funde aus der Urzeit. A natural explanation cannot contradict a theological one, because God is both the creator and the author of his revelation. The track record of Mesozoic birds: Homology and developmental constraints explain evolvability.

Die Aufhebung des Atomismus in der Genetik.