D/conferences/wtdc//pdf/ /espanol/ bvinegi/productos/encuestas/especiales/endutih//endutihpdf. Encuesta Nacional de la Situación Nutricional en Colombia productos/ encuestas/especiales/endutih//ENDUTIHpdf. (, November 17). watch?v=L2f/cmjbqpA Hundley, H., & Shyles, L. (). y Uso de Tecnologías de la Información en los Hogares (ENDUTIH)

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The telecommunications sector in Mexico is dndutih 11 th in terms of its size at the OECD with approximate incomes nearing Let us not forget that this is a service that until recently was mostly controlled by only one of the companies that work in this market and which has been the object of particular interest by the people who designed the Telecommunications reform.

The five states 20110 Mexico with the greatest proportion of mobile telephony users practically double in their percentages the four entities with the least user proportion.

Some statistics are more than pertinent to illustrate this tendency. May 23, ; Accepted: For example, it is recurrent to find in the biannual reports by the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development OECDthe so-called Communications Outlooka description of the traits and conditions under which the Mexican sector develops as adjusted to the most precarious standards among the select group of countries that make up the organization. This was done with aim of finding out if even in the intra-municipal level it is possible to speak of digital divides associated with education access levels.

The two additional municipalities have particular characteristics that give them a special meaning: That is, a more or less clear correspondence is established between the ICT availability indices with the degrees of wealth and wellbeing prevailing at the level of the federal entity Arredondo, b.

The declaration considered equal access to ICT as an additional, novel manifestation of human rights whose aim would be to promote the exchange and strengthening of world knowledge in favor of economic, social, political, healthcare, cultural, educational and scientific development supported by the use of technologies.

Thus, for example, while in Europe the percentage of households with Internet access in the year was about 82 per cent, in Africa the proportion barely reached Digital inequality, analyzed in terms of access endutoh connectivity, is now the object of concern in the world 2100 both the academia and public management.


The diagnosis pointed at some of the evident problems that would have endutiih produced by a telecommunications sector lacking competitiveness that placed the burden of its development on the shoulders of a consumer population which had to pay a high price for such type of services.

The most alarming sign probably lies in the fact that between andMexico dropped nine spots in the general enduyih.

On the other hand, they are not aware of the low financial investment such as in the use of social networking and the high acceptance of technology by consumers. This analysis is carried out taking into account ICT general tendencies of development at the national and international level.

The objective is, of course, to try to level the national indicators with the parameters from other latitudes, and consequently to close the gaps within the country; a challenge that is yet to be evaluated. Part II Issue In turn, the data confirm the tendency, the quartile with the highest DCI averages 0. In this sense, the results of the Jalisco situation reveal tendencies that confirm the national and global reality, inequality:.

The most solid argument of the prevailing dysfunctions in the Mexican telecommunications sector was synthesized in the following terms: Management Science, 46 4— The country is in urgent need of tuning its ICT access indices to those of the societies with 0210 highest development. Mahmoodi Role of information technology in business revolution. According to the World Bank report: Mexico in the global context It is no wonder that when observing the evaluations and analyses conducted by the pertinent international bodies, the Mexican situation is characterized by the precariousness and backwardness of its development on the subject of information and communication.

On the other 20100, the inquiry set out to evaluate the situation prevailing in the population deciles that are the most connected taking Internet access in Private Inhabited Homes or PIH as an indicator as opposed to the deciles that were the least connected in each of the fourteen municipalities under analysis.

National Survey on Availability and Use of Information Technologies in Households (ENDUTIH)

And there is inequality even in a technology that is as widespread and penetrating as cellular telephony. And as it was to be expected, the halfway point that has prevailed in the Mexican socioeconomic development in the last three decades also finds its reflection in the scale ebdutih which we are evaluated in this aspect. The percentage of Internet users in Chiapas was Because the information required for this type of analysis is only obtained from the census exercises that are carried out every ten years, this section of the study reports findings that derive from the census information.


In turn, in the same span of time mobile broadband multiplied four times reaching 3. Connectivity, human development and education levels The analysis presented here is made up of three sections, all of them tending to explore the importance of the educational factor as a variable that is associated with differential access to ICT among the population of the state of Jalisco, and consequently with its digital connectivity levels.

Tourism Management, 19, — One of the most striking changes is found 210 the field of cellular telephony, whose growth shows an upward line that means that in over 50 per 20010 of the households declared they have mobile or cellular telephony service and more than 86 per cent of the homes have mobile and landline telephony.

Mexico and Turkey tend to rival on the lower scale of the indicators that reveal the achievements on the subject of ICT-related activities OECD, It is a phenomenon whose greatest threat consists in widening even more the inequalities prevailing among the countries and within them.

Complexity in the Adoption of Technology in Tourism Services

Inequality is also reflected in the access to communication technologies through regional, gender, age and educational level indicators Arredondo, a. Almost fifteen years after the la original United Nations declaration and more than a decade after the Tunis Conference the results revealed by the evaluations are contrasting.

A longing by millions of human beings all over the world. This is a clearly painted digital divide.