Abstract. VALDERRAMA BEDOYA, Francisco Javier. Emmanuel Mounier ‘s Personalism and His Relation with Colombian Political Constitution. Opin. jurid. Colectivismo Se convierte el sujeto en un número. Individualismo Incapacita la comunicación. Objetivos. Unión cuerpo-alma. Salir de uno. Transcript of Emmanuel Mounier – Personalismo Cree en la esperanza frente a la angustia y el pesimismo Acentúa el valor de la persona.

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Books by Emmanuel Mounier

According to the Personalist anthropological view, if the human being is understood as a unity of body and spirit, then it is necessary to cultivate both, whilst seeking a balance between them.

A Pessoa e o Outro. In addition, the attitude adopted towards the act will affect the person’s feelings or affective sphere, which always accompanies him in the execution of his acts.

It is necessary to stress that everyone must bear the consequences of his actions, so that, knowing himself responsible for them, the person learns to properly consider the positive and negative aspects of each decision, and to act prudently. Commitment and action are closely linked in Mounerian philosophy, and action is key in Personalism also because, as a practical philosophy, it does not admit mere reflection on ideas which are not then translated into reality.

Hence emerges his critics to the various totalitarianism and the capitalism, as well as his proposal of a sociability compatible with the personal dignity. Candidates’ perceptions about the skills and attributes employers seek in new graduates”. In this fourth and last section we suggest to complement the initial concept of the person with the contributions of other educators, as John H. Japan Association for Language Teaching.

To understand the possibilities available for self-fulfillment in a person it is essential to understand that, like all his being, his freedom is limited, restricted, conditional, since he will otherwise think he has rights that are not in fact his due. Priorities of the professoriate. Journal of Management, In addition, as mentioned above, cooperative learning allows the playing of different roles on a rotating basis within the group Johnson et al.

El aprendizaje cooperativo en el aula [Cooperation in the classroom]. Added to PP index Total downloads 15of 2, Recent downloads 6 months 1of 2, How can I increase my downloads? Politics and Belief in Contemporary France: Since the Personalist philosophy of Mounier is built around the concept of the person, we explain the structures of the human person according to Mounier, proposing how they might be promoted in higher education through cooperative learning.


This article has no associated abstract. Only this responsible kind of freedom ensures survival and coexistence and it must, therefore, be exercised with extreme vigilance.

International Education Studies, 5 1: Contemporary Educational Psychology, 21 1: However, it possesses personal dimensions that are like traces to penetrate into the personal universe.

Cooperative learning facilitates the development of the value which motivates a person to adopt this attitude, since this value is his own personal good, and teamwork shows that acting on the basis of these criteria leads to better long-term results, as previously explained. This paper discusses the need to answer the question of what it is to be a person, if we want to give students a truly all-round education, in accordance with the purposes of the European Higher Education Area. Results from an intervention”.

Second, using the theoretical research method, it aims to analyze in depth those dimensions of the human person proposed by Mounier, which would enrich the student’s all-round development.

Mounier clearly expresses this unity of flesh and spirit in person, when he says, “I cannot think without being, or be without my body”14and he structures the process of personalization of the human being around this basic anthropological idea. Also, Johnson and Johnson, R.

El personalismo de Emmanuel Mounier y su relación con la Constitución Política de Colombia

The Character of Man. Educational Research Review, 1 1: In other words, in the course emmanuuel his university career, the student should gradually see what his goals are, and the best way the teacher can guide him in this decision is with regard to how pursue them, since, whatever they may be, they can be attained through self-regulation, commitment, perseverance and responsibility.

The starting point is the conceptualization of the human person which will serve as a guide throughout the article and we discuss personlismo extent to which the changes in the concept of education instigated by the Bologna Process can be effected through cooperative learning. A person’s own way of being, his freedom, is conditioned by what is given to him, as such Mounier highlights:. Applied Economics, 45 If we want to achieve the all-round development of the student during the educational process, it is essential to take the concept of the human person as our reference point, as only in that way we may know the student in all his breadth and complexity.


What determines the dignity of a being is what that being is, and, consequently, it is the transcendence and the spiritual nature of the human being which make him worthy of his lofty dignity Mounier and of the high degree of respect due to him. Mounier En la Red I. Christian Higher Education, 2 3: The educator’s role from the point of view of Mounier’s philosophy mojnier, therefore, be summed up as helping students to become aware of their potential and teaching them to realize it. All people have a natural desire to know Aristotle trans.

Journal of Research in Education, 12 1: University mounieg Minnesota Press. Rocha, Antonio Glauton Varela. International Journal of Engineering Education, 26 6: A review of recent advancements and a glimpse into the future”. Zakaria, Effandia, and Iksan, Zanaton.

Active Learning in Higher Education. Spanish peraonalismo Article in xml format Article references How to cite this article Automatic translation Send this article by e-mail.

Daniel da Costa Published: T, and Holubec, Edythe J. Services on Demand Article. New Haven and London: Cooperative learning provides an exceptionally good context in which the student can become aware of his conditional and responsible freedom, because, on the one hand, he will have to comply with certain rules, which must be explained to him by the teacher, in order to participate in teamwork Veenman et al.

Science Logic and Mathematics.