You can take the question 4-bird (dove, owl, peacock, eagle or D.O.P.E.) personality test online through this link. Here are the summary descriptions of each. version of the DOPE (Dove, Owl, Peacock, Eagle) Bird Personality test. http:// The DOPE Test – Personal Behaviour Indicator. Statement. Example: I like people who are direct n. I pride myself in being cautious n. I could be considered.

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They usually thrive in the field of engineering or accountancy.

Personalities in Science: DOPE testing – Blog | Crossley Lab

You are commenting using your Facebook account. Because of these traits, they are often on the top of the ladder as CEOs or military officers. You may find that you had been needlessly fighting with the wrong bird, when you could have pecked the fowl on the tuft. This site uses cookies. Because they are glib talkers filled with enthusiasm, they work well in sales and marketing of ideas.

Eagles are natural achievers Strength: Peacocks d.o.p.e.perrsonality be accused of talking too much and tend to lag in the ability to deal with details or time management. View all posts by crossleylab.


Personalities in Science: DOPE testing

Knowing the personality style of those around you helps you to partner better with them because you can see how they have a different perspective, strategy, and preference than you do. They provide balance in the workplace because of their perseverance, diligence and d.o.p.e.personaliy for structure.

Just keep in mind the resulting information should be used as a guide to help you to improve your life based off of the findings. Do you like to know how other people tick, and how best to deal with them?

Representing personality styles with one of the four birds also helps you to picture a coworker, friend, family member, or romantic partner as a different bird personality style than your own. The peacock loves talking, being the center of attention, has a wealth of passion, is highly enthusiastic and is generally optimistic.

You can be overly excitable, seemingly manipulative, somewhat egotistical, and sometimes undisciplined. Published August 20, September 5, The DOPE is a new school of thought that introduces a concept quite opposite the golden rule.

Remember that they are naturally relaxed and slow-paced.

They love to talk, and they prefer the fast chase and spontaneity. To gain meaningful insight, use the tool to discover your inner strengths and positive qualities. Doves are known for their caring and empathetic nature, which can be invaluable in the high-pressure setting of a scientific lab.


And after reflecting on this in the context of lab dynamics, it makes complete sense. What traits would you commonly associate with scientists?

DOPE is not a psychological evaluation. They have good listening skills, pleasant to work with and can be relied upon. You are commenting using your WordPress.


The New Psychology of Success. It says that you are not the same as the other person, and that other d.o.p.e.peersonality has a different idea of how he or she wants to be treated. Because we are familiar with the 4 birds used, dove, owl, peacock, and eagle, we can relate the image of the animal and the typical personality traits that we might assign to each. To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: The peaceful and d.o.p.e.personalitt Doves are persons of diplomacy and tact.

These are the peers which comfort and console, helping to give direction and re-assurance when times may be difficult. In relating with Doves, be warm and sympathetic. A more detailed description of each personality is f.o.p.e.personality below.