Dark Tide. The Great Boston Molasses Flood of Author: Stephen Puleo. Description; Praise and Reviews; On Our Blog; Video; Reader. Around noon on January 15, , a group of firefighters was playing cards in Boston’s North End when they heard a tremendous crash. It was like roaring. A new th anniversary edition of the only adult book on one of the odder disasters in US history–and the greed, disregard for poor immigrants, and lack.

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But his mother was fatally crushed in the collapsing building.

Photo courtesy of Bill Noonan, Boston Fire Department Archives The Boston Firehouse near the harbor, home of the Engine 31 fireboat, was darrk from its foundation by the molasses wave and nearly swept into the water.

The cleanup lasted months, the lawsuits years, the fearful memories a lifetime. Beacon Press September 16, Language: The fifty-six-year-old stonecutter John Barry heard moaning in the darkness, felt searing pain across his back and legs, smelled and tasted the sweet molasses as it tried to flow into his nostrils and mouth. I was really interested in all the stories about the Italian immigrants, but at several points the author restated the same statistic twice, or nearly the same paragraph as in a previous chapter, dzrk it sort of felt cumbersome in the beginning.

As stepben result, the disaster and trial scenes read quicker and seem outnumbered by the sections devoted subjects such as the election of Warren Harding.

Dark Tide: The Great Boston Molasses Flood of by Stephen Puleo

The only real complaint I have with the book is likely the fault of the editors. What struck me most was the fact that Stephen Puleo gave the molasses flood a number of human faces. Inspired by Your Browsing History. Firefighters worked in shifts for four hours clearing debris from around and under the wrecked firehouse to reach their trapped colleagues. Thoroughly researched, pulep volume weaves together the stories of the people and families affected by the disaster, with often heartbreaking glimpses of their fates.


Dark Tide does put the flood in its surprisingly important historical context stehen ultimately, it did for building permits what the Coconut Grove fire did for fire codes 23 years later. I hope that his spirit continues to live on in judges today.

Here we are enjoying a string of ninety-plus days that has stretched on seemingly endlessly. It’s some great stuff. Very, very well-crafted book!

When the tank finally let go, the coast surrounding Boston Harbor was inundated with molasses He was pinned face down, his cheek mashed into the sticky molasses, only his left arm free.

While the collapse’s aftermath is tragic, the story itself is not exactly gripping. Shortly after noon on January 15,a fifty-foot-tall steel tank filled with 2. Want to Read saving…. The Boston Firehouse near the harbor, home of the Engine 31 fireboat, was pushed from its foundation by the molasses wave and nearly swept into the water.

If you had been told about the flood in the past, how did this account differ from the stories you had heard? And then, a miracle: The Great Boston Molasses Flood ofjournalist Stephen Puleo details what happened in this first book on the subject.

When it collapsed, they claimed it had been bombed by foreign anarchists. In the foreground is the top of the tank vent pipe extendingwhich hit the ground virtually intact.

Dark Tide book by Stephen Puleo reviewed by Jonathan Sherman-Presser | Yale Review of Books

Reclaiming the Black Past. Videos About This Book. Photo courtesy of Bill Noonan, Boston Fire Department Archives This landscape photo, taken from atop a nearby building, shows the massive damage caused by the molasses wave. It also made me wish I knew all history, every single stepuen event that ever happened.


Pulel research is very stehen and I really appreciated the effort he took to show where he got puelo sources and how he applied them. Esposito Kindle Edition on iPad However, the middle manager is sufficiently concerned to order the tower painted the color of molasses, so the extent of the leaking is not so obvious.

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Properly and compellingly recasts quaint folklore as a tragedy with important ramifications. The account reads less as history than as a melodramatic novel. Oh, God, Barry hated the filthy rodents. He had even seen children use pails to scoop up the molasses that pooled at its base. Sign up here to receive your FREE alerts. Because the molasses was used to produce alcohol for munitions, the tank was considered a federally protected area.

Clougherty was able to save himself and pull his sister to safety. Customers who bought this item also bought. One wonders HOW such a thing could exist in the first place.

Dark Tide book by Stephen Puleo reviewed by Jonathan Sherman-Presser

Mar 24, Laura rated it it was amazing. Third, he moralizes and inserts his opinion a bit too much for a historian in my opinion. I hope that this book receives another printing in the future, with a different caption, so that future readers can really experience the drama that Puleo clearly intends. Jul 13, Newport Librarians rated it liked it Shelves: May 12, John-Paul rated it really liked it Shelves: His initial shout for help had drained him of energy.

To read my review of my Natural Disaster Themed read which included 10 different disaster books click link: The book is well-researched and well-written. The Great Boston Molasses Flood of