The Necrons are a mysterious race of robotic skeletal warriors that have lain was the first fully documented account of a Necron “harvest” of a populated world, once used to design Cogitator algorithms during the Dark Age of Technology. Or can I just have like a cohort or an allies of convenience thing so that my guys don’t get rage and fear or mark of flayer? Also if I take the. Main 2k force using Dark Harvest list: Converted flayed ones and as many Ooh Dark Harvest is exciting, I bought some necrons when IA

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This is the previous Edition’s Necron tactics. The Old Codex is here also. If you enjoy crushing people’s hopes and dreams, then Necrons are for you. Necrons are effectively tomb kings in space.

Undead robots with a somewhat Egyptian flavour and a reasonably unique style by GW standards anyway. What is there to not love? Oh, and they aren’t Marines. With recent editions adding transports and special units Necron mobility should not be underestimated, as such failure regularly catches unwary foes off-guard.

Many of these movement options allow unpredictable and unique ways to slip past your opponents or redeploy mid-game including the famous Monolith’s deep-strike-dimensional-corridor comboleaving half an enemy army with no targets while simultaneously stepping in to deliver a killing blow to the other half.

And let’s not forget that the Necron models look really nice, you have enough unit variety to pull off pretty much any style of play you want, and pretty much every unit can find a use in any army build without having to sink a ludicrous amount of points into them. One day, one day Ok, they are not that utterly bad, just mediocre, particularly when compared with everything else in the codex.

You have some of the nastiest HQ and Elite units in the entire game a Destroyer Lord is basically a jetpack monstrous creatureyour special characters are mostly solid and times are good once again for the zombiebots. Pretty much the only thing you lack is a close combat oriented troop choice, but you have so many absurdly deadly melee units in most other sections that this may not even matter.

You can still troll mech armies with Gauss rules, tearing off their hull points, at which point your now numerous anti-armor units can simply just walk up, say “problem, commander? And unlike some armies you don’t have any excess amount of trouble with any specific kind of army whether they be mechanized or foot slogging; few and elite or numerous and blobby; shooty or choppy, you can handle them all. Also for players that really do love to drink their opponents’ delicious tears, necrons have the largest number of troll-tastic units out of any of the currently of released codices.

Shooting your enemies with their own vehicles, killing whole hordes with a single punch from a special character who CAN NOT DIE, formations with free enhanced Feels No Pain, when you absolutely positively must troll your opponent, accept no substitute. Playing Necrons is likely to make you lose friends, or get your gaming table flipped in great frustration by an angry opponent.

Basically, when 7th hit it made this already strong army stronger. Then the 7th edition update took it to the next level. Necrons stay as a solid alternative to Space Marines as a beginner’s army while compared to the other 2 Xeno codices Orks and Dark Eldar in 7th Edition, Necron players had better count their blessings!

This type of weapon always glances on a 6 when rolling to pen and will instantly cause a wound on a 6 to-wound. So back in 5th ed, even your basic Warriors could cause weapon destroyed or immobilized results on ANY vehicle. Yes, even a Landraider or a Warlord Titan for that matter! But then 6th came along and turned it up a notch. Due to the new hull points system, glancing hits strip off hps without rolling on the damage result table.

With some mathhammer, here’s what a full Necron Warrior unit can do to a Landraider: This means a Landraider is down to half its life in one round of shooting from your basic troops at 24″ range. For bonus points, Nemesor Zandrekh can sometimes give the unit tank hunter, so with Lady Luck on your side you will be one-shotting land raiders – but you’ll need a nearby unit of enemy Tank Hunters to nab it from.


Where the Gauss is loved for its potential in devastating tough enemies, the Tesla is loved for its ability to lay down lots of hurt. See, the Tesla rule grants a 6 to-hit two additional hits so long as it’s not a Snap Shot. This means that a good roll can lead to a squad of Guardsmen being easily eradicated or a mob of Gaunts being chopped in half without thinking.

The issue is that all Tesla Weapons are AP- meaning you trade quality of shooting for quantity. Yep, 5 Immortals firing tesla expect to get 5 hits. Unlike most other armies, the Necrons have no psykers, and the only thing they have to counter that is the Gloom Prism.

You have to roll this power after targeting an enemy, and these can’t be snap-fired. The following are special characters.

Unlike CSMs or Dark Eldar they are not here to be a close combat monsters though some of them can but rather buff your army. If you want an Abaddon-esque killing machine, it’s better to take the Overlord and kit him appropriately. At the most this is a technicality that needs to be FAQed, but for all intents and purposes both could be fielded.

Matt the Uncleanest: The Dark Harvest Part 1

In Imperial Armor 12 is an army list to represent “the accursed and bloody Maynarkh Dynasty”. It’s specifically said to be mainly a flavor change to let you field an Oldcrons-style murderous legion of insane robot-monsters.

It’s a bit like a prototype supplement, and like other supplements the changes are not significant enough to warrant a separate tactica page, but it would be rude to let them harveat. Luckily, this FW supplement doesn’t appear to have anything blatantly overpowered, with each new unit having a suitable points increase or weakness that can be exploited. Anyone claiming you won “because you used FW” is just a sore loser. The Lore sets him as half flayer-crazy, only lusting for war and killing, and therefore unfit to be Phaeron.

Maynarkh Dynasty | Warhammer 40k | FANDOM powered by Wikia

He may be taken in place of a Maynarkh Overlord in a Royal Court. He comes stock with an AP2 Instant Death dealing sword called “The Obsidax”, grants himself and his unit Fearless, Fear and Relentless Maynarkh Overlords also grant Relentless plus he must be your Warlord which grants Crusader to his unit too; mein gott, he grants 4 special rules to his unit.

He also has a special rule called “Splinter of Madness”: Toholk the Blinded is a dirty cheap pt Cryptek which comes with a Sternguard stat line but has Toughness 5, 2 Wounds and the obligatory Necron I2.

He does have Slow and Pureposeful which in essence is even more Relentless for your army BUT prevents Ogrewatch which can hurt a very shooty but can be deadly in melee army.

Has a fluff weapon called an Aeonstave which is a standard melee weapon with one ability: Toholk also has a rule called Chronomantic Sight which grants Night Vision and a complete immunity to the effects of Blind to himself and his unit. Furthermore, Toholk or his unit may re-roll a single D6 in each friendly turn. Furthermore they have Stealth but lose the ignoring terrain goodness of Wraiths.

You can also field Tomb Sentinels, a monstrous creature with scary stats and a big gun that hits twice blastthe first hit not allowing any saves of any kind, and removing any model that fails a strength check. Alright, seriously, the two three if you count the warlord traits highlights of this list are the higher close combat proficiency and the new toys.

Flayed Ones are by no means an exceptional unit but at least now they don’t clog up an elite slot. Deep Strike and Infiltration don’t work as well as in the codex list due to bigger squads, but you can still use them as choppy footslogging meatshields to complement or substitute the shooty footslogging meatshielding of Warriors.

If you really want them to get some shit done, Kutlakh, with the Obsidiax, in the Flayed One blob can make them order of magnitude scarier, and probably will quite like the large amount of regenerating ablative wounds and supplementary attacks.

Warhammer 40,000/7th Edition Tactics/Necrons

The change to Overlords and Lords is mainly a fluffy one: Charnel Lychguards are a nice upgrade, and most of the times you would have taken only one unit anyway.

Flensing Scarabs are extremely cheap half a point necorn model on a 20 strong squad and will assure the users will inflict the maximum nrcron of wounds in their first fight; the obvious clients are Flayed Ones and Lychguards, but Immortals could use a little anti-assault deterrent.


Or you could just ignore all of the above hwrvest go for the shiny new Forgeworld goodies, analyzed harvestt in detail overhead. But since you could very well use necdon with a normal necron list, the only reason to play Dark Harvest sans Close Combat is the Warlord Traits, and seriously if you like random charts so much there’s this new codex here Further, the Dark Harvest can be used as an allied detachment alongside Necrons normally something not allowed.

Finally, the Dark Harvest allows Flayed Ones as a troop choice, giving this Necron Army a melee harfest choice which all other Necron armies lack. Ddark many players downplay these points, it is akin to taking one chapter of Space Marines over another: Coming from the Shield of Baal: Exterminatus book, you now have the a way to represent the Necrons who decided to help out the Blood Angels fight the Nids.

Sadly, there is no way to play out the Silent King or his one-night stand with Dante. They have a special FOC that makes you take another compulsory Troops slot, but gives you 8 total slots for Warriors and Immortals. Aside from the generic WT re-roll, you also get to re-roll 1s when rolling Reanimation Protocols for Troops which is one of the few ways to really boost your RP trolling. Other than that, you’re free to take anything you want except for the Tesseract Vault.

Remember how the Wardex explained that the entire operations of a Dynasty was essentially split into a whole ton of different little nodes harveat all connected to each other? Yeah, the GW Design Team decided to run a formation made of formations as the new FOC of the Necrons and it’s honestly kinda evil because there are ways to easily circumvent normal restrictions thanks to the harvesh of the Decurion.

Sounds pretty shiny to me, especially when you’re necrpn 1’s as below. Do keep in mind that you can run any of these formations alongside a normal Combined Arms Detachment.

For example, if you want to free up some Elites, you can simply field a Judicator Battalion. Since Elites gain no bonus in a Combined Arms Detachment, you lose nothing, but gain three free Elites, a useful special rule and a reason to take your Praetorians out harbest the display case.

The same trick can be used to gain some extra Heavy Support choices by using an Annihilation Nexus or a Deathbringer Flight. This detachment is good. Really, really, really good. Your boys will be incredibly hard to shift no matter what you do with them; necroon will likely never be tabled, even against other tournament-grade armies.

Unfortunately, combined with the general high quality of Necron units, it’s too good, right up there with Riptide spam and Craftworld Cheese and Macaroni – many players will outright refuse to play against it.

Score one for GW. Now you have all those models and nothing to do with them. Except not play Decurion and learn to take a loss or two. RIP Previous Formations from books which have largely been superceded. Necrons don’t particularly want to spend extra points on allies, necroon they can occasionally be useful. This nets you everything you need to play a decent match at points depending on how you set up your vehicles and Overlord.

The trick is that the Command Barge comes with what amounts to a free HQ character in the included Overlord.

Maynarkh Dynasty

That Command Barge alone is one of the best deals out there in the entire Games Workshop lineup. Alternatively and with Start Collecting! Your best bet will be a narvest Overlord. One of these guys decked out in the right wargear sometimes riding a Command Barge is probably the most popular HQ selection. Nemesor Zahndrekh is pretty much the most useful named HQ in most circumstances, now, what with his bag or tricks.

If you’re looking for someone to lead your combat Deathstars, Vargard Obyron, Orikan, and the Destroyer Lord are your guys.