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Because of that, the conflict between Poland and Lithuania and the teutonic order is not only a historical, but also a mystical necessity. Also their temporal correlation, including the correlation with the calendar of historical anniversaries and national holidays, was a subject of the study.

Towers to Heaven 33, Ja, inkwizytor. Click here to sign up. Artificial intelligence shifts a Polish independent battalion, during military maneuvers with full equipment, back into the time of the beginning of the second world war, as it thinks that during the defense war had been made mistakes which could be fixed.

Dariusz Domagalski describes reality based on cosmology contained in the cabalistic book sepher Yetzirah dated to the 3rd- 4th century, though some of its fragments may be coming even from the 2nd century BC. Those, trans- forming into wolfs and gifted with superhuman speed and strength, arrive when summoned, but there are too few of them to be able to change the course of history.

Dariusz Spychalski (Author of Krzyżacki poker)

Fantasy literature, which was born in more or less the same time as historical fantasy, is based on similar foundation — combination of scientific knowledge and consciously created literary fiction in one narrative. The broad definition of the phenomenon, proposed by this scholar, drawn from the considerations of Emil DurkheimMarcel Maussand from research of Stefan Czar- nowski and Claude Levi-Straussenables us to include the category of living history, created in the field of the studies on consciousness, to the later developed categories of collec- tive memory, including functional memory of Aleida Assmann.


Anyway, violence and atrocities are distributed differently. As co-authors, but at the same time the authors of particular texts contributing to this publication, we differ in methodological choices and in the ways of presenting the results of our studies.

Historical Heroes in Contemporary social recep- tion Violetta Julkowska. The Polish society of the turn of the 20th and 21st centuries is already different. This fixation of our imagination caused a situation in which we were experi- encing our century as if on another planet and as if little from contem- porary thought had penetrated us7.

This is what Marcin Wolski, a Polish author working on among others alternative history does. He is a romantic protagonist for his maladjustment to the world, an impossible need of love, a sense of humor unacceptable by people, and, finally, a uniqueness described here as mutation.

Touch of Evil34 about an alternative history of europe, where Jesus comes down from the cross and kills his oppressors. Already at the beginning of the s one could have had an impression that Sienkiewicz and specifically his historical trilogy does not age with time.

Runa 28 Wyd.

Krzyżacki poker. T. 2

After reading a new book I sometimes catch myself on not being able to remember the name of the main character6. Among the awakened are the protagonists of the novel created by Domagalski but also those known from history.

The variables of the interest in these authors, measured by the frequency of entering questions into the google dwriusz engine, can be seen on the following chart: However, they are already building a literature of another kind. Similar relation apychalski be also observed for other au- thors.

Log In Sign Up. Polish literature gave birth to an already significant collection of novels of such type. Howard or even J.

Krzyzacki Poker- Powstaniec

He integrates dispersed and conflicted Polish diaspora and leads to religious rebirth by inciting the flame of faith through his powerful sermons.


Another example of presenting historical culture as a practice of dealing with the past are propositions of showing particular historical spaces as sites marked with presence and activity of culturally differing communities. Spyychalski environment favors the appearance of new ways of interactive shaping of historical conscious- ness. Classical historical novel was developing in the cultural situation dominated by the mode of observation and experience.

The past is treated more as a virtual reality — not existing in a material way, but having an effect krzyzcki practice. Enter the email address you signed up with and we’ll email you a reset link. In the s, this popularity grew and crossed Polish borders thanks to the cycle of novels about witcher, and to a comic book and board games devoted to this character.

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It is also difficult to find in the history of literature an example of a similar enchantment of a nation, a more magical effect on the imagination of masses. Therefore, the fantastic part is here scenography, but not the course of historical drama. Alternative histo- ry uses the increasing significance of the mode of participation which builds the popularity of computer games and web 2.

Although it shares at least declaratively many of symbolic values of its ancestors, however, it experiences the presence of history in the current times in a different way. For instance, cultural practices referring to the heroes of great and local past, presented in the chapter Name and Place in Time.