VAM GVJU2. This product is designed to maintain This new ERV unit is fully compatible with Daikin’s DIII-NET communications. Provides energy saving heat . The Daikin HRV (Heat Reclaim Ventilation) VAM unit is a complete system, where the ventilation rate is controlled via supply and extract fans. A heat exchanger. Wide range of units: air flow rate from up to 2, m³/h. •. Optional medium Total solution for fresh air with Daikin supply of both VAM / VKM and electrical.

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In addition to the savings achieved through heat recovery technology, the VAM-J series also incorporates a new energy-efficient DC fan motor. About Daikin Europe N. Explore all our solutions on: The two series offer a mainstream and high-end model to satisfy the different ventilation requirements in the market.

Continuing to focus on energy efficiency and space-saving solutions for commercial dakkin, Daikin has introduced two new compact, energy recovery ventilation units, which not only comply with, but exceed new ErP requirements. As with the current series, an enthalpy exchanger, manufactured from High Efficiency Paper HEP not only exchanges heat, but also moisture.


VAM-FA/FB | Daikin

The product portfolio comprises products and solutions for heating, cooling, ventilation, air conditioning and refrigeration. Daikin has developed a wide range of air handling and ventilation solutions over the years.

Available from this month, both systems can be used as stand-alone or combined with Sky Air and VRV systems to offer a complete heating, cooling and ventilation solution for total climate control.

Adding to the existing VAM generation, the new VAM-J series offer a fresh air and ventilation control system for shops, restaurants and offices. Installation has been simplified, with no need for drain pipes and easy adjustment of nominal airflow rates shortening installation times.

The optional CO 2 sensor, combined with a choice of medium or fine dust filters M6, F7 and F8 optimises indoor air quality. The new unit is equipped with a counter-flow plate aluminum heat exchanger, which is fully compliant umits accepted hygiene and fire resistance standards. Thanks to its EC centrifugal fans, overall power consumption is minimised, while delivering a high static pressure, up to Pa, to accommodate the needs of more complex installations requiring extended ductwork.


This provides higher energy savings and comfort levels by maintaining constant levels of humidity throughout the building, avoiding the uncomfortable extremes of dry or humid indoor climates. Globally, Daikin is renowned for its pioneering approach to product development and the unrivalled quality and versatility of its integrated solutions.

Where dampers were previously needed to balance the air flows, making it difficult to match the air flow to the design conditions settings can now be changed on the wired remote controller, ensuring fast setup and optimum operation.