Co-processed excipients have been developed to handle changes in the physical properties of particles at sub-particle levels. By co-processing two excipients. A co-processed excipient is any combination of 2 or more excipients obtained by physical co-processing that does not lead to the formation of. co-processed excipients ppt. 1. 1; 2. CO-PROCESSED Presented by- Under the guidance ofMr. Bhaskar N. Bangar Dr. N. H. Aloorkar.

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As given in Table 5, Terbutaline sulphate and coprocessed superdisintegrant were individually weighed and mixed thoroughly for about 5 min.

US Pharmacopoeial Convention Inc. Coprocesed 4 shows a sharp peak of drug.

Co-processed Excipients

Evaluations The different evaluation parameters of tablet like weight coproxessed, hardness, friability, disintegration time, drug content, drug release etc. In the present study, we successfully developed directly compressed tablets with sufficient hardness although exhibiting rapid disintegration. Acetone was added to precipitate the mucilage. Hence, the excipients were needed to get formulated into a tablet.

coprocessex It was mixed with drug and other tablet excipients and compressed into tablet using flat-faced 6 mm punches on an eight-punch tablet machine Karnavati Rimek. Recent research on co-processed excipients for direct compression – A Review.

Co-processed Excipients

Construction of Kawakita plots Estimation of degree of volume reduction A total of 3 g of granules were weighed and transferred to a measuring cylinder.

Different ratios along with its disintegration time have been depicted in Tables 3 and 4 respectively. Usually most excipiejts the formulations excipiemts excipients in higher proportion than the drug. Table 1 Composition of atorvastatin calcium tablets. One of the reasons for preparing the coprocessed super disintegrant was to avoid the problem of segregation. The direct compression process is highly influenced by powder characteristics such as flow ability, compressibility and dilution potential.


In coprocessing the substance interacted at sub particle level that comprises the particle shape, size that gives improved flow property. Pharmaceutical Development and Technology A blend of Mannitol- Mucilage was added to 65 ml of isopropyl alcohol in different concentrations. Now the volume is noted as v o. The powdered mucilage was stored in desiccator until further use. Dinge A, Nagarsenker M Formulation and evaluation of fast dissolving films for delivery of triclosan to the oral cavity.

Various ratios of the co-processing excipients were formulated by granulation technique and the blend properties were evaluated by their Hausner’s ratio and Carr’s index values.

In wet granulation and dry granulation techniques multiple, lengthy and challenging processing steps are involved leading to higher cost and time of tablet production. The coprocessed mucilage having DT upto 7 sec and shows drug release upto All results were within the given limits. The material was squeezed out using muslin cloth to remove the mark from the seeds. Open in a separate window. Terbutaline sulphate was procured as a gift sample from Shimoga Chemicals, Sangli.

The selected concentration of coprocessed mucilage was used in the preparation of mouth dissolving tablet. First of all, the excipient should have good flow properties to achieve an acceptable tableting process and second one is to produce ODTs with fast disintegrating property. The disintegration time was measured in 10 ml water by considering the small volume of saliva Figure 3.

These damp mass were passed through 12 and the obtained granules were dried. The mucilage was added to the CaCO 3 until a damp mass was obtained. It is calculated as: Co processing is a novel concept of processing two or more established excipients by some appropriate means to provide a synergy of functionality improvements as well as masking the undesirable properties of individual excipients.


Kawakita plots were constructed from the formula: Int J Biol Macromol The results were given in Table 2.

Formulation and Evaluation of Coprocessed Excipient for Mouth Dissolving Formulation

The bulk volume was noted. Hence, CaCO 3 which gives alkaline medium is added as the co-processing excipient by which the disintegration and dissolution profiles were improved. It has excellent swelling index that is National Center for Biotechnology InformationU.

The mucilage coprocrssed was isolated from the seeds of Ocimum bascilium was evaluated for flow properties, Loss on drying and swelling index. Results and Discussion Terbutaline sulphate is most commonly used drug in the treatment of asthma.

Then small fraction of mixture was compressed on Automatic IR Press at pressure 10 tones to form transparent pellet. The percent loss of a tablet mass was calculated. The simplicity and low capital investment of the direct-compression process have positioned it as a preferred alternative. The granules retained on 16 were collected and stored. The constants of Kawakita equation can ciprocessed used to estimate the flow and coproceszed properties of powders.

Both individual excipients showed very poor flow properties, whereas the drug showed moderate flow properties. Kawakita plots were constructed from the formula:.